Starbucks Drink With Most Caffeine - Best Starbucks Drinks For Energy

Starbucks Drink With Most Caffeine – Best Starbucks Drinks For Energy

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The Starbucks drink with most caffeine hot or cold, is surprisingly a regular brewed coffee, one with a very light and bright taste and ordered in the largest drink size. It’s the Venti Blonde roast brewed coffee.

The 475 milligrams of caffeine is a lot, and as a warning, unless you are experienced with and used to highly caffeinated drinks, it will likely give you the shakes and trembles.

If you experience this, stop drinking your highly caffeinated coffee and eat food with high fiber and high in potassium and magnesium. Drink a lot of water, get plenty of fresh air and go for a brisk walk. There is no antidote for caffeine. You just need to let it flush from your system.

Keep reading for more details on the best Starbucks drinks for energy.

Starbucks Drink With Most Caffeine

From time to time you will want or need to drink a highly caffeinated coffee and where better than to go to than your local caffeine dealer like Starbucks.

Unfortunately they don’t list the amount of caffeine in their drinks at the coffee shops and don’t display it as easily as they do the calorie, fat and sugar content.

It’s sort of hidden, and requires an extra click. I have done that, and more. I’ve got all the details, for all their drinks, all sizes, coffees, canned drinks, teas, Starbucks refresher, iced coffee and Starbucks frappuccino and cold brew too.

The Starbucks drink with most caffeine is the Venti 20 Oz (600 ml) Blonde roast brewed coffee with 475 mg of caffeine.

This is the equivalent of 6 and ⅓ shots of espresso, just to give it perspective. It’s also the equivalent of a shot of espresso over the daily maximum recommended amount of caffeine per day of 400 mg as set out by the FDA.

Starbucks Drink With Most Caffeine
There Are Some Seriously Caffeinated Drinks At Starbucks

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The Best Starbucks Drinks For Energy Listed From Strongest To Weakest

As a straight warning, all of these coffee drinks are highly caffeinated and more that meet my own definition of excessive amounts of the stimulant for a single drink.

All of these drinks, unless stated, are hot and are available as an iced coffee if you so request. This is a list of unique drinks, with no drink repeated in another size which would still contain more caffeine than other drinks on this list, which is the case with some clover brewed coffee in the Grande drink size which has 380 mg of caffeine.

Let’s get to this list of the most caffeinated drinks at Starbucks.

#1 Venti 20 oz (600 ml) Blonde Roast Brewed Coffee – 475 mg

The iced version of this drink, as all Venti iced coffee drinks are, comes in a slightly larger size, 24 Oz (720 ml) to account for the ice and has the same amount of caffeine.

When you taste or sip this drink it might feel deceptive as it is very light in flavor and most coffee lovers and coffee fans associate a deep, strong and intense flavor with having a lot of caffeine. Being a blonde roast it is light and bright and may deceive you into thinking that it is a low caffeine drink – it’s not! It’s strong, very strong.

Due to the light and lingering flavor, a couple of pumps of vanilla syrup goes well with this brewed coffee. If black coffee is not to your own taste, add oat milk or almond milk, both of which are better than regular steamed milk.

If you are on a diet and watching your figure, this is a great choice due to being sugar-free and fat free with only 5 calories.

#2 Venti Clover Brewed Coffee Dark Roast – 470 mg

Clover brewed coffee is a process that is exclusive to Starbucks, not because they invented the process or the machine that is used to brew it but because they loved the methods and bought out the company that patented and invented the technique.

Clover brewing is a hybrid brewing technique that is a vacuum brewing technique that has elements of press brewing and is described as vacuum-press brewing.

It creates a highly caffeinated drink with some very fresh and unique flavors from the coffee. The amount of caffeine is only 5 mg less than a blonde roast brewed coffee, an amount that is insignificant and will not be noticed by you or your body.

The taste though, is one that you will notice as there is a big difference between blonde roast and dark roast. It’s deep, dark, intense and the flavor you’d expect from a strong coffee.

