Simple Syrup To Sugar Conversion - Get It Right First Time Every Time!

Simple Syrup To Sugar Conversion – Get It Right First Time Every Time!

If you are looking for a simple syrup to sugar conversion this article will help you to get it right and get it spot on every single time.

Nobody wants to make their morning coffee or tea too sickly or sweet or just not hitting the spot in terms of sweetness simply because you are using a better form of sugar that results in a more even distribution of sweetness than regular sugar.

If you are in a rush and looking for the quick answer, 1 pump of syrup – or one tablespoon of simple syrup = 3/4 tablespoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of simple syrup is equal to one sugar cube.

Keep reading as I dig down and detail the topic of simple syrup and sugar conversion.

Simple Syrup To Sugar Conversion – How Much Simple Syrup Is Equal To A Tablespoon Of Sugar

There is not an exact or concise one to one measurement of the amount of sugar that is in simple syrup. It depends on the manufacturer, brand and your own recipe if you have made your own at home.

Some recipes have a ratio of 1 teaspoon of sugar per tablespoon of syrup. Others have a yield of two tablespoon of syrup per teaspoon of sugar.

The variation in the conversion ratio has many reasons.

The sugar cane plant is grown and cultivated for the sugar content. The sugar cane is cut and then crushed to produce the cane sugar. It is further processed to produce a crystallized sugar granules.

The sugar granules are then regrained into sugar cane juice, which is further clarified and refined into what we known as white sugar – which has greater amount of refinement than brown sugar.

When made into a simple syrup it is a liquid sugar.

If you are switching your granulated sugar for any drink recipe – including coffee with simple syrup a good rule of thumb is to use 1/4 of an ounce of simple syrup for each teaspoon of sugar.

Simple Syrup To Sugar Conversion
Simple Syrup

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How Much Sugar Is In One Tablespoon Of Simple Syrup?

One tablespoon of simple syrup has on average 8 grams of sugar. For your morning coffee, add one tablespoon of simple syrup and test out your coffee and slowly add more if needed.

That begs that question…

Is Simple Syrup Sweeter Than Sugar?

Yes, but not by much. The hydrolysis reaction that happens between the sucrose and water is increased by both heat and acid. The sucrose breaks down to two simple sugar molecules – glucose and fructose.

Because simple syrup may be slightly sweeter than regular sugar you may need to make slight adjustments to hit the sweet spot – to use a term.

Is Simple Syrup Sweeter Than Sugar
Simple Sugar Is Slightly Sweeter Than Sugar

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How Is Simple Syrup Made?

Simple syrup has only two ingredients – water and sugar. Both of which are used in equal proportions. It is usually white granulated sugar that is used.

It is made by dissolving the sugar in hot, simmering water and stirring it well until it is well mixed.

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How Much Simple Syrup Is In A Single Pump?

A single pump of simple syrup has approximately 1 fluid ounce (30 ml). An average bottle has around 12 to 15 servings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Simple Syrup To Sugar Conversion

How much syrup to use as a direct replacement for sugar depends on what type of syrup you are using. For maple syrup, you should use the same amount in a 1:1 ratio. I cup of sugar = 1 cup of maple syrup, and 1 tablespoon of sugar = 1 tablespoon of maple syrup.

For simple syrup it is a little different as 1 tablespoon or 1 pump of simple syrup = 0.75 tablespoons of sugar.

A single teaspoon of simple syrup is the same as one sugar cube and will provide the same level of sweetness. Follow that formula and your recipe will be spot on.

Of course simple syrup can replace sugar. Simple syrup is liquid sugar, made of only sugar and water. It is in a liquid format because it mixes better than sugar with your drinks, especially coffee as it gives a better, more even distribution of sweetness. A good approximation is 1/4 of an ounce of simple syrup is equal to one teaspoon of sugar.

It is perfectly ok to replace sugar with simple syrup. A good conversion to keep in mind is 1 tablespoon of white sugar is 3/4 ounce of simple syrup.

No. Simple syrup is not healthier than regular sugar – the question is like asking is sugar healthier than sugar since there are only two ingredients in simple sugarsugar and water. It is liquid sugar.

If you want to substitute simple syrup and ditch sugar altogether you have an abundance of choices. Here are a few you can try out:

  • 1. Agave Syrup.
  • 2. Maple Syrup.
  • 3. Honey.
  • 4. Stevia.
  • 5. Coconut Sugar.

All of these will sweeten your coffee and bring a unique flavor to it.

Final Thoughts – Simple Syrup To Sugar Conversion

You have right here in this article the correct simple syrup to sugar conversion ratio for making a great cup of coffee and replacing your regular refined sugar for a better substitute that gives you a more equal distribution of sweetness.

As it is with anything new that you are trying or experimenting with, start with a small amount until you find how much you need for a cup of coffee that is not too sweet.

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