Penang White Coffee

Penang White Coffee

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There are many different types of white coffee, Penang white coffee is one of the better ones that you can try when you are in Malaysia or simply want to try a different coffee by buying the beans online.

Keep reading to find out about Penang white coffee.

What Is Penang White Coffee?

Penang white coffee is a blend of Robusta and Liberica coffee that is roasted as an 80% coffee beans and 20% margarine and sugar mix at 196C (385F) for 25 min.

Halfway through the roasting a sprinkling of salt is added. Towards the end of the roasting process, sugar is added to caramelize. The beans are then taken out of the roasting and left to dry as a slab and then ground.

The result is a sweet and very nutty taste, very different from any other coffee that you will find. Freshly roasted and freshly ground, it is an aromatic coffee and a very tasty coffee when brewed well.

A Penang white coffee is an integral part of the Malaysian coffee culture and forms part of the Kopi type of coffees, which were brought to the country by migrant Chinese tin miners.

Penang white coffee is brewed using a cotton coffee sock. First the ground coffee is added to the coffee sock and then steeped in hot water, using a 1:10 coffee to water ratio.

This Malaysian style white coffee is usually enjoyed with evaporated or condensed milk and sugar and is usually poured from pot to pot to create a natural foam, especially when a Kopi Tarik is ordered.

It is a tasty coffee and is very much the same as Ipoh white coffee, old Town White Coffee and the many other Malaysian style white coffees that are on the market.

Penang white coffee is available as whole beans, preground, instant coffee and curiously coffee bags – like tea bags but coffee!

What Is Penang White Coffee
Penang White Coffee

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Penang White Coffee 3 In 1

Penang white coffee 3 in 1 is an instant coffee powder with Penang style white coffee, very fine granulated sugar and non-dairy creamer.

It is the most commonly sold instant Penang white coffee on the island of Penang.

Penang White Coffee 2 In 1

Penang white coffee 2 in 1 is the same product as Penang white coffee 3 in 1 with the exemption of only having 2 ingredients, Penang white coffee and non-dairy creamer.

No sugar is added to the sachets.

Penang White Coffee 2 In 1
Penang White Coffee 2 In 1

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Penang White Coffee Less Sugar

Penang white coffee less sugar is essentially the same as Penang white coffee 2 in 1 as it contains only Penang white coffee and non-dairy creamer, or when made at a Kopitiam is made with coffee and evaporated milk only, no sugar is added.

Where To Buy Penang White Coffee Online

Penang white coffee can be bought anywhere online. You’ll find it on Amazon, eBay, Lazada and many other independent retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Penang White Coffee

Why Is It Called White Coffee?

The name “white coffee” has its origins in the translation from the Hokkien/Hakka as it is brought to Malaysia and by the migrant Chinese Tin miners.

The use of the word white is not is reference to the roasting process as or the color of the beans but the finished beverage with the evaporated or condensed milk added.

Is The Coffee In Malaysia Is Good?


I spent 18 months in Malaysia – concretely speaking in Georgetown, Penang. The coffee and Kopi there is very good. The only coffee in the world that is roasted twice.

Does Malaysia Have Good Coffee?


even though Malaysia is doesn’t have specialty grade coffee or coffee of single origin status or partaking too much in the specialty coffee market 90% of the coffee grown is the rare Liberica beans.

I enjoyed the Kopitiams – traditional coffee houses that serve the Kopi beverages with the unique way of roasting during my time in Malaysia.

If you are ever in Malaysia, try to make a trip down to Singapore, which until 1965 was part of Malaysia, and seek out a Kopitiam called Coffee Break, on the 2nd floor of the Amoy street food center. There they have various specialty coffee drinks like butter pecan Kopi Latte and other delightful beverages made with the Malaysian beans.

N.B Their ginger almond-Kopi is outstanding!

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What Is Coffee Called In Malaysia?

In Malaysia coffee is called Kopi, but it refers exclusively to their way of roasting their coffee with margarine, sugar and salt. It also refers to their way of brewing.

When coffee is referred to using the English word, a normal coffee as we would expect it will be served using coffee beans that have been roasted in the normal way.

Why Is Coffee Popular In Malaysia?

Coffee is popular in Malaysia, very popular and there are many reasons as it is seen as a social thing just as we would enjoy. Also used to increase energy when feeling tired.

Final Thoughts – Penang White Coffee

Penang white coffee is something to try if you are a true coffee lover, as I say an authentic coffee lover will experiment and try many coffees.

If you can’t wait to try Penang white coffee you can order it online.

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