Moccamaster Coffee Ratio - The Coffee To Water Ratio

Moccamaster Coffee Ratio – The Coffee To Water Ratio

The Moccamaster coffee ratio is all about the coffee to water ratio for making an amazing coffee with your moccamaster.

It is not as simple as dumping your coffee into your automatic drip coffee machine, adding filtered water and pressing a button.

Do that, and you have no idea if it will be too weak or too strong. It is not at all a professional way of making a pot of coffee; you want to know how to make your coffee stronger and your coffee weaker by choice, at will with your Moccamaster coffee brewing equipment.

Knowing that different coffee machines brew coffee differently. This is exactly why you need to know what the coffee to water ratio is for different machines and brewing techniques.

This is why there is a set coffee ratio formula, which I’ll talk about in this article.

What Is A Moccamaster?

A Moccamaster is an automatic drip coffee machine that brews an excellent cup of coffee and is incredibly easy to use.

At a basic explanation it heats water which releases it over the coffee grounds which are sitting in a filter and the result is a well brewed cup of drip coffee, which drips into a thermal carafe or glass carafe.

What Is A Moccamaster
A Moccamaster Coffee Maker

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What Is The Coffee To Water Ratio?

The name coffee to water ratio gives away, literally, what it is. It is the amount of coffee that you use in relation to the amount of water expressed as a ratio.

By far the best way, and the most accurate is to use a coffee scale and to weigh both your beans and your water.

What Is The Coffee To Water Ratio
The Ratio Will Determine How Strong Your Coffee Is

What About The SCCAA Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio as set out by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) is 1:18, or 55 grams of coffee for 1 kg (1,000 grams, 1 liter) of water.

The golden ratio also works out nicely as two tablespoons of coffee and six ounces of water.

(Rounded down, 1,000/55 = 18). The golden ratio is not universal as it depends on your brewing method and the type of coffee drink that you are making.

Another variable factor is your own taste preference.

The golden ratio doesn’t work out so well for the Moccamaster; you will need a slightly different coffee brewer ratio for this, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

Why Is The Coffee To Water Ratio Important?

Regardless of which coffee drink you are brewing, the relationship between the amount of coffee grounds to use in relation to the amount of coffee you want to make is important to get a great tasting cup of coffee.

To get it right consistently, for each of the brewing methods, you will need to know the coffee to water ratio for the coffee that you are making. For this, I recommend using a brewing ratio chart and keeping note of how the coffee was for you and if you could change it to make it stronger or weaker. Once you get the perfect ratio for you, note it down.

But don’t just leave it at that. You will need to note the type of coffee beans that you used as different beans have a different density and will need their own ratio.

Why Is The Coffee To Water Ratio Important
The Ratio Is Important, Very Important

Should You Stick To The Ratio Or Change It?

This question is more polemic than you may think, but ultimately it is up to you and your own taste preferences. If you have stuck to the golden ratio or the Moccamaster coffee ratio. Moccamaster does not advise that you change it.

If your cup of coffee is too strong for you, you can, of course, add a little hot water to dilute both the caffeine content and the coffee flavors from the brewing process.

Myself, coffee shop owners, avid coffee drinkers and baristas are adamant that there should be some room to permit for personal taste, types of coffee and, of course, water quality.

I suggest you experiment with 1:16 to as high as 1:20 depending on your own personal preference.

The smaller the ratio is, the stronger your coffee will be. You can adjust the ratio by either adding more or less water or increasing how many grams of coffee or reducing grams of coffee used.

Are There Any Factors That Can Affect The Moccamaster Coffee Ratio?


there are a few factors that will affect the Moccamaster coffee ratio, including the type of coffee beans that you are using, the brewing method and your grind size.

Each brewing method is different as each brewer is different as the brew your coffee differently either in a big way or a minor way.

Your grind size, finer grounds create a stronger coffee due to more water being in contact with the grounds while larger grinds will produce a weaker, more watery coffee. Of course this can be adjusted by longer and shorter brew times.

What Is The Best Coffee For A Moccamaster?

While opinions will vary, I suggest getting a more flavorful coffee using a cotton cloth filter or better still a metal filter. Some coffee does taste better as a drip coffee. In my humble opinion, it is best not to use a paper filter as they will filter out a lot of the flavor.

