What Does Flush Mean On Ninja Coffee Bar

What Does Flush Mean On Ninja Coffee Bar?

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I get asked many questions by coffee lovers on our online coffee community, many of them are related to brewing equipment and questions like “what does flush mean on Ninja coffee bar?” is a common one.

The light is nothing to worry about, but you should never let it your machine get to the point that this light turns or flashed on.

I’ll talk about a simple preventative technique and why you should clean your coffee bar regularly and how.

Keep reading to find out how to clean your machine and put that light out!

What Does Flush Mean On Ninja Coffee Bar?

The flush on your  ninja coffee bar is a signal that you need to flush your coffee maker. Normally it comes on after you have started a clean cycle but may come on if you have not cleaned your coffee bar in a long time, a very long time.

It serves as a nice and friendly reminder when you are running a clean cycle to also flush the cleaning solution out of your system’s internal pipes.

Be sure to have an empty carafe or coffee pot to catch the water when you run a clean cycle.

Ninja Coffee Bar
A Ninja Coffee Bar

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How To Clean A Ninja Coffee Maker With Vinegar Step By Step!

All coffee machine, regardless of which type, be it a ninja coffee bar, a Keurig K-cup or Nespresso coffee maker and even your home espresso machine all need to be cleaned and descaled regularly to maintain them well, keeps them in perfect working order and, importantly, brewing an amazing cup of coffee.

Cleaning the ninja coffee bar is super easy – you can do it with the touch of a button.

Simply ensure that you have white vinegar, descaling solution and get ready to learn how to clean a ninja coffee bar the easy way!

Step 1: Pour In Your Vinegar Or Scaling Solution

With an empty and clean reservoir, add your descaling solution following the instructions for how much to use on the descaling bottle.

If you are using vinegar I suggest that you use a 50% white vinegar and 50% water solution. Fill to the max fill line.

Distilled White Vinegar
Distilled White Vinegar

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Step 2: Put Your Coffee Carafe Under Your Filter Basket

Put an empty and clean carafe below your coffee filter basket and the select a full carafe as the brewing size.

Step 3: Push The Clean Button

You will see the clock on your ninja coffee maker start a count down. Once it reaches zero, it will automatically start the cleaning cycle. As your coffee bar is going through the cleaning cycle, it will also run a descaling cycle.

The whole process will take about an hour. The clean light will turn off on its own when the cleaning process has been completed. Do not switch off or unplug when you are running a clean cycle.

Step 4: Empty Your Carafe, Filter And Reservoir

Remove and empty your water reservoir, and clean it well with clean, fresh water. Rinse your filter and carafe with an abundance of clean water to get rid of the cleaning solution.

Step 5: Run A Rinse Cycle

With your water reservoir and carafe in place, fill your water reservoir with water. Select the full carafe option and press rinse on your coffee bar.

Step 6: Clean Your Coffee Pot

When the rinse cycle has completed, clean your coffee pot. To give it a nice shine and sparkle, clean it with vinegar and rinse it well with water.

That’s all there is to giving your ninja coffee bar a good clean. Make a small trial cup of coffee to test it out before you make a whole pot of coffee.

Coffee Pot
Clean Your Coffee Pot

Cleaning Your Milk Frother

You should clean your milk frother after each use, for obvious reasons – milk based bacteria. An easy way of cleaning it is to fill a spare milk jug with water and steam the water in the same way that you would milk.

Steam the water in the milk jug until it boils. As a habit, let your milk wand steep in warm water overnight. Clean and wipe the want and its tip with a sponge.

For a better clean you and remove the milk wand and clean it well with soap and warm water.

What Is Descaling And Why Should I Descale My Coffee Maker?

It is important to descale your coffee bar as due to the water that you use to brew your coffee with might contain various minerals like magnesium and calcium. Over a long period of time, these minerals can build up and clog your coffee bar. They also lead to a deterioration in the quality of your coffee.

Descaling your coffee bar will help to not only ensure that you enjoy a better cup of coffee, you can help to maintain your coffee machine in good working order.

As a preventative measure, use filtered water or mineral water when using your coffee machine.

This works by means of the descaling solution and vinegar dissolve the minerals. When you go through a descaling cycle the machine charges the mineral particles, which causes them to be attracted to the water particles.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Does Flush Mean On Ninja Coffee Bar?

When your ninja coffee machine says flush, you press the clean button and start an 8 min flush cycle. Ensure that your water reservoir is full of clean water before your press your button and your carafe is empty. 

I advise keeping your machine clean and well maintained so the flush light or clean light does not come on. As a result, your machine will last you longer and your coffee will taste better. One such way is by using mineral water or at least using filtered water.

The clean light on your ninja coffee bar is there as an indication of when you need to clean your coffee bar. Start with using a soft sponge or soft cloth and wipe and clean the exterior of your coffee bar.

Then use ninjas descaling solution or distilled white vinegar in your water reservoir (in a 50% vinegar 50% water ratio) and run a cleaning cycle and press the clean button.

Once the cycle is complete, rinse well with an abundance of water by filling the reservoir with water at least 3 times as you certainly want to make sure there’s no vinegar taste in your coffee.

Personally, I would not wait until the clean light comes on because by the time it comes on, it’s already dirty, and you’ve been drinking sub-par coffee for the past few weeks.

Get into the habit of giving it a good clean every week or at least every other week as it only takes 10 to 15 min minutes and keeps your ninja coffee bar in great condition and will last you much longer.

How Much White Vinegar Do I Use To Clean My Coffee Maker?

Use 50% water and 50% distilled vinegar. When you fill your reservoir with vinegar, add the vinegar first, then add the water and mix well then start the clean cycle.

It’s easy to clean your ninja coffee bar without vinegar. I have a preference for using bicarbonate of soda – baking soda. Add a cup or two of bicarbonate of soda to the clean fresh water to the water reservoir and run a normal brewing cycle.

Repeat this process and run a cleaning cycle and then rinse your machine well by running two or three or more rinsing cycles.

Final Thoughts – What Does Flush Mean On Ninja Coffee Bar?

Now that you know the answer to that question “what does flush mean on ninja coffee bar?” and what to do if you see this message or light coming on. 

Do you have a special way of cleaning and flushing your coffee bar? A super secret solution that you use?

Join our online coffee community on Facebook/Meta and share you coffee cleaning and creation secrets with us all. 

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