What Does A Frappuccino Taste Like Best Frappuccino Flavor

What Does A Frappuccino Taste Like? Best Frappuccino Flavor

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Many people have been sending us questions on our active coffee community on Facebook/Meta related to what does a Frappuccino taste like and what the best frappuccino flavor is.

…And many requests came in regarding what does XYZ Flavor of Frappuccino flavor taste like.

Keep reading for details about the various Frappuccino flavors at Starbucks and what you can expect.

What Does A Frappuccino Taste Like?

As a foreword and forewarning, almost all Frappuccino are sweet, creamy and rich tasting. Keep reading for details on what various Frappuccino beverages taste like.

Starting with….

What Does A Unicorn Frappuccino Taste Like?

A Unicorn Frappuccino has the taste of vanilla bean, raspberry and cotton candy. The flavors are mixed, very mixed as it is sour taste, and not a lightly sour taste. The sour taste is comparable to warheads sour candy.

Once you get through the sour taste, which is not horrible, you get a very tasty combination of sweet and sour. The crushed candies that are in the whipped cream add an unexpected sour taste to the sweetness of the cream.

It was an unexpected and appreciated surprise.

The Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks is flavored with sweet pink powder, which is mostly sugar, and mango syrup. The blue sour drizzle gives the drink a small zing, which can on their own be a little overwhelming.

The sprinkles on top are essentially just sugar and the sprinkles are sour to counteract the sweetness.

If you love sweet and sour or a combination of flavors in your drink, you will like and enjoy a Unicorn Frappuccino.

What Does A Unicorn Frappuccino Taste Like
A Unicorn Frappuccino

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What Does Java Chip Frappuccino Taste Like?

The use of the word “Java” should tell you that there is a presence of coffee, and while there is, it is not a strong or overbearing taste of coffee. A Java Chip Frappuccino tastes a lot like a mocha Frappuccino with only a slight difference, the use of chocolate chip chunks that are distributed throughout the drink.

While the idea is great and some love it, I find that gritty texture annoying. I’d rather have had the chocolate chip chunks sprinkled on top and not mixed into the drink.

Like all Frappuccino‘s, it’s a sweet drink.

What Does A Caramel Frappuccino Taste Like?

The caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks is a very sugary drink; thanks to the addition of a strong shot of coffee, the taste of coffee does stand out. It’s definitely not  a drink to have daily due to the amount of sugar which will do no good for your blood sugar levels or your oral health.

It’s a rich, sweet taste, and I’ll admit to enjoying the texture and enjoying this drink. It is one of the most popular Starbucks Frappuccino drinks.

What Does A Caramel Frappuccino Taste Like
A Caramel Frappuccino

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What Does A Coffee Frappuccino At Starbucks Taste Like?

This Starbucks Frappuccino is the simplest and basic of their Frappuccino beverages, the coffee frappuccino. It’s a lot less sweet than a mocha, caramel Frappuccino and Strawberry Frappuccino.

The bitter taste of the coffee roast compliments the sweetness of this drink perfectly. This might not be one of the most popular Starbucks Frappuccinos, but if you love coffee don’t overlook this drink.

What Does A Mocha Frappuccino At Starbucks Taste Like?

Despite the name and being a blended coffee drink, the coffee flavor of this Starbucks Frappuccino is not one that dominates; it is a very light coffee flavor. It tastes more like chocolate milk extra with a healthy serving of extra chocolate syrup added.

It’s sweet, very sweet, but if you are expecting the flavor to be similar to a mocha coffee drink you will be disappointed. To replicate the taste of a mocha, this Starbucks needs to have less chocolate syrup and more coffee.

What Does A Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino Taste Like
A Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino

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What Does A Strawberries And Crème Frappuccino At Starbucks Taste Like?

The texture of the drink from the world’s most famous and popular coffee shop is icy with the granular sensation reminding you of strawberry seed. It really fools you into thinking that it is a fresh strawberry drink….and then the sugary sweetness unloads.


there are no real strawberries used. Given the nature of this Starbucks Frappuccino it is not as creamy as it could be or as you would expect. The whipped cream topping does help, but there could be more half-and-half cream used.

I was disappointed at how quickly the drink melted, leaving a very watery layer of dried strawberries at the bottom.

Honestly, skip this drink and head to Dunkin’ Donuts and get a Strawberry Coolatta instead!

What Does A White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino Taste Like?

My eyes lit up when I seen White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino on the menu. The one thing that I love just as much as coffee is white chocolate.

