How To Run Clean Cycle On Ninja Coffee Maker! Clear Your Gear!

How To Run Clean Cycle On Ninja Coffee Maker! Clear Your Gear!

Learn how to run clean cycle on Ninja coffee maker and get your coffee machine as clean as it was when your first unboxed it!

It’s easy….

When you follow my step-by-step instruction!

Keep reading for the details!

How To Run Clean Cycle On Ninja Coffee Maker

Running a clean cycle on Ninja coffee maker is easy, very easy. Once you have done it once you will automatically know how to do it intuitively.

The cleaning method and technique that I use and that I encourage you to use is one that is detailed and will get sanitize your machine and kill all bacteria, mold and clear it of all mineral build up.

Follow the step-by-step instructions.

How To Run Clean Cycle On Ninja Coffee Maker
Ninja Coffee Maker

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Descaling Ninja Coffee Maker

Let’s get straight to descaling your Ninja coffee maker which is an integral part of the cleaning cycle and method that I use.

Step One: Clean The External Surfaces

This step is as easy as using a damp cloth that has been soaked in warm water and using a mild detergent.

Be careful that your soft cloth is not too wet, damp is good enough.

When you have finished cleaning the surfaces give it a good once over with a damp cloth that has been soaked in white vinegar.

This second step is to kill any bacteria on your machine.

Step Two: Remove The Removable Parts

Your coffee maker has removable parts that you are familiar with, namely the water reservoir, the coffee carafe, and the brew basket, also known as the filter basket and coffee basket.

All the removable parts can be washed in your dishwasher but the only part that can’t is a thermal carafe. If you have a Thermal carafe you will need to clean it manually.

Clean all your removable parts using your dishwasher and then move to cleaning them all individually to get a better quality and deeper clean.

Step Three: Clean Your Water Reservoir

Cleaning your water reservoir is easy, it is very important to clean it regularly.

After each use is best as you want to prevent mold and bacteria from building up and best way of doing that, to prevent the build up of water based bacteria and mold is to clean it daily!

Your daily can be simply popping it in your dishwasher.

To give it a proper deep clean first start by giving your water tank a good wipe down on all sides, internally and externally with distilled white vinegar.

I use a damp sponge soaked in vinegar and then fill it with a cup of two of vinegar, cover the top and shake it for two minutes.

Discard the vinegar and rinse well. It is at this point you can take advantage of your dishwasher to both clean and ensure that it is well and truly flushed.

Let your water reservoir air dry.

Descaling Ninja Coffee Maker
Clean Your Water Reservoir

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Step Four: Clean Your Coffee Filter Basket

After cleaning your coffee filter basket in your dishwasher you will need to give it a higher quality deep clean.

A simple clean using your dishwasher doesn’t give it a great clean that you need.

Start by steeping your coffee basket in boiling hot water and dish soap. Let it soak for 24 hours.

This is to loosen and hardened on coffee stains and difficult to remove coffee oil.

The give a scrub with soft bristled brush.

Use pin or a needle to poke free any coffee grounds that are still stuck. Clean it with white vinegar to give it a good sanitization and remove all bacteria.

Flush it well with clean water.

Step Five: Deep Clean Your Coffee Pot

Do this part well, and you will have a sparkling coffee pot, like the day you bought it.

Make a paste with baking soda by adding about an inch (2.5 cm) of baking soda to your coffee carafe and add a tiny little bit of water and mix well.

Use the paste to scrub and scour the inside and outside of your carafe and pay attention to the bottom where you may have burnt on coffee stains.

Leave a layer of baking soda paste to set and leave it work its cleaning magic overnight.

Clean with warm water to remove the paste. This is a great way of cleaning your carafe.

To get it properly sparking give it a good wipe with vinegar. You may need to let it soak in vinegar to get that brilliant shine.

Clean your thermal carafe by scrubbing the interior with a baking soda paste. Rinse well with fresh water.

Ninja Coffee Maker Water Reservoir Green
Clean Your Coffee Carafe Well

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Step 6: Descale Your Ninja Coffee Maker

This part, let you the machine do the heavy lifting for you!

Using a 50% water and 50% vinegar solution and run a full brew cycle.

Repeat this step and run a second brew cycle to ensure that your coffee maker is spotless.

