Keurig Iced Coffee Recipe - Beat The Heat With Your New Addiction!

Keurig Iced Coffee Recipe – Beat The Heat With Your New Addiction!

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This Keurig iced coffee recipe, or to be more accurate, a collection of Keurig coffee recipes for making Starbucks style gourmet quality coffee with your Keurig brewer. The recipes in this article will become your new coffee addiction as you make them, enjoy them and get that Starbucks quality at home….and save yourself a lot of money and time.

Keep reading for some fantastic Keurig iced coffee recipes!

Keurig Iced Coffee Recipe

Making an amazing and tasty iced coffee does not require the use of a Keurig coffee maker, as you can make great iced coffee with your Moka pot, French press, brewed coffee and even your home espresso maker.

A Keurig brewer offers you convenience and effortlessly makes delicious iced coffee. All that is required is that you insert a dark roast K cup pod, select the smallest drink size and press the Iced button and add milk as desired.

Most Keurig coffee makers have an iced button, but there are some that don’t. If your Keurig doesn’t have that facility, don’t worry as you can still make great cold coffee. All that is required is that you select the smallest drink size, which is either 4 Oz (120 ml) or 6 Oz (180 ml) depending on which model you have.

Let’s get on with some great iced coffee recipes and mouth-watering beverages.

Keurig Iced Coffee Recipe
Keurig Iced Coffee

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How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee With Keurig

Making gourmet style Starbucks iced coffee drinks with your Keurig is easy, very easy.

It is much easier if your Keurig single serve coffee maker is compatible with Starbucks coffee pods and capsules, which many are, literally all are.

If the Starbucks coffee grounds that you want to use are not available as a K cup, use a reusable K cup, and buy the beans either from your nearest Starbucks or online from Amazon, Walmart or wherever.

Starbucks Keurig Coffee Pods

You have many choices as Starbucks has a great line of some very interesting Keurig K Cups. Here are your choices:

  • Naturally Flavored Toasted Coconut Mocha.
  • Naturally Flavored Maple Pecan.
  • Naturally Flavored Toasted Graham.
  • Naturally Flavored Cinnamon Dolce.
  • Naturally Flavored Creme Brulé.
  • Naturally Flavored Hazelnut.
  • Naturally Flavored Caramel.
  • Naturally Flavored Vanilla.
  • Naturally Flavored Toffee Nut.
  • Naturally Flavored Mocha.
  • Spring Day Blend.
  • House Blend.
  • Veranda Blend.
  • Decaf Veranda blend.
  • Decaf House Blend.
  • Breakfast Blend.
  • Blonde Sunrise Blend.
  • Dark Roast With Double Caffeine.
  • Medium Roast With Double Caffeine.
  • Blonde Roast With Double Caffeine.
  • Italian Roast.
  • French Roast.
  • Caffe Verona.
  • Pike Place Roast.
  • Sumatra.

As you have seen, there is no shortage of choice for emulating what is sold at the world’s most popular coffee shop.

Due to the naturally flavored coffee pods available, you will not need to use their coffee syrups.

How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee With Keurig
Starbucks Style Iced Coffee With Keurig

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Instructions For Making Starbucks Iced Coffee With A Keurig

Start by selecting a Starbucks K-Cup; a dark roast, Italian roast or French roast will work better.

Use two K-Cups.

Insert one into your Keurig coffee maker and select the smallest drink size of 4 Oz (120 ml) or 6 Oz (180 ml) and press the iced button and brew your coffee.

If you don’t have an iced button on your machine, brew as normal. If you have a strong option, use that.

This first batch of coffee use it to make coffee ice cubes. Pour your brewed Starbucks coffee into your ice tray and place your ice tray in a ziplock bag to prevent your coffee from absorbing flavors and scents from foods in your freezer while they freeze.

When ready, brew a second coffee with the same Starbucks K Cup and brew it using the smallest drink size and press the iced button.

Add some regular ice cubes to a cocktail shaker or mason jar and slowly pour your coffee over the ice. Shake with vigor for a minute to quickly chill your coffee and pour into a tall glass with your coffee ice cubes.

