Keurig One Cup Instruction - How To Use A Keurig Mini Plus

Keurig One Cup Instruction – How To Use A Keurig Mini Plus

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 19:35

This article is focused on how to use a Keurig Mini Plus and giving a simple Keurig one cup instruction on how to use it and perform simple maintenance tasks like performing a descaling cleaning process.

Keep reading to learn how to operate your single serving Keurig brewer and make great coffee with it.

Keurig One Cup Instruction – How To Use A Keurig Mini Plus

Let’s get started with the Keurig one cup instructions and get you using your Keurig K Mini, K-Mini Plus and using it to maximum effect and brewing great coffee.

Unbox your coffee maker, give it a good dusting down or wipe with a dry cloth and place your coffee maker within range of a power outlet and plug it in.

Locate the power button, which should be on the top right-hand side.

Keurig One Cup Instruction
Keurig Mini Plus

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How To Use A Keurig Mini Plus: Setting Up The Water Reservoir

With stating the obvious, no matter how big or small your coffee maker is, it simply does not function without the use of water

A one cup Keurig single serve coffee maker has a smaller water reservoir, one that has only a single cup capacity. Remove the water reservoir, which is located at the rear of the machine and give it a good a good rinse. 

Clean it and then put it back in place once it has air dried.

Always use filtered water or bottled water. Never use distilled water as it contains no minerals and will attract metals from the internal pipes.

Bottled and filtered water not only produces a better quality cup of coffee and reduces the probability of mineral deposits and limescale from building up inside your machine.

Give Your Machine A Fresh Water Rinse Run A Cleansing Brew

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your machine is or which type, be it single serve coffee maker, a home or professional espresso machine or manual brewers like a French press, Aeropress, moka pot or a pour over coffee maker, always give your gear a light clean, at least a fresh water rinse. 

This ensures that any dust or dirt from the manufacturing process and all the hands handling it do not get into your brew. 

Simply put water into the water reservoir and about 10 Oz of water (300 ml). Lift the latch and then close it. Press the power button and wait for your Keurig K Mini to power up and press the brew button.

Collect the hot water that comes out and discard it.

Keep Your Keurig Mini Clean
Giver Your Keurig Mini A Cleansing Brew

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Select A K-Cup

The next step in this set of Keurig one cup instructions is the most fun part selecting your Keurig K-Cup to brew. 

There is no shortage with 600+ different K-Cups from 60+ brands with options ranging from gourmet coffee to fantastic teas, tasty refreshers and stunning Swiss and Belgian chocolate drinks. 

….and soups from Campbell’s. 

Simply pick one and place it in your Keurig Mini without removing the foil lid. Press the brew button and in about a minute it will be ready. 

Drink and enjoy your beverage.

Keurig Instructions For Basic Maintenance

The most basic of maintenance tasks is very basic – run a descaling and cleaning cycle every other week. If you do this you will ensure that your machine is in tip top condition, you needles will stay clear of any coffee grinds and will not get blocked.

Most importantly your coffee maker will remain clean and clear of any mineral or mold building up inside of it.

Start by using a soft damp cloth or sponge and start cleaning the outside of your coffee maker. Remove all the removable parts like the water reservoir, drip tray and clean them well.

To descale your machine and help to maintain optimal brewer performance, fill your water reservoir with a 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% fresh clean water.

Simply press the brew button and have a cup in place to catch the falling water and vinegar mix.

Run a second cycle if necessary.

Then run 3 to 5 or even more cleaning cycles with fresh water only to remove the scent of vinegar from your machine. Once the scent of vinegar has gone, rinse the water reservoir and let it air dry before putting it back in place.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keurig One Cup Instruction

Why Is My Single Cup Keurig Not Working?

There are a few reasons why your Keurig coffee machine may not be brewing. Here are the most common ones:

  • Your coffee maker needs to be descaled.
  • The water reservoir is not correctly attached.
  • Your machine needs to be reset.
  • The water pump is faulty.

Start with the first three and perform a good cleaning process to remove any limescale or mineral deposits before you call the technical service line for help.

How Do I Reset My Keurig Single?

There is no hidden reset button on a Keurig machine that you need to find and press with a needle. The easiest and simplest method of resetting your Keurig is to switch off your machine and unplug it. Leave it for an hour or two and that resets the machine with no effort. A simple and effortless process!

What Button Do You Press On Keurig?

To get your Keurig coffee machine brewing coffee first start by filling the water reservoir with bottled or filtered water and press the power button. Your water will start to heat up. When the water is hot, lift the handle and insert a K-Cup, put a coffee mug on your drip tray below the coffee spout and press brew.

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How Do You Unclog A Keurig Single Cup?

If your coffee machine is seriously hardcore blocked use a much stronger ration of distilled vinegar to water.

Start by filling the water reservoir with 75% white distilled vinegar and 25% water to the max fill line. Have a large mug in place to catch the solution as it comes out of the spout. Press the brew button to start the descaling process.

Check the needles, both of them, and unclog them using the Keurig needle cleaning tool. If you have lost it, you can order a new one online from Keurig, eBay, and Amazon. It’s a standard tool for all Keurig machines.

Run a second descaling cycle with a 50% white vinegar and 50% water solution. When complete, run a fresh water rinse cycle 3 to 5 times until the scent of vinegar has gone.

As a worthy note, distilled white vinegar is better than the descaling solution and gets the job done better, much better.

How Much Vinegar Do I Need To Clean A Single Cup Keurig?

If your machine is very dirty and needs a good clean, use a 75% vinegar and 25% water solution. If it needs a regular clean, use a 50% vinegar and 50% water solution.

Final Thoughts – Keurig One Cup Instruction

If you need any more Keurig one cup instruction on how to use it, cleaning and perform basic maintenance tasks like cleaning the needle and even replacing a needle join our active and vibrant community on Facebook/Meta. 

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