Wet Cappuccino Vs Latte - A Comparison By A Coffee Lover

Wet Cappuccino Vs Latte – A Comparison By A Coffee Lover

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In this article, wet cappuccino vs latte, I detail and compare both beverages in a manner to which you are well-informed as to which of the two beverages are, and which is best suited for you based on your own personal preference.

Keep reading to get the low down and details of wet cappuccino vs latte.

Wet Cappuccino Vs Latte

In this comparison of Wet Cappuccino Vs Latte, the goal and objective is not to tell you which one is best, the goal is to leave knowing the difference between these two coffees and why you may want to have one or the other and why.

There may be days when you prefer a wet cappuccino and days when you would just love a latte. Let’s get down to defining what these two drinks are.

Wet Cappuccino Vs Latte
A Wet Cappuccino

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What Is A Wet Cappuccino?

In the crazy world of coffee and the many, many names of coffee drinks there can be a little question going off in your mind: what is a wet cappuccino?

A wet cappuccino is a classic cappuccino; perhaps you can visualize and taste it in your mind as the standard cappuccino that is served at your local coffee shop.

It is the type of cappuccino that you have tried before and what a barista will serve as a regular cappuccino unless specifically requested.

A wet cappuccino is made with a shot of espresso, steamed liquid milk, usually full fat whole milk, unless specifically requested, and airy milk foam all in equal proportions.

To be clear, this coffee beverage is made with 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk liquid and 1/3 foam milk on top.

It has a smoother flavor and is slightly sweeter as more steamed milk is used which softens the bold flavor of the espresso and has a silkier and milkier texture due to the whole fat milk used.

What Is A Wet Cappuccino
Wet Cappuccinos With A Lot Of Foam

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Iced Wet Cappuccino

This is what I like to call a summer cappuccino as it is one that you can enjoy on a hot day and not worry about feeling hot and sweaty.

An iced wet cappuccino is exactly what it sounds like – it is a wet cappuccino with ice.

Typically an iced wet cappuccino is brewed with a stronger shot of espresso to compensate for melting ice.

Extra Wet Cappuccino

An extra wet cappuccino, which is also known as a super wet cappuccino is a cappuccino that is made with a shot or double shot of espresso and two thirds milk.

An extra wet cappuccino looks like a latte, and has a very similar taste. The difference between this beverage and a latte is the lack of any microfoam on top of an extra wet cappuccino, a latte has a small amount.

The result of this slight difference is a slightly different texture to the beverage.

What Is A Latte?

A latte begins its life as the same single or double shot of espresso as a wet cappuccino. The classic latte, also known as café latte, then has steamed milk added to the espresso and is then topped with a little bit of milk foam.

Your beverage cup of latte may have some beautiful latte art on top. Depending on the latte art skills of the barista, it may be made by hand or with the use of a stencil.

The difference between a latte and a wet cappuccino is that a latte is made with two-thirds steamed milk and only a thin layer of foam.

A latte is creamier and sweeter than a wet cappuccino and has richer, silkier texture. The presence of the bold espresso is subdued due to the extra presence of the steamed milk.

The exact way of making a beloved latte varies due to the popularity of the beverage exploding over the past 25 to 30 years. Even though a traditional latte is still, well, a traditional latte, there is a wide range of flavors and shots that can be added.

Here are some examples:

  • Vanilla / French Vanilla.
  • Hazelnut.
  • Caramel / Salted Caramel.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Almond.
  • Irish Cream.
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte.

And besides having regular milk in your morning latte, it has become common for a wide range of nut and plant-based non-dairy milks to be used, soy, almond and coconut milk are popular choices.

Dry Latte

A dry latte is a coffee drink that is made with a well-brewed espresso shot and half as much steamed milk is added and topped with a thin layer of foam.

The result is a latte with a more pronounced flavor of espresso due to the reduced milk to espresso ratio.

The difference between a dry latte and a cappuccino is the reduced amount of foam. A cappuccino has notably more foam on top, resulting in a different texture.

What Is A Latte
A Latte

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Wet Cappuccino vs Latte Caffeine Content

Each beverage is made with the same amount of coffee and the same coffee beverage as the base of their drink.

Both can be made with a single espresso shot or a double shot of espresso and contain 75 mg and 150 mg of caffeine respectively.

Wet Cappuccino Vs Latte – Which Has The Strongest Flavor?

Strictly between these two drinks, a wet cappuccino Vs latte the stronger, bolder and more prominent coffee taste is the wet cappuccino. This is due to a lower concentration of milk.

If you wanted to enjoy a latte or cappuccino with a more dominant espresso taste, you can request that your barista add an extra shot of espresso.

Wet Cappuccino Vs Latte – Which Is Best For You?

If you find that a regular or wet cappuccino is too strong and bold for you, a latte with its milkier taste and texture will be better for you.

If you want to enjoy a coffee with a subdued coffee taste, a mild flavor of coffee and rich creamy texture and mouthfeel, then a latte will be the better choice for you.

If you really want to enjoy a good, bold rich coffee taste, then consider a dry, or extra dry latte.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wet Cappuccino Vs Latte

No, a flat white and a wet cappuccino and two distinctly different beverages. The difference between the two coffee drinks is the use of milk foam, to be more exact the amount of milk form used.

A wet cappuccino has extra foam, more than a flat white which has typically only 1.5 millimeter layer of milk foam on top. The tiny layer on the flat white makes it nice and flat – where the name of the beverage comes from.

Both these beverages have the same amount of caffeine in them, and it cannot be said that a cappuccino of any type, be it a dry cappuccino or a wet cappuccino, has more of a caffeine kick than a latte.

In terms of flavor, a cappuccino has a more prominent espresso flavor than a latte, which is due to containing less liquid milk. A bone dry cappuccino has an even stronger and bolder presence of the espresso shot due to no creamy milk being used at all.

A latte is considered to be wet when there is a presence of creamy milk and a hood of milk foam to make the beverage. Where there is a lack of steamed milk in a latte, none used at all and only milk foam added to the latte, the beverage is a bone dry latte.

A super wet latte, or extra wet latte is a latte that is made with more steamed milk and no no milk foam at all is added on top.

What’s Healthier Latte Or Cappuccino?

A cappuccino is healthier as it has less milk and is lower in calories, protein, fat and sugar from the milk. The difference between the two beverages in terms of calorie count, fat, sugar and protein is an insignificant amount and not one that will make a great difference to your diet or health overall. 

Yes, a latte is sweeter than a cappuccino due to using a little more milk than a cappuccino. The presence of the extra milk produces a slightly sweeter and creamier taste and silkier texture.

A cappuccino has a more prominent taste than espresso and a bolder taste.

There is a higher steamed milk content in a latte than a cappuccino. Both drinks contain a well-made shot of espresso, then steam milk is added, a latte has two-thirds milk and one third espresso. A cappuccino has one third espresso, one third steamed milk and topped with a hood of milk foam for the final third.

Final Thoughts – Wet Cappuccino Vs Latte

In the little battle of wet cappuccino vs latte which one is best for you, which one will you choose now that you are fully informed about both of them and their differences and similarities.

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