How To Make Coffee With Nespresso Machine - Amazing Nespresso Recipes

How To Make Coffee With Nespresso Machine – Amazing Nespresso Recipes

Last updated on October 27th, 2023 at 17:43

So, you have got your hands on a Nespresso Machine and want to learn how to make coffee with Nespresso Machine, right here in this article I will show you and give you some awesome and amazing Nespresso recipes for you to try out with your coffee machine.

Keep reading for excellent and delicious Cappuccino, Latte, Ice Latte and a Vanilla Latte recipes to die for!

How To Make Coffee With Nespresso Machine — Nespresso Recipes.

Your Nespresso machine is every bit as good as a regular coffee machine when it comes to making a good coffee shop quality cup of coffee at home. By far, coffee pod machines will get you a much better and more tasty end result than drip coffee machines at the touch of a button.

Fantastic, convenient and brilliant.

Let’s get you making Amazing coffee with some great Nespresso recipes, but first let’s not get ahead of ourselves and first talk about how to use a Nespresso machine with milk frother.

How To Make Coffee With Nespresso Machine
Making Coffee With A Nespresso Machine

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How To Use Nespresso Machine With Milk Frother – How To Use The Aeroccino Milk Frother

Not all Nespresso machines come with a milk frother, and being smart and invested in one that does come with a milk frother, or some ability to make steamed milk.

The price difference is definitely worth it to get a full range of coffee drinks made and all with the gorgeous looking milk layers like you see in a certain well-known coffee outlet that begins with the letter S.

The Aeroccino milk foamer is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is add your milk and press the button, paying attention to the fill level of cold and heated milk.

Watch the video for full instructions.

 How To Make Cappuccino With Nespresso Vertuo

So, as a coffee snob, coffee lover, aficionado and extraordinaire you want to wake up and bless your pretty little taste buds with a delightful morning cappuccino all the while not quite willing to put in the full effort in doing so due to a lack of time in the morning.

To make a cappuccino with your Nespresso vertuo, I suggest looking out your favorite espresso blend. The Double Espresso blend Bianco Leggero is an excellent choice due to having a hint of caramel and goes well with milk, and packs a punch to get you going.

Of course, you can make your espresso with a single or double espresso coffee pod. The suggestion I have given you will enlighten your senses early in the morning.

You Can Make A Great Cappuccino

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Ingredients What Nespresso Pod To Use

I suggest you use the Double Espresso Bianco Leggero or Double Espresso Chiaro.

Whole fat milk. Low fat milk doesn’t froth so well.

Chocolate powder.

Instructions – Making Your Cappuccino

Step 1: Using the Aeroccino milk foamer fill to the lowest of the fill level lines and prepare your hot frothy milk.

Step 2: Look out your Espresso Coffee pod capsule. Double Espresso Chiaro or Double Espresso Bianco Leggero are my suggestions. Any one of your choice will do just fine.

Step 3: Press the button and start your machine. When your Pod style coffee is ready, top up the espresso drink, single or double, with an equal part of your premade hot milk and milk foam.

Step 4: Optional. Dust up the top with a sprinkle of chocolate powder.

Best Nespresso Vertuo Capsule For Cappuccino

Because of the ratio of coffee in the elaboration of a cappuccino it has to have more of a coffee taste due 1/3 of it being coffee, an espresso shot to be precise. The Cappuccino ratio is 1/3rd Coffee, 1/3rd milk and 1/3 frothy milk.

Due to this ratio, you can play around with milder tasting capsules.

Here are some of the best Nespresso Capsules For Cappuccino:

  • Livanto.
  • Double Espresso Chiaro.
  • Ethiopia.
  • Double Espresso Bianco Leggero.
  • Nordic Black.
  • Barista Chiaro.
  • Dharkan.
  • Barista Corto.
  • Kazaar Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar.
  • Cocoa Truffle Ciocattino.
  • Inspirazione Firenze Arpeggio.
  • Inspirazione Napoli.
  • Ristretto.
  • India.
Amazing Nespresso Recipes
Nespresso Capsules

How To Make A Latte With Nespresso Lattissima Pro

Naturally at Latte Love Brew we love a good latte! And let’s get down to making a coffee bar quality latte with your Nespresso!

Making Your Latte Coffee: The Ingredients

220 ml of milk.

Vivalto Lungo Capsule

Let’s get making your Latte Step by Step

Step 1: Prepare and get your Fortissio Lungo Gran Cru In Lungo or Vivalto Lungo capsule ready.

Step 2: Froth up your milk, 110ml, using your Aeroccino or the milk steamer / milk frother extension of your Nespresso machine.

Step 3: Pour your steamed milk on top of your coffee, taking care to produce the distinctive beautiful milk layers by topping it off with your milk froth.

If your Nespresso has an automatic built-in milk frother get used to it and making excellent first class froth, and you will serve beautiful looking and awesome tasting Starbucks quality lattes.

What Nespresso Capsule Is Best For Latte?

It has to be said that some of the lattes that you can make with a Nespresso machine is to die for! Literally!

A latte is made mostly with milk and is very milky and smooth in taste. The coffee shot in it is a single or double shot of espresso and topped off with some foam. A smooth foam, not a firm foam. The ratio of coffee to milk will vary slightly depending on whether you are making a regular American latte or a European latte which are based around the Spanish café con leche or French Café au lait.

What you consider to be the best will vary depending on your own coffee character. Do you prefer a more milky latte or one with stronger hints of a coffee taste?

The following Nespresso capsules are what I consider to work incredibly well when used to make a latte.