Serve and enjoy.

This makes a super chilled iced coffee that cold with the coffee ice cubes only melting and maintaining your coffee flavor. You sip away and have no loss of flavor.

If you like a larger coffee, use an additional Starbucks K cup.

Starbucks Keurig Coffee Recipes – Iced Vanilla Latte

Following the method above, select two or three Starbucks Naturally flavored Vanilla K cups. Use one for making Vanilla flavored coffee ice cubes and one or two for your iced coffee.

Transfer your iced coffee to a cocktail shaker with regular ice and shake to chill it. Transfer to a tall glass with your vanilla-flavored ice cubes.

Optional: Spoil yourself by adding a vanilla ice cream topping. Sure, this makes a large vanilla iced coffee version of an affogato. It is a great addition.

Keurig Coffee Recipes
These Keurig Coffee Recipes Are Tasty

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Starbucks K Cup Cinnamon Dolce Iced Coffee Recipe

This is as easy as any of the above two recipes and follows the same technique. Use two or three Starbucks cinnamon dolce K cups. Use one to make your coffee cubes and one or two for your iced cinnamon dolce iced coffee.

Chill by using the ice and cocktail shaker method and transfer to a large glass with your cinnamon dolce ice cubes.

Optional: Sweeten with brown sugar or honey.

Making A Bold And Strong Starbucks Iced Coffee With K Cups

This Starbucks Keurig iced coffee recipe is for you if you love strong, bold, intense iced coffee.

Following our method for making high quality iced coffee that is both served chilled and has iced cubes that melt and don’t affect the flavor of your brew, use two or three Starbucks Italian roast K cups.

Use one for making your ice cubes and another one or two for brewing your coffee, depending on how large you want your coffee to be.

Transfer your brewed coffee to a mason jar or cocktail shaker with regular ice and shake it to chill your hot coffee and pour it slowly over your Italian roast ice cubes in a tall glass. Add an equal amount of milk.

You can use any milk of your choice, almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk or soy milk.

The strong and old Italian roast will cut through the milk with ease. An Italian roast is the strongest roast that you will find; it is the strongest of all dark roasts.

Keurig Iced Coffee Recipe – Caramel Frappé Starbucks Style

Strictly speaking, Starbucks does not make or sell a frappé; they have a frappuccino, a trademark owned by Starbucks and thus only Starbucks sells frappuccino.

Unfortunately, or, rather fortunately, there are two distinct types of frappé, the European version with its origins in Greece and an American frappé.

European Caramel Frappé – Starbucks Style

Seek out two or three Starbuck naturally flavored caramel K cups. Use one pod for making your ice cubes.

Use two for brewing your coffee. Pour your brewed Starbucks naturally flavored coffee into a cocktail shaker with ice, add an equal amount of milk and shake with vigor and energy for a minute. The goal here is not just chill your coffee but to make it frothy, aerated.

Pour from your cocktail shaker into a glass with your caramel ice cubes. Serve and enjoy.

American Style Caramel Frappé

As mentioned, the technique is very similar but requires the use of whipped cream.

Follow the same technique and method and top your drink with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

Keurig Coffee Recipes At Home
American Style Frappé

No Frother, No Worries!

Sometimes making the perfect iced coffee, cappuccino, macchiato or latte needs frothed milk.

But what if you have no electric milk frother or steamer?

No problem!

You can use your French press to make high quality frothy milk. Simply add your milk to your French press to more than half full and pump the plunger for 30 to 45 seconds.

If you don’t have French press, again no problem! You can use your blender and blend at a high speed for about a minute.

You can also use a large bowl and an electric whisk and whisk well until you get frothy milk.

Give Your Iced Coffee A Health Boost!

Giving your coffee a health boost is easy. Make a few adjustments and alter the dairy milk that you use and switch it for almond mild, oat milk, soy milk, cashew milk, rice milk or coconut milk.

Instead of sugar, use alternative sugars like Stevia, agave, honey or better quality sugars like brown sugar or coconut sugar.

