Short Coffee Puns - A Brew-tiful Collection Of Puns!

Short Coffee Puns – A Brew-tiful Collection Of Puns!

Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 15:39

Short coffee puns are a fantastic, or should I say a funtastic way to inject a little humor around the break room and the coffee machine or with your coffee date or regular clients at your coffee shop.

The stand-out benefit of short coffee puns is that they are easy to remember and are great conversation starters and never fail to bring about a groan, a laugh or a wry smile.

You can even use a cheeky pun or two in a social media post and show off your sense of humor.

Keep reading for some fun puns about coffee.

What Are Coffee Puns?

Coffee puns, like regular puns, are a smart and witty play on words related to coffee.

They are cool, cute and socially accepted way of starting conversations, being witty and can be used in marketing campaigns and even quite brilliantly as a coffee shop name – hey well all remember the name of the coffee in Friends, right? That is a great naming pun!

Two words – Central Perk!

They are great as Instagram captions and in a social media post to make it a little humorous.

Here are some cute but great short coffee puns:

  • Without my morning coffee I’m just a brew-tiful mess!
  • My food pyramid starts with coffee and ends with coffee!
  • I have a latte on my mind.
  • You and me, we are the perfect blend.
  • I love you a latte.
  • My favorite painting, the Mocha Lisa.
  • I love you, you bean so much to me!
  • Coffee lovers enjoy espresso-ing their feelings!

You can see from the puns above that coffee puns can be used in a diverse range of situations. It’s really just down to your own word play.

Short Coffee Puns
Short Coffee Puns

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Why Are Short Coffee Puns Popular?

It is not difficult to see why short coffee puns are popular. They are clever, witty, fun and leave you laughing long after the mini coffee joke was told and often go viral amongst friends and co-workers.

They Are Relatable

Most people love coffee: it’s the second most traded commodity in the world behind oil. So coffee puns and coffee jokes are relatable to literally the whole world and not the exclusivity of coffee addicts, coffee enthusiasts and coffee fans.

Drinking coffee and cracking a coffee pun or using coffee captions appeals to many people.

They Are Easy To Remember

Short coffee puns are easy to remember as they are usually only a few words long and have an association with a particular coffee item, brewing method or something connected to coffee.

They Are Very Versatile

You can use a coffee pun in a wide range of situations both online and offline. Be a cheeky SMS, message on WhatsApp, social media or a card and spoken in person.

They make for great ads and social media promotions. Coffee puns are great for creating fun and memorable brand image. The most common use is to break the ice and young guys and girls amping up the temperature on coffee dates.

Personally, I love them for elevating my mood; we all have those blue days that need uplifting!

Examples Of Short Coffee Puns

Short coffee puns are like Vietnamese women, shot, sweet and are guaranteed to make you smile!

Here are some hilarious coffee puns to make you smile.

Puns About Espresso

  • Hit me with your best shot.
  • Like an espresso I’m hot and steamy and guaranteed to keep you up all night.
  • You’re like a ristretto – short and punchy!
  • I’m shy, I’m an introvert, I cannot espresso my love for you…
  • Kylie Minogue’s hit single – Espresso-ly for you!

Puns About A Latte

  • I’ve got a latte work to do.
  • Life without lattes is very uncivilized.
  • You are so beautiful; I have a latte love for you!
  • Coffee puns are funny; they can bring a whole latte laughs to your coffee breaks.
  • My boss is a little difficult, he is a latte to handle when he is in a mood!

Puns About Cappuccinos

  • A beta man is like a cappuccino, all froth and no substance!
  • Radical Muslims prefer a cappuccino because they hate the French press.
  • The Starbucks fraternity is called the Kappa Cappuccino
  • My favorite actor is Al Cappuccino!

