Puntastic Jokes About Coffee Addicts To Brighten Your Day

Puntastic Jokes About Coffee Addicts To Brighten Your Day

Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 17:09

I take my coffee very seriously, but once every so often I lighten the roast and crack a joke about coffee. This article is full of jokes about coffee addicts.

There are the funniest coffee puns, coffee jokes and jokes about coffee that I could think of, find and got sent via our fans and followers on social media.

Keep reading as we crack a joke or two.

Jokes About Coffee Addicts – Short Coffee Jokes

  • 1. Why did the coffee shop manager fire his barista? He turned up for work in his tea-shirt.
  • 2. What is the favorite programming language of baristas? Java.
  • 3. What is the favorite exercise of a barista? The French press.
  • 4. How did the coffee loving hipster burn their tongue? They drunk their coffee before it was cool.
  • 5. What does a coffee shop gossip to do? – They spill the beans.
  • 6. Why are coffee beans just like teenagers? They are both getting grounded.
  • 7. What type of sugar does Lady Gaga have in her coffee? Raw Raw Raw Raw.
  • 8. I had my coffee cup stolen. I filled in a police report and had to check out some mug shots.
  • 9. How do coffee lovers take their coffee? Very seriously.
  • 10. Han Solo Owed coffee, but who to? Java the Hut.
Jokes About Coffee Addicts
So True…

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  • 11. In this beautiful world, there are only two types of people, those that love coffee and liars.
  • 12. Why does Moses not like instant coffee? Because He-brews his coffee.
  • 13. Why is coffee nicknamed mud? Because it was ground this morning.
  •  14. Eric Clapton is like specialty coffee – He’s good without cream.
  • 15. Never discuss coffee with sensitive people – it can end up being a strong heated debate.
  • 16. How do coffee addicts like their women? Some like a tall blonde, others like a brew-nette.
  • 17. A coffee addict went to the doctor complaining of a stabbing pain in his eye every single time he takes a sip of coffee, His doctor asked “are you taking the spoon out?”
  • 18. A builder came into my coffee shop, carrying a chunk of asphalt on his shoulder “I’ll have a cortado for me and a cappuccino for the road”.
  • 19. As a coffee addict I swear, sleep is a weak substitute for coffee!
  • 20. As a coffee addict I am convinced that coffee is a tamer cocaine – I call it diet coke.
Short Coffee Jokes
Coffee Before Life Begins

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  • 21. What do you call a coffee lover that is addicted to the caffeine effects? A caffeind.
  • 22. The correct name for a some that doesn’t consume caffeine, coffee or believe in religion is a Teaist.
  • 23. The best papers are written with alcohol and edited with caffeine, but wisdom is knowing that a Jaeger bomb is not a productivity tool.
  • 24. Why did the coffee addicted crow get agitated? Because it was Caw fee
  • 25. I’m such a coffee addict, my doctor took a blood test and told me my blood group is coffee.
  • 26. The best men are just like coffee – tall, rich and keep you all night long!
  • 27. My coffee addict paramedic believed that CPR stood for Coffee Provides Resuscitation.
  • 28. As a coffee addict and a devout Christian, I never let women make coffee – it says in the bible He-brews.
  • 29. Coffee addicts don’t sweat, they percolate.
  • 30. Coffee addicts don’t get mad, they get steamed.

  • 31. True coffee addicts don’t tan, they roast.
  • 32. Next level coffee addicts turn up at alcohol anon meetings for the free coffee.
  • 33. Coffee addicts don’t have a problem with caffeine, they have a problem without it.
  • 34. If coffee addicts dies by coffee death is painless…and instant.
  • 35. As a self confessed coffee addict, I am convinced Henry 8th loved his coffee de-cap-innated.
  • 36. Teenage coffee addicts love to stir up some trouble.
  • 37. A coffee addicted lawyer is always looking for grounds for appeal.
  • 38. A coffee addict’s favorite movie is lord of the beans.

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Final Thoughts Jokes About Coffee Addicts

I hope that you have enjoyed these jokes about coffee addicts. We love a laugh and a good joke, especially ones about coffee addicts.

If you have a funny joke or witty pun about coffee addicts – we will be delighted to add it to this list. Look for us on social media and send them to us on Facebook/Meta.

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