If you use any simple syrup or flavored simple syrup, you can switch them out for sugar-free simple syrup.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keurig Iced Coffee Recipe

How To Make Starbucks Cold Brew Keurig?

You cannot make Starbucks cold brew using a Keurig coffee maker. Cold brew and Iced coffee are two different drinks.

Cold brew is extracted at low temperature with the best extraction happening at a very low temperature with the best extraction happening with iced water and being kept in your fridge while it brews.

Cold brew is a manual brewing technique that takes hours, typically more than 24 hours.

Can All Keurigs Make Iced Coffee?

Yes, you can make iced coffee with any Keurig coffee machine, but not all have an iced coffee button. If there is no iced coffee button, brew a smaller cup size, using the smallest cup size and brew over ice.

What Coffee To Use For Keurig Iced Coffee?

The best coffee to use to make a Keurig iced coffee is an intense dark roasted coffee. Look for an espresso roast, French roast or an Italian roast. Medium roasts and light roasts are not strong enough to get the job done and will taste weak and watery.

Can I Cold Brew K Cups?

Yes, you can make a cold brew with a K Cup but not with the Keurig coffee machine. The Keurig coffee maker is set to brew hot coffee and iced coffee, which is a strong hot coffee that is brewed over ice or instantly chilled with ice.

To cold brew K Cups you will need to open the K Cups coffee pods. Use 4 pods to make 4 cups of coffee. Weight the coffee grounds and multiply the weight of your coffee grounds by 8 – the is how much water by weight you will need to use. Weight your cold water.

Add your coffee grounds and your cold water to an airtight container and let your cold brew extract in your fridge for 24 hours at least.

Taste test the coffee and once it has the taste that you enjoy. Filter out the coffee grounds once you have the perfect taste. If you forget or fail to filter out the coffee grounds your cold brew will continue to extract and eventually become overtly bitter.

Pour and enjoy your cold brew coffee that you make with your K Cups.

Why Does Keurig Coffee Taste So Watered Down?

Your Keurig coffee might be tasting watered down due to a problem with the brewing process and problem with thermostat and not brewing your coffee to hot enough a temperature.

Measure the temperature of a mug of hot water. It should be 192F (88.8C). If the temperature is lower than this it may be time to replace the thermostat. If your machine is new, contact customer support.

Another reason may be due to the incorrect amount of water being poured by the coffee maker. Measure the amount of water served by your Keurig for all drink sizes and ensure that they are correct and exactly as what it says on the button.

If there is a miss-match, in the amount poured, contact customer service as your machine will need to be recalibrated.

How To Make Iced Coffee Keurig Without It Being Watered Down?

Making iced coffee in a Keurig without it being watered down is easy. Start by brewing a Keurig coffee at the strongest setting or smallest cup size and make coffee ice cubes. Simply fill an ice cube tray with your freshly brewed coffee and freeze them.

Use a zip-lock bag to cover your ice cube tray to prevent your coffee ice cubes absorbing scents from other food items in your freezer.

Brew a second cup of coffee with a fresh coffee pod using the iced button or the smallest cup size or the strong button, depending on which machine you have.

Add regular ice to a cocktail shaker or mason jar, pour your coffee over your regular ice cubes and shake well for a minute. Pour your chilled coffee over your coffee cubes.

The coffee cubes will prevent your iced coffee from watering down your coffee.

Does The Keurig K Latte Make Iced Coffee?

The Keurig K Latte does not have a special iced coffee button for making iced coffee, but you can still make iced coffee with it by selecting the smallest drink size, which is 6 Oz (180 ml).

Can I Make Iced Coffee With Hot Coffee?

Yes, iced coffee is made with hot coffee. The hot coffee is instantly chilled with ice. Despite the name, it is a brewing process that uses hot water.

Final Thoughts – Keurig Iced Coffee Recipe

There is more than one Keurig iced coffee recipe in this list and I may add more. This part is up to you. If you love coffee, and love these recipes, this adds to the list with your own exotic Keurig iced coffee recipes and help out your fellow coffee lovers. Perhaps you have a special recipe from your own part of the world, share it! I’ll happily add it to this article.

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