A Complete List Of Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup Drinks And Recipes!

A Complete List Of Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup Drinks And Recipes!

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So, you tasted that drizzle of Starbucks hazelnut syrup, and you want to know what drinks they have that have their tasty hazelnut flavored syrup.

And when you get your hands on their syrup, buy their beans, you can go right ahead and make your favorite drinks at home and be known as the King of coffee or the latte Queen amongst your friends.

Let’s get started with this article and get talking about Starbucks hazelnut syrup.

What Is Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup?

Starbucks hazelnut syrup is a product that is used by the coffee giant to flavor a variety of coffee drinks, be they hot or cold drinks.

It makes for a great tasting latte and, if you want, you can mix it with chocolate syrup and get an awesome tasting mocha due to its rich, nutty flavor combining well with the chocolate and coffee.

What Is Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup
Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup

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Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup Ingredients

The exact ingredients and the manufacturing process of this syrup are not known. The Starbucks hazelnut syrup bottle tells us they use citric acid, natural flavor and potassium sorbate as a preservative.

Sure they mention “natural flavor”, what they mean by that and why they did not mention the use of hazelnuts is not clean. I suspect it is an extract or concentrated flavoring of some kind that was made from hazelnuts.

Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup Ingredients
Starbucks Has A Wide Range Of Flavored Syrups

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Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup Nutrition

A typical 30ml, two tablespoon serving has 80 calories, no sodium and 20 grams of carbohydrates. See the table below for details.

Nutrient  Amount % Of RDA
Total Fat 0 grams 0%
Carbohydrates 20 grams (19 grams from sugar) 7% (38%)
Calories 80
Potassium 6 mg 0
Protein 0g

The Complete List of Starbucks Hazelnut Drinks

Starbucks has a great list of hazelnut drinks, here they are:

  • 1. Hazelnut bianco latte.
  • 2. Blonde Hazelnut latte.
  • 3. Hazelnut mocha coconut milk macchiato.
  • 4. Hazelnut Malt Frappuccino.

Now you have the list, let’s get on and get using Starbucks naturally flavored coffee syrup and making amazing coffee.

Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup Coffee Recipes

Let’s get down to making some of these rather tasty coffee recipes.

Hazelnut Bianco Latte

The Hazelnut Bianco latte is easy to make in the comfort of your home with very little equipment needed.


  • A double shot of espresso.
  • 8 ounces (240 ml) of milk.
  • 2 tablespoons of Starbucks Hazelnut syrup.
  • Grated white chocolate.

The Method

Brew a double shot of espresso with your home espresso machine or make a strong cup of coffee. Put your double shot into a tall glass or mason jar.

Pour 2 tablespoons into your 240 ml (8 ounces) of milk. Mix it well until it takes on the flavor. Steam your milk and ensure your syrup is well mixed.

Pour your milk into your double shot of espresso. Top with frothy milk or whipped cream as desired and sprinkle with grated white chocolate. Serve and enjoy your homemade Starbucks hazelnut syrup 12 oz latte.

Blonde Hazelnut Latte

A blonde hazelnut latte has a smoother and lighter taste and is slightly more caffeinated. The taste is smoother, not so strong as a blonde roast is used instead of the usual dark roast.

Blonde roasts lack the deep taste to cut through the milk and thus a much smoother flavor.


  • A double shot of Blonde Espresso.
  • 8 ounces (240 ml) milk.
  • 2 Tablespoons of Starbucks Hazelnut-Flavored Syrup.

The Method

Brew a tasty double shot of espresso using Starbucks blonde roasted coffee beans. Measure 2 tablespoons of hazelnut syrup and put it into your milk. Mix your milk well to ensure your milk has the flavor.

Steam your milk and stir it, ensuring it mixes well with your milk. Transfer your double shot of espresso and pour your milk from a height to help it mix well into your coffee. Top up with frothy milk foam.

If you so wish, you can buy different brands of Hazelnut syrup like Torani, which has a sugar-free option.

A Blonde Hazelnut Latte
A Blonde Hazelnut Latte

Hazelnut Mocha Coconut Milk Macchiato

This is a truly outstanding drink and worthy of making a large sized cup of coffee to enjoy as a latte as you so desire.

The taste can resemble that of Nutella when made well. You can enjoy this as a cold drink also.


  • A double shot of espresso.
  • 1/2 an ounce (15ml) of coconut milk.
  • A Tablespoon of Starbucks brands of Hazelnut flavored syrup.

The Method

Brew your double shot of espresso using dark roasted beans. With this recipe, it works best if you have the taste of the coffee cutting through the milk. I love making this with Sumatran volcanic medium-dark roasted coffee beans.

Measure your half ounce (15ml) of coconut milk and hazelnut syrup and mix them well together. Steam your milk and pour over your double shot of espresso.

The taste is something delightful.

For a latte version, use 8 ounces of milk (240 ml) and two tablespoons of hazelnut syrup.

Hazelnut Mocha Coconut Milk Macchiato
This Tastes Of Christmas!

Hazelnut Malt Frappuccino

This amazing Frappuccino mixes two Starbucks naturally flavored coffee syrup, Vanilla and Hazelnut.


  • Double shot of a well brewed espresso.
  • 1 Tablespoon of Vanilla Syrup.
  • 1 Tablespoon of Hazelnut Syrup.
  • 8 (240 ml) Ounces of milk.
  • Ice.

The Method

Brew your double shot of espresso and place it into a cocktail shaker. We are going to use the Italian shakerato technique for instantly cooling down the coffee.

Measure your milk and add a tablespoon each of vanilla syrup and hazelnut. Optional, add a tablespoon of cinnamon. Mix it well into your milk. If you need to, you can steam your milk to get it properly mixed. We are going to cool this drink down in a very easy and quick way.

Add ice to your cocktail shaker and pour in your milk and syrup mixture and add it to the cocktail shaker with ice and your espresso double shot.

Close it tightly and shake it well for a minute or two.

This is the Italian shakerato technique.

When ready, pour it over ice and into a tall glass. Drink and enjoy. The end result should be a great frothy coffee.

Hazelnut Malt Frappuccino
Hazelnut Malt Frappuccino

Frequently Asked Questions About Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup

Does Starbucks Have Hazelnut Syrup?

Yes, alongside vanilla and caramel syrup it is one of their more popular flavored syrups.

What Can I Use Instead Of Hazelnut Syrup Starbucks?

There are many choices, including:

  • Caramel.
  • Salted caramel.
  • Vanilla.
  • Peppermint.

What Is In Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup Made From?

Starbucks Hazelnut syrup is made from natural flavor, sugar, water, citric acid and potassium sorbate as a preservative.

Is It Possible To Buy Starbucks Syrups?

Yes, you can buy Starbucks syrups from their outlets, on Amazon, Walmart or other online retailers.

Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup Calories Per Pump

Starbucks Hazelnut syrup has 20 calories per pump.

What Brand Of Syrup Is Used At Starbucks?

Starbucks uses their own brand of Syrups that are made for them under license.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Starbucks Hazelnut Syrup

Starbucks hazelnut syrup as well as other brands of hazelnut syrup such as the sugar-free option from Torani is well worth trying to add some great flavor to your lattes, frappés and other coffee drinks.

Starbucks hazelnut syrup goes very well with chocolate and vanilla in a latte. Try it!

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