What Does Breve Mean In English - Breve In Coffee Meaning

What Does Breve Mean In English – Breve In Coffee Meaning

I got a few people asking what does breve mean in English and the Breve in coffee meaning!

This brief and short article will give you the definitive meaning of breve in English and Breve in coffee meaning.

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What Does Breve Mean In English?

In the English language, a breve is a tone, a printed mark (˘) that indicates a short vowel. It is not used in modern English, but more in foreign languages, commonly Vietnamese, Thai and European languages.

An English language teacher or student may use a breve above an unstressed vowel to aid pronunciation and understanding of how a word is pronounced.

In music, it is a note that is rarely used. A breve has the same time value as two semi-breves. It is represented as two short bars at either side or is represented as a square.

In the world of coffee it is a very delicious combination of espresso and half-and-half milk.

What Does Breve Mean In English
A Breve Latte

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What Does Breve Mean In Coffee? Breve In Coffee Meaning!

A breve in coffee is in reference to a café breve, caffe breve, and a breve latte – all of which are the same drink with a different name. It’s an espresso-based drink made with a good strong shot of real espresso and half-and-half cream. 

It is a beverage that works best with two shots of espresso that has been brewed using a dark roasted coffee. 

 Breve at Starbucks means half-and-half. That is what the “B” letter on your cup means half-and-half. If you order an espresso or any other coffee drink with half-and-half the barista will make your drink with that, steam it and mark and “B” on your cup.

The letter “B” is for Breve, a drink that is made with half-and-half.

Starbucks Breve
A Starbucks Breve

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The term Breve, like any words has its origins in Latin, brevis, which means short, brief. It is imported to English via the Italian language, who use the full modern word breve.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Does Breve Mean In English

How Is The Word Breve Pronounced?

The word breve in the coffee world is pronounced in a very typical way in which an Italian would pronounce it. It has two syllables, the first is “breh”, the second is “vay”.

Pronounce the first syllable like you would the first three letters of the first meal of the day, breakfast. Focus on the “Bre” sound of breakfast, and you have the perfect sound and pronunciation for the first part of the word.

The second half is pronounced in the same way as you would pronounce the word “way” exchanging the “w” sound for a soft “v” sound.

Putting both together you get the perfect pronunciation of the word breve.

Congratulations, you can order a breve coffee perfectly.

The word breve is derived from the Latin word brevis which, in English, means short. The drink is traditionally taken as a short drink in a wide brimmed coffee cup. The addition of the phrase “half-and-half” is in reference to the use of half-and-half cream.

Yes, it is perfectly fine for you to put heavy cream in coffee; it’s tasty, it’s delicious, and some coffee drinks like a cold brew coffee with a cold foam use heavy cream to make the cold cream topping.

Heavy cream is also used to make an American breve latte, which is a rather tasty treat. Also, it is very common in England to enjoy coffee with full cream.

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An Irish cream breve is an adaptation of a regular breve latte that is made with a half-and-half cream that has been flavored with an ounce (30 ml) or two of flavored Irish cream syrup.

Final Thoughts – What Does Breve Mean In English

If you have read this far you know exactly what does breve mean in English and the meaning of breve in coffee.

If there is any clarification needed, please contact up – I am too happy to help.

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