How To Make Pumpkin Cold Foam Better Than Starbucks!

How To Make Pumpkin Cold Foam Better Than Starbucks!

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Learning how to make pumpkin cold foam is easy, and you will master this first or second time round when you follow the instructions below.

Focus just as much on the perfect cold brew coffee as you do with the pumpkin cold foam.

Keep reading for a tasty recipe and great instructions.

How To Make Pumpkin Cold Foam

Knowing how to make pumpkin cold foam at home means that you can enjoy this drink, and tasty iced pumpkin spice latte on hot summer days.

Making it easy, and making a healthy dairy free version with oat milk is just as easy – just use oat milk instead of dairy milk!

Let’s get to the details!

How To Make Pumpkin Cold Foam
How To Make Pumpkin Cold Foam

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What Is Pumpkin Foam At Starbucks?

Starbucks pumpkin cream cold foam is a tasty topping for cold brew coffee and iced coffee at Starbucks. It’s made from a mixture of milk, cream, vanilla syrup and pumpkin spice sauce.

Since it is made from both milk and cream, it is technically speaking a sweet cream and not a cold foam, but for their own reasons Starbucks calls it a cold foam.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is coffee that is brewed using cold water extraction with the water used being at room temperature to extract all the low temperature compounds.

I know as an absolute fact that Starbucks extract their cold brew at room temperature.

Personally, the best cold brew is brewed with fresh ice-cold water, in a dark glass container and in your fridge, exactly how I make it, and there is a notable difference in the flavor.

The extra step ensures that you get all the low temperature compounds into your cold-brewed coffee.

Due to the extra step of very low temperature brewing you gain also in a freshness factor as you are brewing in your fridge. You must ensure that your container is opaque, blocks all light and has an airtight lid.

A little “side effect” is a much longer brewing time with a brewing time typically 18 to 26 hours or more.

The result of cold extraction technique is a coffee that is very mellow, well-rounded and balanced with an acidity that is 60% lower than other coffee beverages. If you suffer from acid reflux and want to enjoy coffee, consider a cold brew.

How To Make The Best Cold Brew Coffee At Home

The baristas principle is the best ingredients and best techniques combined with the best equipment result in the best results, the best coffee.

The best roast for a cold brew is a dark roast coffee; they are stronger, bolder and more intense tasting. Personally, I enjoy a French roast and an Italian roast, the two highest of the dark roast coffee beans.

The best coffee beans to use are:

  • Ovalware 08 Neptune Cold Brew Organic.
  • Wink Coffee Cold Brew Reserve Single Origin From Colombian Andes.
  • Stone Street Cold Brew Reserve.

The best water to use is cold mineral water. Coffee is 98% water; the better your water, the better your coffee.

The only equipment that you will need is a ceramic conical burr grinder, which is the best type of grinder for coffee and gets a quality even and consistent grind size.

You need a large opaque container with an airtight lid. Opaque to filter out light and prevent light from having an adverse effect on your coffee. The airtight is to both prevent air from entering your coffee and causing oxidization and to prevent scents from other foods in your fridge from spoiling your coffee as it is brewing.

Coffee, unfortunately, is a great absorber of aromas and flavors. You absolutely must use an airtight container for your cold brew coffee while brewing and for your beans.

How To Make The Best Cold Brew Coffee At Home
How To Make The Best Cold Brew Coffee At Home

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Instructions For Making Your Cold Brew Coffee

Cold great is a great coffee and requires a large coarse grind size and can be brewed with whole beans if you so wish, but whole bean extraction takes, in my opinion, far too long to extract for there to be any real benefit.

The largest grind size of your coffee grinder is perfect.

Start by ensuring that your coffee is fresh and was roasted within the peak freshness window of 3 to 7 days before. Weigh your coffee beans while they are whole, and then grind them. This ensures that you delay the exposure of oxygen to your grounds, aiding the flavor and freshness.

For making 64 ounces (1.92 liters) weigh 8 ounces (240 grams) of coffee beans and grind them to coarse and even grind size.

I’m suggesting that you make a lot of coffee because of the long extraction time and the fact that cold brew stays fresh for longer.

Add your coffee grinds to a large opaque container with an airtight lid. Measure or weigh 64 ounces (1.92 liters) of ice-cold mineral water.

Add your mineral water to your coffee grounds in your airtight opaque container. Put the lid on, give a good shake and leave it to exact in your fridge for 18 to 30 hours.

There is no need for further agitation or shaking of your coffee while extracts and brews. Taste test after 18 hours. If the taste is not hitting perfection for you, let it brew for a couple of hours more and test again. Repeat until you get the flavor that you love and enjoy.

When your coffee is perfect, filter out the coffee grounds as they will continue to extract. Use a metal filter. If you don’t have a metal coffee filter, the brew basket of your drip coffee maker will be good enough as will be your sieve.

Using a metal filter ensures that you will get all the delicious coffee oils into your drink.

How To Make Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Topping

Making pumpkin cream cold foam is easy, and is a lot easier than you think. There is no need to be a master chef or master barista.

