Starbucks Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe

Starbucks Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe

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Learning to perfect this Starbucks sweet cream cold foam recipe will take your coffee to that fabulous gourmet coffee level and save you a small fortune in that “coffee bill at the bucks.”

…and you’ll be able to chill out at home, enjoy binge-watching that favorite series and with the pleasures of gourmet coffee with an amazing tasty topping!

Keep reading to learn how to make tasty Starbucks sweet cream cold foam copycat recipe.

Why You Will Love This Starbucks Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe

You will love this Starbucks sweet cream cold foam recipe because it is uncomplicated, easy and simple to make. There is nothing complicated and no special equipment is needed. You can make this with a simple mason jar or a cocktail shaker.

Of course, if you have a handheld milk blender or a high speed blender you are at an advantage and I suggest that you use it.

If you really want to emulate what you get at Starbucks, the Starbucks Verismo milk blender will get the job done perfectly. It’s a special bladeless blender similar to what they use in their outlets.

Starbucks Sweet Cream Cold Foam Copycat Recipe
Made With This Starbucks Sweet Cream Cold Foam Copycat Recipe

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What Is Sweet Cream Cold Foam?

Sweet cream cold foam is a tasty-textured topping that you can add to your tea, coffee and refreshers at Starbucks. To make it the barista simply takes their sweet cream, that same lovely liquid that cascades into your cold brew and other drinks in a very eye-catching way and froth it in their special cold-foam blender and viola, the sweet cream is transformed into sweet cream cold foam.

This is why there is no point in mixing your sweet cream cold foam into your drink! Just order the sweet cream and watch it cascade and drizzle into your drink.

Often the sweet cream cold foam is flavored with a pump or two or vanilla coffee syrup or salted caramel but can be flavored with any syrup or combination of syrups.

What Drinks Can You Add Sweet Cream Cold Foam To?

A sweet cream cold foam is tasty, delightful and can be added to any drink, hot or cold. If you have any difficulties in getting it to sit on top of your drink, use the back of a spoon to diffuse the liquid and pour very slowly.

Here are some drinks that you can add this topping to:

  • Caffe Americano.
  • Cold Brews.
  • Dragon Drink.
  • Iced Cappuccino.
  • Iced Chai Tea Latte.
  • Iced Espresso.
  • Iced Latte.
  • Iced London Fog Tea.
  • Iced Matcha Tea Latte
  • Iced Mocha.
  • Nitro Cold Brews.
  • Pink Drink.
  • Violet Drink.

You can also get exotic and experimental and add the cream topping to cocktails.

Starbucks Style Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe
Starbucks Sweet Cream Cold Foam

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How To Make A Copycat Starbucks Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe!

Let’s get straight to making a tasty and delicious copycat Starbucks sweet cream cold foam recipe in the comfort of your own home!

Thankfully, no difficult-to-find ingredients.


You only need two ingredients for this recipe – three ingredients if you want to add flavor to your sweet cream cold foam.

Here are the ingredients that you will need per person:

  • 1/3 Cup of 2% Milk.
  • 1/3 Cup of heavy cream.
  • 1 or two tablespoons of vanilla syrup (optional).

At Latte Love Love Brew, we encourage you to use the best ingredients that you can find. The best ingredients get you the best results.

It is up to you what type of vanilla syrup you use. There are a variety of sugar-free options available on Amazon, Target and Walmart. You can also find some exotic options like organic Madagascar vanilla as well as French vanilla syrups.

Better still, you can make your own homemade vanilla syrup and have full control over the flavor and what sweetener you decide to use to make it.


Once you have your ingredients and are ready to make your sweet cream cold foam, simply add your ingredients to an ice-cold mixing bowl and mix well before you use your handheld milk frother.

Move your milk frother through your milk from top to bottom to get great consistency. It should take about 20 to 30 seconds.

If you are using a mason jar or cocktail shaker, fill to no more than 1/3 full and shake with vigor and energy for a minute or two.

