Keurig Iced Coffee Setting

Keurig Iced Coffee Setting

Last updated on October 24th, 2023 at 17:59

Knowing what the Keurig iced coffee setting does and how it works will help you to make better cold coffee during those hot summer days when you just need that caffeine boost.

Keep reading to find out more about the Keurig iced coffee settings.

How Does Keurig Iced Coffee Setting Work?

The iced coffee setting on your Keurig works in a very simple way to produce a coffee that is perfect for making a strong brew that is perfect for iced coffee. When the button is pressed the machine alters the coffee to water ratio making it more intense.

The reason for the more intense coffee that is produced when you use the iced coffee setting on your coffee maker is to compensate for the melting ice when you brew over ice to make your iced coffee, which helps to avoid weak and watery coffee!

How Does Keurig Iced Coffee Setting Work
The Keurig Iced Coffee Setting Works To Better Iced Coffee

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The iced coffee setting on the Keurig K-elite coffee maker and others brew a stronger and more concentrated coffee with a more focused and stronger flavor so that the flavor of your hot coffee is not diluted as you brew it or pour it over ice.

It’s a great and very convenient feature that will help you to avoid ending up with weak and watery iced coffee.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig Without Ice Melting

There are a few ways of achieving the goal of making an iced coffee with your Keurig without having the ice melt.

One way involves patience, another, a little thought and my favorite requires preparation.

If you are patient, brew a coffee without ice using the iced coffee setting and store your coffee in a sealed container in your fridge for half an hour. When your coffee is cold, pour it into a glass with ice.

Since your coffee is cold, the ice won’t melt so easily, and you will have a tasty cold coffee to enjoy.

A better way is to brew your coffee as you would normally would for making iced coffee using the Iced button. This time put some ice in a cocktail shaker and add your coffee to it and shake vigorously for a minute or two.

The result is you will have a coffee that has an aerated foam and is cold. Pour the coffee from your cocktail shaker into a glass with fresh ice. This method is better, more efficient and is more like a Greek Frappe than an iced coffee.

The way that I love is to make coffee ice cubes. Simply make your iced coffee using the iced button on your Keurig. Use this coffee to make ice cubes. Then, when your coffee ice cubes are ready, brew a second cup of iced coffee and use your coffee ice cubes and add them to your coffee.

Since the ice will eventually melt, it will be melting as iced coffee. The result will be a coffee that maintains its strength.

This is how you use your Keurig coffee maker to make great cold beverages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keurig Iced Coffee Settings

Making iced coffee with your Keurig is easy. Start by selecting a dark roasted coffee. French and Italian roast work best. Fill a glass with ice. Brew directly over the ice. If your machine has an Iced button, use this function to brew. If it doesn’t brew the smallest cup size that is available.

Brewing a smaller coffee results in a stronger coffee which will compensate for the melting ice. Add milk and sugar as needed. That is all there is to it.

Optional: Make coffee ice cubes! As your coffee ice cubes melt, your coffee will not get weaker and watery.

The Iced button on your Keurig coffee machine makes it easier for you to brew the perfect iced coffee. Using the function you can brew a delicious full-flavored beverage.

No, you don’t need a special Keurig K-Cup coffee pod for making iced coffee. Dark roasted coffee like French roasts and Italian roasts work best.

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What Pods To Use For Iced Coffee?

Any quality dark roast K-Cup will work perfectly well for making an iced coffee. Medium and light roasts don’t have the bold taste to hold up to the ice in the beverage. If you use too light of a roast, you’ll end up with a weak and watery cup of coffee

If you are not using a dark roast, your iced coffee will taste weak, also if you leave your coffee sitting too long with the ice cubes in the melting ice will have the unfortunate effect of diluting your coffee.

The other main reason is you failed to take into account the ice and use a more focused coffee to water ratio. When you make an iced coffee, always use a more concentrated coffee to water ratio to account for the dilution effect of the melting ice.

What Makes An Iced Coffee Thick?

To make a thicker coffee drink you can use condensed milk or heavy cream. Whipped cream works well too. Under no circumstances, add the emulsifying agent Xanthan gum. Just 0.1% of xanthan gum will make your coffee too thick. 

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Final Thoughts – Keurig Iced Coffee Setting

If you read this far, you know how the Keurig iced coffee setting works and how to make iced coffee without the ice melting and have a lot of your questions answered.

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