Ingredients Needed For Making Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Topping

Please seek out the best quality ingredients in the list below.

3 Tablespoons Of Whipping Cream

Whipping cream adds creaminess to the cold foam topping, which you will love and enjoy. You can use heavy whipping cream or regular whipping cream. Chose which one suits your best.

1 Tablespoon Of Maple Syrup

This is to act as a liquid sweetener. Experiment with this ingredient to your heart’s content. What you use will alter the flavor of your topping. Vanilla syrup and simple syrup work well too.

I advise against sugar as you won’t get as even a distribution of sweetness as you will with a liquid sweetener.

1 Tablespoon Of Fresh Cold Milk

Adding milk is to thin out your pumpkin foam. If you want it to be rich and creamy, use whole fat milk.

Vanilla Flavoring

A few droplets of vanilla extract or a pump or two of vanilla syrup will work well.

1/8th Teaspoon Of Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend

This is where the magic happens and your pumpkin cream cold foam gets its magical flavor from. You buy or make your own pumpkin pie spice blend. I prefer to buy for convenience.

A Pinch Of Salt

If you pay attention to Starbucks pumpkin cold foam you will notice a slight salty taste. I add Himalayan pink salt or sea salt due to the trace amount of 84+ minerals.

I Teaspoon Of Pumpkin Puree

This helps to add that wow factor and gives the pumpkin flavor more potential. Buy plain pumpkin puree and not pumpkin pie mix or pumpkin pie filling. There is a big difference. If you are a culinary King or Queen, you can make your own.

How To Make Pumpkin Cold Foam
You Can Make Your Own Pumpkin Puree

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How To Make Pumpkin Cold Foam

Now that your cold brew is ready or brewing away, and you have all the ingredients that you need to make your pumpkin cold foam.

Let’s get ahead and make it!

Put all your ingredients into a tall glass and mix them well. Mix with energy and vigor for a minute. Your goal is to create an even distribution of flavor throughout your mix.

Now use your handheld electric milk frother and whip it for 30 to 40 seconds until you get the consistency that you are seeking.

If you want a pumpkin cold foam that cascades into your cold brew, a consistency that is similar to melted ice cream is perfect. If it is a proper cold foam topping, whip for longer until you get stiff peaks and will sit on top of your cold coffee drink.

Putting it All Together

Now the fun part! Putting it all together. Pour your cold brew coffee, iced coffee or whatever cold coffee drink that you want.

Pour your pumpkin cold foam into your drink and watch it cascade into your drinks.

If you are looking for more of a traditional two tiered drink with a proper cold foam topping. Whisk for longer and ensure that it is thicker. Diffuse your pour over the back of a spoon to ensure that it sits on top of your drink.

If you are a latte lover like me, you can even use this to make an iced pumpkin spice latte.

Dairy-Free Pumpkin Cold Foam – Pumpkin Cold Foam Recipe Oat Milk

If you want to make an oat milk pumpkin cold foam or a dairy free cold foam, use oat milk or rice milk as they are lighter in flavor.

Froth well to get a stiff foam if that is the consistency that you need. Using cold equipment will help to create a better quality of foam. Gellan gum will help too.

Follow the rest of the recipe instructions as above.

Is Starbucks Pumpkin Cold Foam Seasonal?

Yes, Starbucks pumpkin cold foam is a seasonal and sold in the fall, also known as pumpkin spice latte season! Expect to see it from mid-September onwards.

The recipe means that you can make it at home all year round!

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make Pumpkin Cold Foam

What Is Starbucks Pumpkin Cold Foam Made Of?

This one is easy! Starbucks pumpkin cream cold foam is made with 2% milk, heavy cream and pumpkin spice sauce. It is then mixed in a blender. The pumpkin spice cold foam is then placed on top of cold brew coffee as a tasty topping.

Is Pumpkin Cold Foam Only For Cold Drinks?

Yes, the pumpkin cold foam is only used on iced coffee and cold brew coffee. It is not added to their hot drinks, but you can request it to be if you so want.

How Much Is It To Add Pumpkin Cold Foam At Starbucks?

The Pumpkin cream cold foam topping currently costs US$1.35. The pumpkin spice topping costs only 60 cents.

Does Starbucks Have Pumpkin Cold Foam?

Yes, it is a special customization for their cold brew coffee. Pumpkin cream cold foam with a sprinkling of pumpkin spice topping is a great cold brew to try.

Does Starbucks Pumpkin Cold Foam Have Sugar?

Yes, the pumpkin cold foam has 14 grams of sugar and a total of 70 calories.

Does Pumpkin Cold Foam Have Coffee?

The pumpkin cold foam itself does not have coffee nor is it made with coffee as an ingredient. It is a topping for coffee, specifically iced coffee drinks and cold brew coffee.

Final Thoughts – How To Make Pumpkin Cold Foam

When you learn how to make pumpkin cold foam at home with the recipe above, you can delight your friends and bring that tasty coffee to them when it is out of season.

Experiment a little with this recipe and get it exactly as you love it.

Join our cool coffee community and let us know what your secret ingredient is! Find us on Facebook/Meta

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