  • 100% Colombian coffee, single origin, any brand. Colombian coffee is often made in the country as filter coffee by the locals using a cotton filter. Expect bright acidity, chocolate nutty like flavor.
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. Great tasting coffee from where coffee is said to originate. Light, bright and floral.
  • 100% Kona Coffee. Simply one of the best Volcanic coffees you can and will find. A pleasure to try in a number of brewing techniques.
What Is The Best Coffee For A Moccamaster
Colombian Coffee Is Great For A Moccamaster

How Much Coffee Do You Use For 4 Cups Of Moccamaster?

If you want to make 4 cups of coffee with your Moccamaster I take your measuring spoon and put 2 scoops of your coffee into your filter. Each scoop makes 2 cups of coffee. Add 480 ml of water.

How Big Is The Moccamaster Scoop?

A scoop measures the equivalent of 2 tablespoons, which is about 10 grams in weight.

Can I Use Pre-Ground Coffee In Moccamaster?


but you need to be aware of the size of the ground. To make great coffee with a Moccamaster you need a medium-coarse grind size. Regular pre-ground coffee is too finely ground for brewing a great coffee with your Moccamaster.

Here at Latte Love Brew we encourage you to grind your own bean for maximum freshness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moccamaster Coffee Ratio

What Is The Best Coffee To Water Ratio For Moccamaster?

Moccamaster recommends that you use 50 to 60 grams of medium-coarse ground coffee per liter of water added to the water reservoir. This  is a coffee to water range of 1:18 to 1:20

How Much Coffee Do You Put In A Moccamaster?

To get a perfect cup of coffee with your Moccamaster use 2 tablespoon of medium-coarse ground coffee per 6 oz (180 ml) of water or 55 grams of ground coffee per liter of water.

What Is The Golden Ratio For Moccamaster?

The golden ratio as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association Of America for a Moccamaster is 1:18. This means that you will have to add 55 grams of medium-coarse ground coffee per liter of water.

Since the water reservoir of a Moccamaster is 1.25 liters maximum, adding 68.75 grams of coffee in total is the maximum amount of coffee to be added.

What Is The Best Grind Size For Moccamaster?

The best grind size for a Moccamaster is a medium–coarse grind size. This size of grind is similar to rough sand or sea salt. The majority of pre-ground coffee that you see in supermarkets is ground too fine for perfect use in your Moccamaster.

Why Is My Moccamaster Not Strong Enough?

The most common cause of under-extracted and weak coffee for any brewing method is using too large a grind size or uneven grinds. The second most common and probable cause is a poor contact time between your coffee grounds and your hot water.

The third most common cause is a water temperature that is too low. Check the temperature of your brew and ensure that it is within the perfect temperature range for brewing coffee which is 92C (195F) and 96C (205F) and nearer to the higher temperature.

How Long Should Moccamaster Take To Brew?

The brewing time of a Moccamaster is 5 and half minutes. When you are finished brewing, discard your paper filter and your coffee grounds.

Pro Tip: If your brew time is too fast, use a smaller grind size to encourage greater contact between your hot water and your coffee grounds. If your brew time is too long, use a larger grind size to reduce the contact time between your coffee grounds and your hot water.

Can I Run Vinegar Through My Moccamaster?

 Moccamaster does not recommend that you use vinegar to descale your coffee maker. They point out that it may damage mechanical parts in your coffee maker. They also recommend against using citric acid.

You can use a more alkaline solution like bicarbonate of soda.

Can You Put Hot Water In Moccamaster?

No, do not put hot water in your Moccamaster. Fill your water reservoir with the same amount of cold or room temperature water as the desired volume of coffee that you want to brew. Adding hot water has no advantages and does not make it brew faster. Adding hot water may trip the internal thermostat which will need to be reset by taking your machine apart.

Frappé-ing It All Up – Moccamaster Coffee ratio

The Moccamaster coffee ratio is something that you should stick to and only slightly adjust if the coffee brewed does not suit your taste and experiment until you get it exactly as you are seeking.

If you want your coffee stronger, look more to a 1:16 or 1:15 ratio; if it is too strong, and you want it weaker, add a little water or use a 1:19 or 1:20 ratio. Tweak until you get it exactly as you want it.

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