Puns About Coffee Beans

  • The coffee loving traveler kept saying “bean there, done that!”.
  • You and me, we are the perfect blend.
  • The Police came in and arrested the coffee beans, he put them under a roast straight away!
  • I’m determined to get my morning coffee by all the beans necessary!
  • My favorite movie is grind hog day!
  • Bean Affleck is my favorite actor.
Puns About Coffee Beans
Puns About Coffee Beans Are Easy To Make Up

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How To Come Up With Your Own Short Coffee Puns

Thinking of your own short coffee puns takes a good sense of humor, a sharp mind and wordsmith like mind as well as a bit of creativity.

Here are some top tips:

Think Of Coffee Related Words

Start by running a quick brainstorming session of words and items associated with coffee. Brewing methods, coffee equipment, coffee drinks, beans will get you going.

Look For Inspiration

Do a search online for coffee puns to get some inspiration. Look for coffee shop names too; these can often be puns. This’ll get your mind going.

Play Around With Words

Now you have read some great puns and have a brainstormed list of coffee puns you have taken a good step forward to thinking of and making up your own.

Word play and creative word play are the keys to great puns. “I like my men like my coffee – to hurt my throat in a good way!” “I like my women, hot and wet”

Use Phrases Related To Coffee

A great way of creating new puns is to use some common phrases and words related to coffee and put a twist to them: “Better latte than never” “I espresso my love for you” and “Like a great cup of coffee I’ll be memorable and keep you up all night”

You can be as tame or as wild as you like!

Coffee Puns One Liners

Coffee puns and one-liners are a great way to quickly inject some giggles into your day and get some good smiles.

Here are some great coffee puns one liners:

  • What do you call a sad espresso? A de-presso.
  • Why did the coffee file a police report? Because it got mugged.
  • How did the police deal with the report that the coffee filed? They showed it some mug shots!
  • Why did the coffee bean go to the gym? To use the French press.
  • A good barista that works hard is a grinder!
Coffee Puns One Liners
French Press…Many Puns About This!

Coffee Shop Pun Names

We love some well-thought-out coffee shop pun names. Here are some I came up with:

1. Deja Brew
2. Prek Up Café
3. Brewed Awakening.
4. Aroma Café
5. The Brew Crew
6. Brewtopia
7. The Latte Lounge
8. The Java Connection
9. Grind And Sip
10. The Java Express

Positive Coffee Puns

Positive coffee puns are great for getting you in that positive mood for the rest of the day or brightening up someone else’s day.

  • You mocha me very, very happy.
  • You are awesome, thanks a latte for being you!
  • You are so brew-tiful, the way you are.
  • You are the light roast in my life.
  • You love just brews me away!
  • Don’t worry, sip happens!
  • Don’t worry, be frappé.

These puns show your appreciation, a great way of saying thank you and show someone just to be cool and not worry.

Coffee Jokes

Seriously, there is not a person in the world that doesn’t like a great coffee joke to sweeten up and brighten your day.

  • There was a fight at the coffee shop, the police arrived but nobody wanted to press charges..
  • Why was the coffee shop owner sad? He had a latte problems.
  • What was the terminators favorite saying? Hasta Barista Baby!
  • What does a divorce and espresso have in common? They are both expensive and bitter!
  • What do baristas do when they are not working? They blend in with the rest of us!
  • I’m not Keurig-ing you, coffee jokes are easy to make up!

Coffee Pun Captions

Coffee puns captions are great for those social media posts and getting more likes, shares and comments.

Here are some coffee captions:

  • Thanks a latte.
  • Espresso yourself.
  • Sip happens.
  • Don’t be latte for our date.
  • Give your best shot!
  • You mocha me happy.
  • Mugs and kisses!

Brew Puns

Coffee brew puns are fun and are usually short coffee puns and are sure to get a laugh or two.

Here are some of the best brew puns:

  • Why did the the coffee bean go to the gym? Get a latte muscles and use the French press.
  • A cow that gives birth is de-calf-inated.
  • You moka me crazy!
  • My love is percolating for you.
Brewing Method Pun
French Press You press all the right buttons
Brewed Coffee My love for you is always brewing away and getting stronger
Aeropress You’re the air to my press
Espresso You help me to espresso my love
Moka pot My love for you moka me crazy
Percolator My love for you is always percolating away
Pour over My love pours all over you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Short Coffee Puns

What Is A Barista In Spanish?

