Nespresso Latte Recipe - The Best Nespresso Latte Recipe

Nespresso Latte Recipe – The Best Nespresso Latte Recipe

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Are you searching for a Nespresso latte recipe? Not sure which capsule to use or which makes the best, most delicious latte or how to froth your milk, or even what milk will get you the best results?


then for sure this article is for you. Here at Latte Love Brew, as our name suggests, we love Latte’s and love brewing. We will help you to make an amazing Latte with your Nespresso machine.

Pull up a chair and keep reading as we get you making a latte that will delight your taste buds.

What Is A Latte?

A caffè latte, simply called a latte in English, is a delicious, often flavored coffee drink that traces back to the European capital of great coffee, Italy. It is an espresso-based drink made with steamed frothy milk.

A variety of milks, and milk variants like oat milk, almond milk, cashew milk as well as regular dairy milk are used for making the frothy milk and altering the taste as well as texture. A latte can also be flavored with coffee syrup of a wide, literally limitless range of flavors with the most popular flavors being caramel, pumpkin spice, mocha, hazelnut and cinnamon.

The flavor of a latte can also be made directly with flavored beans via the use of flavored beans and flavoring oils.

Lattes are the best-selling coffee drinks at Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts. They are well liked due to the layered steamed milk, amazing-looking coffee, often with some kind of latte art and a strong shot of espresso (or double shot) and customizable flavors – one shot of syrup or two?

What Is A Latte
A Beautifully Made Latte

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What Nespresso Capsule Makes The Best Latte?

It is entirely subjective which Nespresso capsule makes the best latte. I am naming which one I think is the best for my own taste and personal like.

I suggest you try and experiment with others and find out which of the Nespresso coffee pods makes the best latte for you.

When selecting and deciding on which ones, use a strong coffee capsule, one that has a deep flavor. Lattes are mostly made of milk and very milky. You need to have a coffee that has a deep flavor to cut through the milk.

This is not because it is Nespresso, it is a solid rule for brewing lattes with a professional or home espresso machine. Without a strong coffee, you will just end up with a very milky taste.

Notably, dark roast works very well for this reason.

The Kazaar is a good, strong coffee capsule and perfect for brewing a latte. Good alternatives are Diavoletto and Karoma. Look for a high strength rating for the coffee capsule. Also, double check that they are dark roasted.

What Nespresso Capsule Makes The Best Latte
Find What Nespresso Capsule Makes The Best Latte

What Milk Is Best For Frothing?

Head and shoulder above all milk types, and are key ingredients, if not the key ingredient is fat. The higher the fat content, the better the milk froth is and the fuller the flavor of the latte.

When it comes to the various types and kinds of milk that are available, whole fat milk is better. You can, of course, use low fat milk if that is what you prefer, and are concerned about your diet.

Making your perfect dream coffee and enjoying it I recommend that you use the ingredients that suit you and if that is a lower fat or milk alternative like a nut based milk or any dairy milk alternative then by all means use that.

As milk is the biggest influential factor to how your latte will be, give it careful thought and considerations and above all experiment with it. Never be afraid to experiment with your coffee. It is by experimentation that you will perfect your coffee.

The Required Ingredients A Quick Recap

The milk of your choice, preferably whole milk and the Nespresso capsule that you wish to use. Ensure it is a strongly flavored dark roasted coffee that you use.

Step By Step Easy To Follow Instructions

Now that all the information is in front of you, it is time to put it into action and make a delicious and amazing coffee.

Switch on your coffee machine and put a coffee cup below it and run a rinsing cycle with hot water. To do this, press the espresso or lungo button. Do this twice to ensure the internal pipes are clean and clear of leftover coffee. This is a small, but important step that will ensure maximum freshness for your coffee.

Now add your milk of choice to your milk frother and start frothing your milk. When your milk is ready and is nice and frothy, carefully add it to your coffee mug and place your mug under your Nespresso.

Put your capsule of choice into your Nespresso machine and press start. Your coffee will slowly be poured into your coffee mug, and it will start to form layers of milk and coffee as it sinks to the bottom.

When the Nespresso machine stops, your latte is ready. Drink and enjoy.

How To Froth Your Milk With A Nespresso Machine

A few questions have been asked regarding frothing milk with a Nespresso machine. I am adding this section to help.

Milk with a high fat content, full fat milk will froth better. Also, worthy of note, the colder your milk is the better it will froth.

When using the Aeroccino, I suggest that you pour only one cup of milk at a time. This will ensure that your milk foamer will make more bubbles and there will be no milk at the bottom that is unfrothed.

If your Nespresso has a built-in milk steamer, just let the Nespresso machine do the work for you just as you would an Aeroccino.

When your milk is ready, you can follow the instructions above for making a latte.

How To Froth Your Milk With A Nespresso Machine
A Great Foamy Milk With A Nespresso

Frequently Asked Questions About Nespresso Latte Recipe

Do You Put Milk Or Coffee First In Nespresso Latte?

You start by making the espresso coffee first when you are making a Nespresso latte. For all espresso based beverages with milk, make the espresso first.

How Much Milk Is In A Latte?

To make a perfect latte, use twice as much milk as there is espresso. A latte is always made with an espresso to steamed milk ratio of 1:2.

Are There Milk Capsules For Nespresso?

The barista creations range of coffees are specifically designed to go perfectly with milk.

What Is The Ratio For Nespresso?

The coffee to water ratio for Nespresso is 1:4.5. That means due to the weight of coffee, use in the capsules using 25 grams of water is perfect. If you use more than 25 grams of water, you will get a weak, watery and sour tasting beverage.

Can You Put Milk In all Nespresso Coffees?

Yes, it is entirely your choice to add milk or not to your coffee pod. Yes, you can if you want to.

Do I Use Espresso Or Lungo For Latte?

A lungo, if used to make a latte will result in a weak tasting latte. You must use an espresso capsule. It is your choice to make a double shot or single shot. Adhere to the espresso to milk ratio of 1:2.

What Is The Best Espresso Ratio For Latte?

The correct and perfect ratio of espresso to milk for a latte is 1:2. That’s 1 part espresso and two parts steamed milk.

Can You Run A Nespresso Pod Twice?

No, you can use a Nespresso pod only once. If you attempt to get a second shot, it will result in a watery and tasteless coffee. If you are able to get a second cup out of it there is something wrong with your machine that you are not getting the full flavor out of your first brew.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Nespresso Latte Recipe.

There are many Nespresso latte recipes that you will find on the company’s official website but none tell you how to make a great latte of your own liking with any capsule of your choice.

Simply use a strong tasting dark roasted coffee capsule and froth your milk. Ensure your milk is cold before you start frothing. A great hack for getting more bubbles and a better latter. Don’t forget to flush the pipes before you start to ensure the freshest possible coffee.

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