Can Keurig Make Iced Coffee Yes, And Here's How!

How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig Without Ice Melting

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Learning how to make iced coffee with Keurig without ice melting will result in you making great coffee that you slowly sip and enjoy without worrying about the taste spoiling.

Keep reading for an easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig Without Ice Melting

It’s a hot summer day, and you just need a cold cup of coffee, but you are having difficulties in making a great iced coffee with your Keurig with the melting ice spoiling your coffee.

Let’s get to the details and get this issue fixed and make iced coffee with Keurig without ice melting.

How To Make An Iced Coffee With Your Keurig Without Ice Melting
An Iced Coffee

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Equipment And Ingredients Needed For Making Iced Coffee With Keurig

Before you get started making your iced coffee, you need to have the right equipment ingredients, which are:

  • A Keurig coffee machine.
  • Ice.
  • A cocktail shaker.
  • A Keurig Coffee Pod.
  • Milk Or Creamer As Desired.
  • Sugar as desired.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig Without Ice Melting Instructions

Here are the instructions for how to make iced coffee without the ice melting.

Step 1: Select A Keurig K Cup Coffee Pod Of Your Choice

There are special Keurig coffee pods for making iced coffee. These are ideal and perfect for the purpose of making this type of brew. It is not necessary for you to use these as you can use any coffee pod that you want as long as it is a dark roast as they produce a stronger coffee that is full of flavor.

Step 2: Brew A Strong Pot Of Coffee With Your Keurig

Brew a strong cup of coffee using your Keurig brewer. Select the Iced button and then press brew if your machine has an iced button.

If your coffee machine does not have an iced button, select the strong option and press brew. If your Keurig coffee maker does not have a strong or iced option, select the smallest cup size which will be either 4 ounces or 6 ounces depending on which machine you have.

Step 4: Add Ice To Your Cocktail Shaker

Add two or three ice cubes to your cocktail shaker. Slowly pour your hot coffee into your cocktail shaker with ice. Shake for a minute or two.

The shaking instantly chills your hot coffee, making it nice and cold without the ice in the cocktail shaker melting and diluting the brew.

Step 5: Pour Into A Tall Glass With Ice.

Pour your brew into a tall glass with fresh ice. Add milk and sugar as desired.

Due to your coffee being cold and the fact that you brewed a strong coffee means the ice melting will not be a problem as it will melt slower due to the coffee being cold.

Iced Coffee With Milk Being Poured
Iced Coffee With Milk Being Poured

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Bonus Step: Make Coffee Ice Cubes!

When you make coffee cubes you have the advantage of your ice melting and it having no effect on the strength of your coffee. It will not make your coffee watery.

Simply brew a large cup of coffee with the same brand flavor and roast of the K-cup coffee pod and pour the contents into your ice tray. For the best results, put your ice tray in a ziplock bag and let your coffee freeze.

The ziplock bag helps to prevent your coffee from taking on any scents or flavors from any food items in your freezer. This little extra effort is worth it.

What Keurig Coffee Maker Is Best For Iced Coffee?

Unless you live in a tropical location, I wouldn’t buy a Keurig coffee maker with the purpose of only making iced coffee.

If you have a good long summer and envision that you will be making a lot of this type of beverage, then it is worth looking at a machine that has the particular feature for making iced coffee.

The “iced” button and setting is purposely designed to make iced coffee as good as the machine can when you press the button followed by the brew button. It makes your coffee stronger and compensates for melting ice.

It is worth it to seek out a Keurig brewer that has an iced feature.

The following single serve brewers are great choices:

  • Keurig K-Elite.
  • Keurig K-Supreme.
  • Keurig K-Slim +Iced.
  • Keurig Supreme Plus smart.

The Keurig Supreme Plus Smart single serve brewer has an over ice feature for making iced coffee. It is the best option for making gourmet style coffee like a caramel macchiato, latte, cappuccino, flat white and many more of these Starbucks style beverages both with and without ice due to the hot and cold milk frothing options.

What Keurig Coffee Maker Is Best For Iced Coffee?
Keurig Supreme Plus Smart

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How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart

Making an iced coffee with a Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart is not so different as the process set out above.

Select a strong coffee pod with a full-bodied flavor and dark roast. Insert it into your machine. Have your cup with ice ready and select the over ice feature and press brew. This will brew your coffee over ice.

Add milk and sugar as desired.

Why Is My Iced Coffee So Watery?

When you forget to make your coffee stronger and press the iced button or the strong button your pod coffee machine will brew a regular coffee. As a result your ice cubes melt and dilute your coffee with water.

If you have used the iced, over ice or strong feature, you probably need to unclog the needles and descale your machine as there may be some blockages that are preventing your machine from brewing your coffee properly.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig Without Ice Melting

How Do You Make Iced Coffee Without The Ice Melting?

A great way of making iced coffee without the problem of your ice melting is to make your iced coffee then pour it in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake with vigor and energy to instantly chill the coffee then pour it over freshly made ice coffee cubes, ice cubes made with frozen coffee!

Your drink will be cold and your coffee ice cubes melting will not result in watery coffee. Using a cocktail shaker is much better than just letting your coffee cool by itself.

Yes! There are many specialist coffee pods that you can use that are purposely for making iced coffee. You can use any coffee pod that you want, but the best ones to use are dark roast as they have a stronger and more dominant taste.

Start by brewing a concentrated coffee using a dark roast. French and Italian roasts work very well for a strong bold cup of coffee. Then fill an ice cube tray with this coffee.

Do this, and you will have the perfect and tasty coffee ice cube that you can use instead of regular ice. Brew a cup of coffee using the iced button, strong button or the smallest brew size available on your Keurig coffee machine.

Then pour this freshly brewed hot coffee and put it in a glass with your coffee ice cubes.

Yes, it is very normal to fill a Keurig with cold water. It is best to use filtered cold water even though your coffee maker has a built-in filter. It helps to ensure that you don’t get problems with mineral deposits building up.

Yes, the Keurig K-Elite is a coffee maker where you can adjust the temperature a little. The temperature control feature allows you to select between 187F to 192F.

Yes, the strong button brews a stronger cup of coffee that is bolder tasting. It does this by using a more focused coffee to water ratio.

Final Thoughts – How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig Without Ice Melting

Learning how to make iced coffee with Keurig without ice melting has its obvious advantage – a great coffee that you can sip and enjoy without it getting weak, watery and flavorless!

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