I’m not a big chocolate fan, certainly not regular chocolate, but I do love white chocolate!


this drink is at best bland and nothing special. Neither the white chocolate nor the coffee comes through. I’m not saying this drink needs more coffee, certainly it needs a stronger coffee, one with a more dominant taste. Perhaps a shot or two of ristretto instead of an espresso shot would work better.

As for the white chocolate, sorry Starbucks really needs to work on that part and use a better quality white chocolate sauce.

White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino
White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino

What Does A Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino Taste Like?

This vanilla Frappuccino is coffee-free and is sweet like you would expect it to be. What I loved about this beverage is the surprisingly refreshing taste.

While some people do describe it as a bad vanilla ice cream, and it does feel and taste more like a milkshake due to the light, smooth and creamy taste and very mellow vanilla tones.

If you are a fan of vanilla flavors, it might be worth it to ask for extra vanilla syrup to be added. Consider skipping the whipped cream as it really doesn’t contribute at all to the drink as it is already very creamy and only makes it overtly creamy, perhaps too creamy.

What Does A Chai Crème Frappuccino Taste Like?

A Chai Crème has a taste that is similar to the Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino. The taste is very “marmite” if you pardon an expression, either you love it or you can’t stand it.

Even though the drink is on the regular menu it has a very seasonal taste to it, a very fall kind of taste.

While some will love the slight chai spice taste, others will find it to be too overpowering.

What Does A Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino At Starbucks Taste Like?

I found this Matcha green tea frappuccino to be simply astonishingly delicious. You can order this one as either sweetened or unsweetened to suit your own requirements. It’s earthy, grass and as you’d expect, it is very much like Matcha.

Just be wary that two pumps of sugar syrup will nullify the flavor.

Credit where it is due as it does have a green tea taste. In my own opinion, and I confess to having a sweet tooth, the unsweetened version is much better as the Matcha green tea flavor comes out more than when it is sweetened.

Keep that in mind.

Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino
Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino

What Does An Espresso Frappuccino Taste Like?

If you love the flavor of espresso and are looking for that kind of taste, you will probably be disappointed with this Frappuccino.

The taste simply does not replicate a shot of espresso at all. It has an icy consistency and could do with a coffee roast that is much darker, an Italian roast being used and, in my opinion, a ristretto shot or two would bring about a better taste.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Does A Frappuccino Taste Like

Do Frappuccinos Taste Like Milkshakes?

A Frappuccino tastes a lot more like a milkshake than a coffee drink. They have a very light taste of coffee. Notably, not all of them have coffee as an ingredient; many do have a single or double shot of espresso but still taste more of the flavor associated with and more like a milkshake than a coffee drink.

Is Frappuccino Bitter Or Sweet?

A Frappuccino has strong sweet taste and is not bitter. The beverages are more suited for you if you have a sweet tooth. The syrup, sugar and caramel sauce in a caramel Frappuccino is more sweet than bitter, despite only having a light bitter taste from the coffee.

Do Frappés Taste Like Coffee?

A frappé is creamy, rich and sweet with only a minimal taste of coffee. It is a very refreshing coffee drink.

Is Frappuccino Stronger Than Coffee?

In terms of flavor and taste, a Frappuccino is much weaker than most other popular coffee drinks.

If you are thinking about the caffeine content, a Frappuccino, the ones that contain coffee are more than able to hold their own and match most coffee beverages and in certain instances have slightly more.

What Is The Closest Thing To A Frappuccino?

The closest you can get to a Frappuccino is an American frappé like what is sold at McDonald’s.

An American frappé is made in the same way: shots of espresso, crushed ice, milk, sugar and blended in a high speed ice crushing blender and topped with whipped cream.

A European frappé, sticking to the origins from Greece where it originates uses instant coffee and does not have a whipped cream topping.

Is Frappuccino Just A Starbucks Thing?

Yes, Frappuccino is a trademark owned by Starbucks and only Starbucks can use it. The drink  or name was not invented by Starbucks, they acquired it when they bought out the Boston based chain of coffee shops, The Coffee Connection, who invented the drink and registered the name Frappuccino as a trademark.

While we are on this topic, Frostino is a trademark that is registered and owned by Costa and can only be used by them.

Final Thoughts – What Does A Frappuccino Taste Like?

Looking and searching for information about what does a Frappuccino taste like is extensively covered in this article.

If I have missed out on your favorite flavor, or you would like to see one added to the list above simply join our fun, fab and active online coffee community on Facebook/Meta and ask us directly or ask the community.

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