How To Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam With Frother

How To Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam With Frother

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When you put in the effort to learn how to make sweet cream cold foam with frother you will quickly be able to make a whole range of tasty toppings of various flavors adding a new dynamic to your coffee drinks at home.

A great bonus is being able to save a lot of money and time from your trips to your local Starbucks and your coffee loving friends will be amazed at your fabulous home barista skills and have them flocking over for your dinner parties and coffee meet ups!

Keep ready for an excellent recipe and full instructions.

How To Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam With Frother

This sweet cream cold foam is a Starbucks copycat recipe and will save you both time and money from heading off to your nearest Starbucks outlet.

It goes well with both iced coffee drinks and cold brew coffee. Even though it is more popular on cold coffee, it can be used on hot drinks and refreshers too.

Using a frother, an electric milk frother will get you the best results.

How To Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam With A Frother
Sweet Cream Cold Foam Is Delicious!

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Why You Will Love This Recipe

Sweet cream cold foam is tasty, delightful and can serve as the base for making many different flavored sweet cream cold foam toppings like a vanilla sweet cream cold foam, salted caramel sweet cream cold foam or some more exotic versions like Irish cream, peppermint and chocolate, chocolate and orange or whatever creation springs to your mind.

When you learn how to make sweet cream cold foam with a frother there is no stopping you!

The recipe is more than coffee shop quality, it, in my opinion, knocks Starbucks for 6, in my humble opinion because you can use better quality ingredients, or you can use the same ingredients as Starbucks. It is entirely your own decision.

While I suggest some ingredients, it is the process that is important and once you learn the process you will be unstoppable in the types of milk that you can use including:

  • Coconut milk.
  • Almond milk.
  • Soy milk.
  • Oat milk.

All of which are available at Starbucks, but you can go a step further and use other types of milk like cashew milk or rice milk that is not available at Starbucks or other popular coffee outlets.

Ingredients Needed For Making Sweet Cream Cold Foam At Home

So, let’s get to making this tasty sweet cream cold foam topping! The great news is most of the ingredients you will already likely have in your.

Please follow the baristas principle of the best ingredient producing the best results.

Here are the ingredients that you will need:

  • ½ Cup of whole milk.
  • 1 Tablespoon of heavy cream.
  • 1 Pump of Starbucks simple syrup.

Note: The Starbucks simple syrup can be replaced with Starbucks vanilla syrup (Sugar-free option available) or their slated caramel syrup to get creative and make alternative flavored sweet cream cold foam.

On the subject of the flavored syrups, it is just as easy to make your own homemade flavored or unflavored simple syrup. It is as easy as using an equal amount of sugar and water and mixing them together.

A flavored simple syrup is made by adding herbs like a sliced vanilla pod and leaving it in the sugar and water solution for 6 to 12 hours depending on how strong you want the vanilla flavor to be.

Making Sweet Cream Cold Foam At Home
Sweet Cream Cold Foam Can Be Used In Many Drinks

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Instructions For Making Your Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Making your sweet cream is easy, very easy. Add your ingredients into a bowl or a mason jar and mix well, very well, to ensure that you get a good quality and even distribution of flavors.

Once mixed well, insert your electric milk frother to the bottom of your mason jar and froth well. Move your milk frother through your milk to ensure an even frothing from bottom to top. Frothing should take around one minute.

If you need your sweet cream cold foam to be thicker, add a little more heavy cream. Heavy cream acts as a thickening agent.

The gourmet master chef or master barista in you may want to take your flavored sweet cream to the next level. You can use natural herbs and spices and simply chop them and gently heat your milk and heavy cream mix and let the flavor extract. Leave your solution to cool down for a few hours in the fridge and then remove the spice or herb.

Use a sliced vanilla pod is great with this method.

Making Your Sweet Cream Cold Foam
You Can Make Vanilla Sweet Cream With A Vanilla Pod

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Serving Instructions

Adding your sweet cream cold foam, or flavored sweet cream cold foam to your coffee beverages is easy and in my experience is best done by pouring the topping onto the top of your beverage by first diffusing the pour by pouring it over the back of a tablespoon.

Drinks You Can Add This Sweet Cream Cold Foam To

There is truly no limit to the drinks that you can add your sweet cream cold foam to. The first drink that Starbucks added it to was a caffe Americano and has since become popular with cold coffee drinks like iced coffee and cold brew coffee.

Here is a short list of drinks to consider adding it to:

  • Iced Latte.
  • Iced Cappuccino.
  • Espresso Macchiato.
  • Latte Macchiato.
  • Fruit Juice Drinks.
  • Mixed Fruit Juice Drinks.
  • Tea Latte.
  • Iced Chai Latte.
  • London Fog

There are a lot more hot and cold beverages that you can add this tasty topping to.

Storage Instructions

Store any excess sweet cream cold foam in an airtight container and keep it in your fridge. It will stay fresh for 3 to 5 days under those conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam With Frother

Can You Make Cold Foam With A Milk Frother?

Yes, of course you can! I consider a milk frother to be the best way of making the best quality cold foam for your iced coffee and cold brew coffee. Simply froth for as long as it takes to get the consistency that you are seeking and move your electric milk frother through your milk from top to bottom. 

Does Frothing Creamer Make It Cold Foam?

Yes, you can froth any type of milk to make it a cold foam. Creamer, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, oat milk, nonfat milk, 2% milk as long as you froth it well.

Can You Make Sweet Cold Foam Without A Frother?

Yes, if you don’t own a handheld milk frother, or your electric milk frother is broken don’t worry as you can use a French press, handheld pump milk frother, a mason jar or cocktail shaker or a blender.

What Is The Difference Between Whipped Cream And Sweet Cold Foam?

Sweet cream cold foam is pourable and has a frothy consistency. It’s similar to steamed milk while whipped cream is very thick, very creamy and is nitrogen-infused and holds its shape incredibly well.

How Does Starbucks Froth Their Cold Foam?

The luscious cold foam from Starbucks is frothed in their custom-designed and made bladeless blender, the Starbucks verismo. If you want to buy one, you’ll find it at Walmart.

Do You Have To Heat Creamer Before Frothing?

No, it is not an obligation to heat your creamer or dairy product that you are using prior to frothing. If you want to heat your coffee creamer you can do so.

Can You Put Sugar And Milk In A Frother?

Yes, it is much better to add your sugar or simple syrup prior to your milk or dairy product before frothing. Doing so will result in a better quality and more even distribution of flavor and sweetness.

Does Frothing Creamer Make It Sweeter?

Yes, when your froth your milk will have the effect of making it a little sweeter as you will enhance the natural sweetness of your milk.

Final Thoughts – How To Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam With Frother

It would be such a shame if you knew how to make sweet cream cold foam with frother and failed to take action and put your new found knowledge to great use.

What would be a bigger shame is if you made it, got very creative, made your own fabulous origin tasty topping and didn’t share your secret recipe and ideas with our cool coffee community. Join our cool coffee community and share your recipes, ideas and tasty toppings. Find us on Facebook/Meta!

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