Besides using a mason jar or cocktail shaker you can make good use of your French press. Fill your French press to the 1/3 full mark and pump the plunger until the volume has at least doubled in size.

These manual methods work better if you freeze the equipment first.

A Quality Mason Jar
You Can Make Your Cold Foam Using A Mason Jar

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How To Make Your Own Amazing And Tasty Vanilla Syrup

If you are anything like me, you will love making your own flavored syrups and having full control of the strength of flavor and what you use to sweeten it with, and you can even make combined flavors in one bottle.

I just love making a coconut sugar and French vanilla syrup and occasionally make a brown sugar and vanilla syrup to get some tasty caramel notes to my homemade vanilla syrup.

Since I am a sugar-free kind of guy, I generally make my syrups with alternative sweeteners like stevia, agave or the two types of sugar that I have already mentioned.

 Ingredients Needed

Just three ingredients are all that is needed to make your own vanilla syrup.

  • 1 cup of mineral water.
  • 1 cup of granulated sugar or the sweetener of your choice.
  • 1 Vanilla bean, cut lengthwise.


Making your syrup is easy, very easy. Use the best quality of water for the best results, at the very least use filtered water.

Add all your ingredients together to a saucepan, stir well and mix as much of the sugar or sweetener of your choice to help give yourself a head start. Put your stove on a low heat.

While other coffee lovers will suggest a medium heat, I like a slow and low approach to coax out the flavor of the vanilla bean into the sugar and water mix while I am stirring and getting as much of the sugar to dissolve as I can.

Once all the sugar has dissolved, let your sugar-water simmer for 5 to 10 minutes while stirring.

After 5 to 10 minutes of simmering, take your saucepan off the heat and let it cool down. Wait 40-45 minutes.

Transfer to a container (not your final container) with an airtight lid and leave your syrup for 8-12 hours to extract more of the flavors from the vanilla. Once your flavor is exactly as you want it, filter using a cheesecloth and store in a glass airtight bottle.

To get rid of all residue you may need to filter 2 to three times. Store in your fridge or your pantry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Starbucks Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe

What Does Starbucks Use For Sweet Cream?

Starbucks use equal amounts of heavy cream, 2% milk and a pump or two of vanilla simple syrup for their vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

Is Sweet Cream And Sweet Cream Cold Foam The Same?

Sweet cream is designed to cascade and drizzle beautifully into your coffee drink while cold foam is made to float on top of your beverage giving you a two-tone layered drink.

How Can I Make My Cold Foam Thicker?

If you are not already using skimmed milk, use this as there is a higher amount of protein which helps to make your cold foam stronger and sturdier. If you are using nonfat milk, give your carton a good shake before you make it. Also, use ice-cold equipment, including the mixing bowl, as this helps to emulsify the fats.

Can You Customize Cold Foam At Starbucks?


You can customize your cold foam at Starbucks. There are many options from plain to various flavors, including salted caramel, vanilla, sugar-free vanilla and more. You can also request a dusting of cocoa powder or cinnamon. One of the most popular toppings is vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

Does Starbucks Charge Extra For Cold Foam?

Yes, as they say you don’t get anything for free in this life and that includes your cold foam topping at Starbucks. You can add this topping to any iced drink for a small extra charge.

Do You Mix Cold Foam Into Coffee?

You are not supposed to mix the cold foam into your coffee, but you can if you want to. The cold foam is designed to sit on top and give you a layered experience in terms of the texture and the flavors. Instead of enjoying cold brew coffee you can enjoy a cold brew with a rich creamy topping. With each sip you will enjoy the creamy texture of the topping and the cold brew.

Final Thoughts – Starbucks Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe

The pleasures of making a Starbucks sweet cream cold foam recipe from scratch are truly satisfying, especially when you make your own syrup and enjoy the tasty topping on a cold brew made with a premium quality coffee. 

Join our fun, fab and highly informative coffee community on Facebook/Meta and have fun sharing your sweet cream cold foam creations, recipes and your favorite coffee memes, quotes and jokes.

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