#2 Venti Clover Brewed Coffee Reserve Roast – 470 mg

Join runner-up and jointly the second most highly caffeinated beverage that you will find on the Starbucks menu. There is no doubting the caffeine content of clover brewed coffee is higher than other brewed coffee. These coffees dominate the list of Starbucks drinks with most the caffeine.

If you are not casting your eyes towards drinks brewed using this method for the caffeine content, you perhaps will, for your taste buds when you try them. The smaller drink sizes of Grande (16 Oz, 480 ml) and Tall (12 Oz, 360 ml) still have an ample amount of caffeine with 280 mg and 380 mg.

Even the Short, 8 Oz (240 ml), has 190 mg of caffeine.

The clover coffee is not available in all of their outlets, only in their larger and more popular ones. To find out where the nearest one is to you is by asking them on their Facebook page.

Best Starbucks Drinks For Energy
Clover Coffee Is A Special Type Of Vacuum Brewing

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#4 Venti Clover Brewed Coffee Medium Roast – 445 mg

The caffeine content of 445 mg is strong, very strong, almost the equivalent of 6 shots of espresso. 6 Shots of espresso is a whole glass of espresso shots and would give you one serious caffeine kick.

Due to being a medium roast and well extracted with the clover brewing process, you can expect a fine tasting coffee that is balanced, tasty and with some nuanced flavors.

#5 Venti Clover Brewed Coffee Blonde Roast – 425 mg

Three things stand out about the top 5 most caffeinated coffees at Starbucks:

  • They are all brewed coffee.
  • Most of them (4) are clover brewed coffee.
  • All have a caffeine intake that is over the 400 mg daily limit.

Notably, two of the top 5 are a blonde roast coffee, which is good as it gives you a choice of drinks and which best suits your personal taste preference.

This coffee, the clover brewed blonde roast like a regular brewed blonde roast, goes well with a couple of shots of vanilla syrup. You might need a third depending on how prominent you want the vanilla flavor to be.

You might just find this style, clover coffee, to be better than regular filter coffee.

#6 Venti Pike Place Brewed Coffee – 410 mg

There is not a lot that I can say about Starbucks Pike Place coffee; it is one of these coffees that you either love or hate. It’s the coffee world’s equivalent of marmite!

To be fair, some dislike simply because of coffee snobbery and the fact that it is Starbucks.

Personally, Pike Place depends on how you brew it, as an espresso, eww no! French press, it doesn’t produce the flavor that hits the spot, but using the pour over and drip coffee brewing method it is actually a very good coffee.

If anything, it is a coffee that demonstrated just how different a coffee can taste with different brewing methods. It’s a medium roast and as it is served you can sip and taste the toasted nuts and cocoa flavors.

#7 Grande Reserve Nitro Cold Brew Coffee – 400 mg

At seventh on this list is the first coffee that is within the caffeine intake limit of 400 mg. It’s also the first cold brew coffee and notably Nitro cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee is specifically brewed to extract the low temperature flavor compounds which results in a well-rounded, balanced mellow taste and is low in acidity.

Nitro cold brew is made with the same cold brew coffee that is infused with nitrogen, which creates a very rich, sweet and creamy coffee that is very enjoyable and is more like enjoying a beer!

Not because of any alcohol content (it’s alcohol-free!) but due to the way it looks with a creamy head and how it cascades while being poured.

Think of a cold brew coffee that is rich, creamy and sweet, and you have this nitro cold brew perfectly described.

No milk, cream, or sugar is needed in this drink. Enjoy it as it is!

What Should I Get At Starbucks If Im Super Tired
Nitro Cold Brew Doesn’t Need Anything Added To It

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#8 Venti Doubleshot On Ice – 375 mg

You have to as down as 8th place to find the first drink that is an espresso based drink and the first that has a caffeine intake of less than 400 mg.

You may be familiar with this drink as shaken espresso. The Venti doubleshot is made with 5 shots of espresso!

This alone should tell you not to under estimate the caffeine punch that you will get from this drink.

Made with classic syrup to sweeten the drink and take the edge off of the strong bitter notes of the espresso shots and steamed milk then shaken together by your barista.

A very nice alternative version is to switch the regular steamed milk for coconut milk or oat milk and sweeten with brown sugar syrup for more caramel like flavors.