The word barista is derived from both Spanish and Italian, a Barista in Spain is called a Barista. At average coffee shops, restaurants, bars and hotels, the barman is most likely to have the job title of camerero, which translated to waiter.

The difference between a barista and a camerero is the in depth specialist knowledge about coffee, coffee drinks and brewing methods.

What Does Starbucks Call Their Baristas?

At Starbucks, they call their baristas partners. In fact, all their employees are called partners. The company uses the term as they see them as partners in the company’s shared success.

What Do They Call Coffee In Spain?

The most popular coffee drinks in Spain are as follows:

  • Café Con Leche: Coffee with milk, similar to a latte.
  • Cortado: A Spanish coffee drink served in a 4.5 Oz (135 ml) Gibraltar glass. Double shot of espresso with an equal amount of steamed milk.
  • Café Solo: Black coffee, a Spanish espresso.
  • Café Americano: Black coffee, shot of espresso with hot water added.
  • Café Con Hielo: Black coffee with ice.

What Is Latte Called In Spain?

Strictly speaking, a latte in Spain is a latte. Many people make the error of mistaking a café con leche as latte due to the drink being incredibly similar.

The difference between a café con leche and a latte is the type of milk. A latte has steamed milk while a café con leche is made with scalded milk.

What Is Starbucks Slang Name?

Starbucks has a few nicknames: Starb and Bucks are the two most commonly used ones.

An example of how they are used:

  • “Sorry I’m late, I stopped to grab a coffee at the Bucks”.
  • “Sorry I’m late, I stopped to grab a latte at Starb”.

What Is Starbucks Slang For UK?

In the UK, slang words that are used are Starbie’s. In London Cockney slang is Ken and Barbies due to it rhyming with Starbies.

What Are The Starbucks Words?

The basic words to learn at Starbucks are:

  • Short.
  • Tall.
  • Grande.
  • Venti.
  • Trenta.

These words refer to the drink size which are 8 Oz (short), 12 Oz (Tall), 16 Oz (Grande) 20 Oz (hot Venti drink), 24 Oz (cold or iced Venti drink) 30 Oz (Trenta).

Then learn the drink’s name. In true Starbucks ordering tradition it’s Size +Drink + customization (if any).

E.g. Tall latte with oat milk.

What Is Short In Starbucks?

A short in Starbucks is a drink size. It’s 8 ounces (240 ml).

Final Thoughts – Short Coffee Puns

Short coffee puns are a fun and great way to spark humor into your coffee morning or afternoon coffee date even if your date is not a coffee lover, they will appreciate your smart wit, your humor and will recall the positive emotions felt.

Just don’t over do it!

My love for coffee puns and puns in general as they are a great ice breaker and are very versatile and can be used in meetings or just about any situation you can think of.

If you have so short coffee puns of your own, seek us out on Facebook/Meta and share them with our cool community of coffee lovers.

Derek Marshall, a certified barista by the Specialty Coffee Association possesses over two decades of experience in specialty coffee shops. He holds professional certifications for coffee brewing and barista skills. Derek is also an author with authoritative books covering various coffee topics including specialty coffee, sustainability and coffee, coffee brewing, coffee recipes, coffee cocktails and books focusing on Brazilian coffee, Vietnamese coffee, Indonesian coffee and Malaysian coffee. As a barista for over two decades, Derek Marshall has worked in specialty coffee shops across the United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. His expertise extends to the distinct coffee cultures, specialty beverages, and brewing techniques of each nation. Functioning as a coffee consultant, Derek charges US$50 per hour. To learn more about Derek Marshall and Latte Love Brew, visit his About Me Page. For coffee inquiries, contact him at +34-639-410-375 or, mentioning your name and location

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