Nespresso Cost Per Pod

Nespresso Cost Per Pod — The Cost Of Nespresso Pods Vs Beans

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When working out if a Nespresso is worth it or not, you need to take into consideration the Nespresso cost per pod and, of course, have a deep think about the Nespresso machine and if this is really how you want to make coffee at home or if a real espresso machine is much better for you and your needs long term.

This article will detail the cost of Nespresso Pods vs Beans, starting with a brief overview of the machines involved and leaving it open-ended for you to decide which is best for you with a little wiggle room for my own thoughts, advice and opinion on the matter.

Nespresso Cost Per Pod — The Cost of Nespresso Pods Vs Beans

When we want to work out if something is expensive or not, or worth investing in, we need something to compare it to. When we can do this, we will have a good indication if they are expensive, overpriced or if they are worth it (or not).

Comparing the cost of Nespresso Pods vs beans will give us a true comparison price wise with a similar quality bean for “like with like” direct comparison.

First up is to directly compare the cost of the initial machine.

Nespresso Cost Per Pod
The Nespresso Cost Per Pod Can Add Up Over Time.

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Nespresso Machine Cost Vs Espresso Machine

If you are sharp and looking for a basic Nespresso machine, you can get one for less than US$100. However, these are the lower end basic versions. While there is no need to go all in and get the most expensive top of the range piece of equipment, you should at least get one with a steam wand or something to froth your milk.

To get the most out of a machine that you invest in, you will most certainly want to be able to make a whole range of coffee drinks and a milk frother or steam wand is a must-have item. At the very minimum, this will give you a direct “apples for apples” comparison with an espresso machine.

To meet those requirements, you are likely eye balling a US$200+ mark as a ballpark figure.

Nespresso machines, regardless of manufacturer and brand, below this price range won’t give you the range of different coffee drinks or lack a steam wand, milk frother or simply be lacking somewhere, in some capacity that a serious coffee lover and coffee enthusiast will be looking for.

At the top end, you can splurge US$600 and more on a Nespresso pod machine, but, in my opinion, you are over-reaching and over spending on a coffee machine where you have little control over the variables and flavor of the end product.

I’m not suggesting the coffee is not good, just such an automatic machine and is not for home baristas, coffee lovers or coffee enthusiasts at all and not worth US$600 spent on one.

At US$600 that is money that is better spent on an Espresso Machine.

An espresso machine will set you back a lot more than a Nespresso. When you factor in the cost of a quality grinder that will get you good consistent grind size, you will be best looking for a machine that is not fully automated in the same way that a Nespresso is, as the objective with this type of machine is to get the best quality coffee possible and to have the most control over the variables, allowing you to have complete control over the end result.

A cheap low-end machine, as a minimum, will likely cost you around US$300 with a mid-range machine costing US$500 to US$600 and up, and not forgetting the cost of the grinder on top of that.

Both machine types are one-off costs and will last you many years if you look after them well.

The Cost of Nespresso Pods Vs Beans
US$200 Is Enough To Spend On A Nespresso Machine

Are Nespresso Pods Expensive?

Whether or not Nespresso pods are expensive depends on how you look at them. Factor in your own personal coffee consumption per month and the cost per pod. At the current price you can get 150 Nespresso pods, as a variety set of various and rather tasty exotic coffees from around the world for US$65.

As a quick calculation, that is less than 44 cents per cup of coffee, which does not look so expensive on the face of it on a per cup of coffee basis.

If you are, what I call a normal coffee drinker and drink 3 cups per day or 100 per month, your cost of coffee consumption alone will weigh in at just under US$44 per month (US$43.34 to be precise). A neat US$520 per year.

For capsule coffee that you have little control over the production and brewing process, I find that rather expensive.

This is where the cost of owning Nespresso and buying pods starts to add up. With all coffee pods you are really paying a lot for very little.

It is in my opinion that, yes, Nespresso pods are expensive, not so much on a per cup (or per pod) basis or on a dollar cost basis. They are expensive as you are not getting freshly roasted beans that are freshly ground moments before hitting your taste buds. Thus, the price paid when compared to genuine fresh coffee beans is expensive.

You are, in short, paying a lot for lower quality coffee than what you are capable of making yourself.

Why Nespresso Capsules Are Expensive!

Basically, you are paying for perceived quality and expensive marketing and exclusivity. Just look at the “Apple style” stores all in city center locations which don’t come cheap, look empty, spacious and very well decorated.

Other cost factors include the assembly line to create the product, filling the pods and so on.

To give you a price comparison, 12 Nespresso pods are the same price as a Nescafé 200g jar, which will give you around 100 cups of instant coffee. Sure, Nespresso pod coffee is better than instant coffee but not 8.5x better

What Is The Average Cost Of Nespresso Capsules?

The average cost of a Nespresso capsule comes down when you buy them in bulk. The larger the package, the better (lower) the cost of a single Nespresso Capsule.

The price can range from 43.34 cents per capsule for a 150 pod variety pack to 50 cents for high-end exotic single-shot pods of Nicaraguan coffee. Single pods can be bought for as low as 39 cents.