#9 Trenta Cold Brew Coffee – 360 mg

This is a large authentic regular cold brew coffee in what is a huge serving, 30 Oz (900 ml).

I will confess my bias here!

I love cold brew! And yes, I am more than a cold brew snob! I love making it at home and even tinkering around with the Japanese flash cold brew method. If you have digestive issues like acid reflux (GERD) then a cold brew is worth serious consideration as they have 60% less acidity.

Cold brew is not only good for being low in acidity, it is less bitter too with very mellow flavor, very balanced. You can enjoy it as it is, with a pump or two of vanilla syrup or with sweet cream cascading into your drink to make it a little creamier.

A great option too is vanilla sweet cream, salted caramel sweet cream. There is a very tasty option of turning your cold brew into a layered drink with a cold foam topping which can be flavored with any syrup flavor of your choice.

Honestly, peppermint is a very interesting choice with chocolate powder sprinkle of cocoa, a peppermint mocha type of topping for your cold brew coffee.

#10 Blonde Caffé Americano – 340 mg

I’m not a fan at all of Caffé Americano, it’s really not my kind of coffee. I tried this in a smaller tall drink size not waste my pennies.

I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It’s a lot weaker tasting than I expected, very light and with just two pumps of vanilla to sweeten and add more familiar flavor it was a lot better.

Like anyone ordering an Americano, you may be expecting a strong tasting black coffee; this is not the case. Not at all.

It’s a strong coffee with 4 shots of blonde espresso and diluted with hot or cold water and chilled with ice if you request this as an iced drink.

Frequently Asked Questions About Starbucks Drink With Most Caffeine

What Should I Get At Starbucks If Im Super Tired?

Some good drinks to try from Starbucks if you are super tired include a Blonde roast brewed coffee in the venti size as it is singularly speaking the most caffeinated coffee drink at Starbucks.

If the Venti 20 Oz (600 ml) is too large and the blonde roast is not to your taste preference, you can consider a Grande 16 Oz clover brewed reserve roast or dark roast brewed coffee, which both have 380 milligrams of caffeine.

What Are The Top 5 Strongest Coffees At Starbucks?

The top 5 strongest coffee at Starbucks based on total caffeine content are all brewed coffee drinks sold in the venti drink size.

Here are the top 5 strongest coffee drinks at Starbucks:

  • 1. Venti blonde roast brewed coffee (drip coffee): 475 mg of caffeine.
  • 2. (Equal) Venti clover brewed coffee reserve Roast: 470 mg of caffeine.
  • 2 (Equal) Venti clover brewed coffee dark roast: 470 mg of caffeine
  • 4. Venti clover brewed coffee medium roast: 445 mg of caffeine.
  • 5. Venti clover brewed coffee blonde roast: 425 mg of caffeine.

How Do You Ask For Strong Coffee At Starbucks?

To make your coffee stronger at Starbucks and to order any strong Starbucks drinks ask for an extra shot or two of espresso to be made with the coffee drink of your choice.

What Coffee Flavor Is Strongest?

The strongest coffee flavor comes from deep dark roasted coffee like an Italian roast. An Italian roast is the deepest and darkest roast of coffee that you will find.

Singularly speaking, the single coffee drink with the most potent and intense flavor is a ristretto. A ristretto is a very focused espresso that is made with a coffee to water ratio of 1:1.

What’s A Strong But Sweet Coffee At Starbucks?

A strong and sweet coffee at Starbucks is their cordusio mocha. It’s highly caffeinated with 320 mg of caffeine in the largest venti drink size and made sweet with the milk sugars and chocolate content.

Is Blonde Espresso Stronger?

Yes, a blonde roast, despite the slightly lighter flavor, has a little extra caffeine: just 10 mg of caffeine extra with 85 mg of caffeine per shot.

Final Thoughts – Starbucks Drink with Most Caffeine

The Starbucks drink with most caffeine, in case you are skipping and scanning, is their Venti blonde roast brewed coffee which has 475 mg of caffeine.

It’s highly caffeinated and tops the list for the most iced drinks with caffeine too!

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