  • Vivalto Lungo Capsule.
  • Cosi.
  • Barista Chiaro.
  • Fortissio Lungo Gran Cru In Lungo.
  • Nordic Almond Cake.
  • Italia Amaretti.
  • Vanillio / Vanilla Eclair.
  • Coconut Flavor Over Ice.
  • Barista Corto.
  • Barista Sucro.
  • Cafezinho Do Brazil.
  • Ristretto.
How To Make An Iced Latte With Nespresso
A Selection Of Nespresso Capsules

How To Make An Iced Latte With Nespresso

Making this classic and excellent summer time coffee classic is just as easy as the previous coffee recipes.

Let’s rock on with the simple ingredient list!


For an outstanding exotic taste go for the Master Origin India; for a full-bodied espresso taste select the Ristretto capsule.

Milk, amount required varies by taste and preference.

Crushed ice or ice cubes.

How to make your Iced latte. 

Step 1: Select and prepare 2 capsules of Master Origin India Espresso or Ristretto.

Step 2: Slowly pour your cold milk into your drinking glass.

Step 3: Pour your coffee over the milk.

Step 4: Add your ice.

Nespresso Vanilla Latte Recipe

This, I have to admit, I am a sucker for! Make it well, and you are in for a proper treat! Let’s crack on with the ingredients and step-by-step instructions and get making this classic

Ingredients: Which Capsule?

You can make a great Vanilla Latte with a Espresso or Inspirazione Italia Capsule.

You also need Vanilla syrup 1 ounce, 30ml.

And 6 ounces / 180ml of milk.

Whipped cream, optional.

Easy Step By Step Instructions

Step One: First to get the lovely Vanilla taste, pour the Vanilla Syrup into a glass.

Step Two: Prep your milk by using your Aeroccino, milk steamer or the milk frother extension of your Nespresso machine.

Step Three: Pour your milk into a glass.

Step Four: Brew your Nespresso capsules directly into the glass that you are going to use.

Step Five: Optional, top up with whipped cream for amazing-looking coffee.

Does Nespresso Make Coffee Or Only Espresso?

Nespresso predominantly makes espresso beverages but now have adapted to make Americano coffee. All of Nespresso machines can brew:

  • 1.35 Oz (40 ml) Espresso shot.
  • 2.7 Oz (80 ml) Double Espresso.
  • 5 Oz (150 ml) Gran Lungo.
  • 7.7 (230 ml) Oz Coffee.
  • 14 Oz (420 ml) Alto.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Coffee With Nespresso?

A Nespresso can brew a coffee in 90 seconds to 105 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make Coffee With Nespresso Machine

How Do You Make A Full Cup Of Coffee With A Nespresso?

Put a mug under the spout and press and hold the cup button that you would like to program. Water will start to flow. Release the cup button when you are happy with the amount of liquid in your cup.

You have now programmed your machine to fill that exact same amount every single time you press that button.

Does A Nespresso Machine Make Coffee Or Espresso?

A Nespresso machine makes coffee. They have espresso pods available but strictly speaking they are espresso shots. They are espresso-like but are certainly not legitimate shots of espresso. 

Any person that regularly drinks espresso will notice the difference. 

Is Nespresso Coffee Stronger Than Regular Coffee?

Nespresso’s coffee has a rich flavor, medium body, reasonable aromas and low acidity. Compared to a legitimate espresso shot, it lacks the intensity, body and aroma and is not as potent in terms of flavor.

It is not stronger in terms of flavor or caffeine content.

Why Does My Nespresso Not Make A Full Cup Of Coffee?

There are few reasons why you might not be getting a full cup of coffee from your Nespresso.

  • You may have, by accident, reprogrammed the pour volume.
  • The tubes are blocked by a buildup of mineral deposits.
  • The needles are blocked.

The first step is to give your machine a real good clean with distilled white vinegar and water solution (50% vinegar and 50% water mix).

If you are still getting a lack of coffee in your cup, clean your needles and run another cleaning cycle with distilled white vinegar.

Finally, check that you have not accidentally reprogrammed the pour volume.

Is Nespresso Real Coffee Or Instant?

Nespresso is real coffee and not instant coffee. The coffee pods contain finely ground coffee beans that brew coffee very quickly due to the process in which the machine uses, which is high pressure jets of water.

They produce reasonably good quality cups of coffee.

Are Nespresso Worth It?

If you are a regular coffee connoisseur or coffee lover then you will debate the use of a Nespresso or a Keurig coffee machine

Particularly if finance is tight, you may debate in your mind if a Nespresso is worth it or saving up and getting a good quality home espresso machine. 

I have one. The quality of coffee is worth it. I love the fact that I can have a cup of coffee in my hand in 60 seconds or less, which is great for the mornings when I am usually rushing around. 

Does Nespresso Make Coffee Or Only Espresso?

Nespresso predominantly makes espresso beverages but now have adapted to make Americano coffee. All Nespresso machines can brew:

  • 1.35 Oz (40 ml) Espresso shot.
  • 2.7 Oz (80 ml) Double Espresso.
  • 5 Oz (150 ml) Gran Lungo.
  • 7.7 (230 ml) Oz Coffee.
  • 14 Oz (420 ml) Alto.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Coffee With Nespresso?

A Nespresso can brew coffee in 90 seconds to 105 seconds.

Frappé-Ing It All Up! – How To Make Coffee With Nespresso Machine

You have above a few Nespresso recipes to die for and get cracking ahead and get the best out of your machine and no longer need to ask or search for “how to make coffee with Nespresso machine!”.

What recipe was your favorite?  Which did you love making? Tell us on our Facebook page – we will happily add more Nespresso recipes by request.

You now know how to make coffee with Nespresso machine that tastes amazing!

If you have your recipes, tips, share them with our online coffee community.

Join us on Facebook/Meta and share your delicious Nespresso recipes!

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