Fill your coffee makers reservoir with fresh water and run several flushing cycles to remove the scent and trances of vinegar from your machine.

You may need to run 5 to 7 or more flushing cycles.

Ninja Coffee Maker Water Reservoir Green

Your Ninja coffee maker’s water reservoir may turn a green color. This is a sign of mold growing and why you must keep it clean and clean after every use. You should never store water in the water reservoir of any length of time. Fill it just before you use it.

Follow the instructions in the section above about cleaning your water reservoir and run a quality deep clean.

Ninja Coffee Maker Clean Button

On Your Ninja coffee maker you will find a button with the word clean on it. This is the button the press when you want to run a full deep clean and descaling cycle.

Clean and descale your coffee maker every other week, at least every 15 days to prevent to build up of mold and bacteria.

Regular cleaning will give limescale, calcium and minerals no chance to build up and will ensure that you have perfect coffee every single time as you are effectively maintaining your coffee maker in optimal conditions.

Ninja Coffee Maker Clean Cycle Not Working

This something that happens very occasionally and is more often than not a sign of just how deep the build up of mineral deposits are inside your machine.

Which a good reason to stick to regular cleaning schedule and keep it clean.

Run a deep cleaning cycle with 50% vinegar and 50% water. You may need to run 2 or 3 cleaning cycles.

If it refuses to clean true to reset your machine. Star by pulling the plug out and waiting a minute or two. Try running a clean cycle again.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Run Clean Cycle On Ninja Coffee Maker

How Long Is The Clean Cycle On The Ninja Coffee Bar?

The ninja coffee bar will take about half an hour to an hour to complete the cleaning cycle.

How Do You Clear The Clean Button On A Ninja Coffee Maker?

The easiest and best way of making sure the clean button stops flashing is to clean your ninja coffee bar.

You can clean it with the cleaning solution that best suits you, be it distilled white vinegar, citric acid, bicarbonate of soda or the manufacturer’s own descaling solution.

I have a strong preference for using distilled white vinegar. Half fill your water reservoir with the vinegar and top up with tap water to the max fill line.

Place your carafe below the coffee spout to catch what falls out. Run a cleaning cycle.

When the cleaning cycle is complete. Flush your system with an abundance of clean water. Fill your water reservoir and run 8 to 10 flush cycles to ensure that all the traces, scents and taste of vinegar have disappeared from your ninja coffee maker.

Why Is The Clean Button Blinking On My Ninja Coffee Maker?

The clean button is blinking on your ninja coffee maker because it needs a proper cleaning internally to clear the build up of mineral deposits and calcium deposits.

How Often To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker?

Rather than wait until the CLEAN light illuminates, I encourage you to maintain your ninja coffee bar in optimal condition by cleaning it at least every other week. Once every 15 days is fine.

How Do I Know When To Clean My Coffee Maker?

If you want to go by feeling, you will know when it is time to clean your coffee maker when you notice a deterioration in the quality of the coffee brewed.

You can, if you so wish, wait until the clean light illuminates. Personally, I suggest not waiting that long and cleaning it every other week, once every 15 days, to maintain your coffee machine in optimal condition for brewing perfect tasting coffee.

Can You Use Lemon To Clean Ninja?

Yes, lemon is a great and natural way of cleaning your coffee maker. Look out 6 to 8 fresh lemons, slick them in half and squeeze the juice from them and use the lemon juice with water to descale your coffee maker.

Why Is My Ninja Coffee Maker Beeping And Smells Like Burning?

If your brew basket is poorly aligned, water might be leaking out and dripping on to the hot plate, resulting in the burnt smell.

Fix by correctly aligning the brew basket.

Can You Run Water Through A Coffee Maker To Clean It?

No, simply running water through your coffee maker will not clean it. You must use a cleaning agent. Water will not remove the coffee oils, coffee build up or the mineral deposits.

Final Thoughts – How To Run Clean Cycle On Ninja Coffee Maker

When you know how to run clean cycle on Ninja coffee maker and clean it regularly following the instruction laid out in this article you will get perfect coffee every time that you use your machine. You’ll not lose flavor due to limescale or mineral build up or old rancid coffee oil and coffee grounds.

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