Coffee Beans Cost Per Cup

Calculating the cost of coffee beans per cup to get a more direct understanding of the cost of Nespresso Pods Vs Beans now that we know a good average Nespresso cost per pod is around 43.34 cents, which is due to being a single serve coffee maker works out at 43.34 cents per cup of coffee made.

Coffee beans cost per cup can be seen from the table below. An 8 ounce average sized cup of coffee for beans that cost you US$8 per pound results in a US$0.16 cost per cup. You would need to pay in excess of US$20 per pound of coffee to end up with a similar cost per cup as Nespresso pods.

On the lower end, average beans at US$4.50 per pound will result in a cost of 9 cents per 8 ounce cup of coffee.

At the high end, good quality coffee beans will end up costing 32 cents per cup. This is based on a price of US$16 per pound of beans.

Coffee Cost Per Cup
The Cost Per Cup Of Coffee

Cost Of Coffee Pods Vs Ground Coffee

Now that you know the direct cost per cup comparison of both Nespresso and Ground Coffee (and unground) coffee beans, it is easy to see at a basic no frills’ coffee the price works out at 9 cents per cup and as much as 16 cents for decent quality coffee.

Nespresso cost per pod range from 39 cents per pod to as much as 50 cents for more exotic pods. Comparing on a quality for quality basis.

Comparing two similar coffees available from the Nespresso website and comparing them with a similar coffee bean (ground or unground), the price works out at an average of 43 cents per cup of coffee (Nespresso Pod) Vs 32 cents per cup of coffee beans.

 Is Ground Coffee Cheaper Than Pods?

Absolutely, yes. Ground coffee is cheaper than pods all across the board for basic low quality coffee, mid-range coffee and top drawer high quality coffee when you compare them directly with similar coffee available in pods.

The machine may be cheaper, but in the long run this is false economics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nespresso Cost Per Pod

How Much Is Each Nespresso Pod?

Naturally the price varies depending on the machine that you have and the individual Nespresso pods as there are many.

Use this table as a guide for the cost per pod basis:

Pod Or Capsule Cost Per Serving Cost Per Year* Saving Compared To Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop US$3.50 to US$4.50 US$1,460 N/A
Nespresso Vertuo US$0.90 to US$1.25 US$402 US$$1,058
Nespresso Original US$0.70 to US$0.85 US$292 US$1,168
Keurig K-Cup US$0.35 to US$0.65 US$219 US$1,241

*Cost per year calculated as 365 capsules or pods.

Are Nespresso Pods More Expensive?

After you buy your Nespresso machine, you need to consider the cost of the coffee pods which can range from US$0.70 to US$0.85 per pod for Nespresso Original and US$0.90 to US$1.25 for Nespresso Vertuo.

There are a host of various brands that are available at costs as low as US$0.39 to US$0.50 per pod.

How Much Does Nespresso Espresso Cost?

Strictly speaking, a Nespresso does not make espresso; it makes espresso like coffee, which closely resembles a shot of espresso but is not the same. A typical shot of espresso uses 20 grams (2/3 of an ounce) and a Nespresso espresso has 6 to 10 grams of espresso depending on the pod.

Thus, the coffee to water ratio is 1:4 and not a 1:1.5 of real espresso. The cost of these pods is US$0.90 to US$1.25 per pod.

How Many Pods Are In A Pack Of Nespresso?

Nespresso coffee pods are available in sleeves each containing 10 capsules. There are boxes available that have larger quantities.

How Long Do Nespresso Pods Last?

On the sleeve of your Nespresso you will find two dates: a production date and the best before date. Check the date to find out how long they last, usually 6 to 9 months after their production date.

Can You Reuse Nespresso Pods?

You can’t reuse your Nespresso pods for getting a second cup of coffee from them, but you can reuse them by upcycling or recycling for multiple uses. I use mine for germinating seedlings for various plants.

How Much Do Nespresso Pods Cost?

The cost of Nespresso pods will vary depending on the type of Nespresso coffee pod Origina Nespresso pods can set you back approximately US$0.70, with Vertuo pods costing US$1.25 each.

Do Nespresso Pods Save You Money?

Yes, when compared to how much a cup of coffee will cost you at Starbuck, Costa coffee and Dunkin for example you will save a lot of money. Add that up over the period of a year it is a substantial saving.

 Frappé-Ing It All Up — Nespresso Cost Per Pod, The Cost Of Nespresso Pods Vs Beans

Wrapping it all up and coming to a conclusion. The Nespresso cost per pod ranges from 39 cents to 50 cents per pod, with one pod only being capable of making one cup of coffee. This is not expensive at all if what you want is a quick and easy good quality Cuppa Joe while putting in zero effort.

But it has to be said that they are effectively expensive and cost add up on a per-pod basis in the long run, and you cannot make your coffee exactly as you would like it.

As a skilled barista and coffee lover, you would be able to make a better cup on your own, and cheaper on a per-cup basis when using a proper espresso machine.

I’m not hitting on or dismissing Nespresso pods; it all depends on what you want and if they fit your needs. I have a Nespresso machine for making a quick cuppa in the mornings and when I am in a rush. A 150 pod pack lasts me about 4 or 5 months!

I also have a proper espresso machine at home as well.

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