How To Make Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

How To Make Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

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Learning how to make chocolate covered espresso beans gives you full control over this tasty treat and can make it even healthier and tastier than ones that you find at regular shops and Starbucks.

You can go full gourmet mode and use premium quality beans and organic chocolate!

The important part is to learn the process before you get creative.

Keep reading for a very easy recipe for making chocolate covered espresso beans.

How To Make Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Making chocolate covered espresso beans at home is easy and requires only two ingredients, which are obviously espresso beans and chocolate. A perfect snack or treat for chocolate lovers and coffee lovers and a delight for those that enjoy a mocha.

The skill level for making this is easy, very easy, a child with minimal supervision will be able to make them.

How To Make Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans At Home
To Brew Or To Bake, That Is The Question

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Why You Will Love This Recipe

You will love this recipe because it is so easy to make chocolate coffee beans of different types. as long as they are at least a medium dark roast.

The lighter the roast, the crunchier they are and any lighter than a medium-dark is just too crunchy – you want to enjoy your beans not break your teeth!

Another plus point is you can use any chocolate, regular chocolate, mint chocolate and instead of the chocolate chips that I recommend you can easily progress to making your own chocolate and put your culinary creative skills to use.

And you can even make these as low calorie, sugar-free, and caffeine-free health treat.

Storage is easy. Store them in an airtight container in your fridge, and they will keep for a week. You can also keep your airtight container with your chocolate covered espresso beans in your freezer where they stay fresh for about a month.

Ingredients You Will Need

The most obvious ingredient that you will need is espresso beans. The first time you make this tasty treat, use beans that you are familiar with and know the taste of rather than getting all experimental and trying out single origin premium espresso quality beans.

Dark roast coffee beans work better due to the bold intense flavor and due to having been roasted for a longer period of time they are softer and less crunchy.

While this recipe uses semi-sweet chocolate chips, which I advise you use for your first batch. You can progress to milk chocolate, dark chocolate chips, white chocolate, and all types of flavored chocolate chips including chili, mint, orange and more.

You can even use raw organic cacao.

My own ethos is to start with ingredients that you are familiar with.

Ingredients List

  • 1 cup of semisweet chocolate chips; alternatively, use a milk chocolate bar.
  • 1 cup of espresso beans.
Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans How To Eat
Start With Espresso Beans That You Are Familiar With

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Equipment You Will Need

There is no special equipment that you will need that you don’t already have.

  • Parchment paper.
  • Baking sheet.
  • Microwave safe bowl.
  • Microwave.


Put your chocolate chips in to a microwave-safe bowl. If you are using a milk chocolate bar, break it into small pieces.

Microwave your chocolate in short bursts of 10 seconds each. Stir between each burst until your chocolate has fully melted.

Pay attention and don’t burn your chocolate.

Take your bowl out of your microwave and add your espresso beans and stir well until they are combined perfectly.

Here comes the slightly messy part!

Use a fork to remove every single individual espresso bean and place them on a baking sheet that is lined with parchment paper. Space your chocolate covered espresso beans apart and make sure that none are touching each other.

Let your espresso beans cool at room temperature. If you so wish, you can put them in your fridge to chill.

Are Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans Healthy
Are Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans Healthy

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Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans How To Eat

There are many ways to enjoy your chocolate covered espresso beans. The most popular and common way is to eat them as a sweet like M&M’s.

You can add them to a snack mix cocktail and add a nice chocolate and caffeinated boost.

I love grinding them and adding them to my morning smoothies for a nice, neat healthy boost in place of a morning coffee.

You can use your chocolate covered espresso beans as a neat and tasty dessert topping.

Decorate your ice cream with them either whole or ground.

Are Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans Healthy?

Yes, both espresso beans and chocolate contain potent antioxidants, flavonoids and have a good nutritional profile of vitamins and minerals. Coffee also contains phenolic compounds, oxazoles and a potent antioxidant that is only found in coffee, Chlorogenic acid.

Due to the sugar and fat content, it is best to enjoy them in moderation. Now that you know how to make them on your own, you can make yours healthy by using sugar-free organic cacao as your chocolate coating.

 Do Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans Give You Energy?

Yes, chocolate covered espresso beans will give you an energy boost that is similar to drinking a cup of coffee.

Be careful of how many you consume in a single day or a single sitting. One bean has approximately 12 mg of caffeine, meaning 6 beans will give you the same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans?

Are Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans Just Coffee Beans?

Chocolate covered espresso beans and chocolate covered coffee beans are regular coffee beans taken to an espresso roast or a dark roast and then coated in dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate.

Can You Brew Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans?

Yes, you can brew with your chocolate covered espresso beans, but it is not recommended at all as the chocolate would melt and make a horrible mess. You would also need to grind your beans which, due to being coated in chocolate, would make a mess of your grinder.

Finally, you’ll get a slimy chocolate mess in your coffee filter.

What Are Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Made Of?

Chocolate covered coffee beans are made of espresso beans or coffee beans that have been roasted to a dark roast profile and then covered in melted chocolate.

It is more common to see the coffee bean covered in dark chocolate than milk chocolate or white chocolate.

Is It Bad To Eat A Lot Of Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans?

Yes, other than the excess calories, fat and cholesterol, the excessive caffeine content will make you restless, sleepless, anxious, stressed and with stomach pains.

Enjoy in moderation and keep in mind that your caffeine intake per day should not exceed 400 mg for healthy men and women and half that amount for pregnant ladies.

What Chocolate Is Best For Chocolate Espresso?

Espresso beans are dark roasted to what is known as a French roast and in certain cases an Italian roast to produce a rich, smoky strong flavor. For most people, dark chocolate matches the flavor better than white chocolate.

Are Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans Good For You?

Yes, as long as they are consumed in moderation due to the high caffeine content and the calories and cholesterol too. They are a source of flavonoids which, among other health benefits, is good for managing your blood pressure. They are a source of potent antioxidants that are only found in coffee, which are great for cellular health.

Coffee beans also have a good nutritional profile of vitamins and minerals.

How Long Do Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Last?

If you keep your chocolate covered espresso beans in an airtight container, they will keep well for about one week in your fridge. Store them in your freezer, and they will stay well for up to a month.

Is Eating Espresso Beans The Same As Drinking Coffee?

Espresso beans are consumed as whole beans, all the caffeine, nutrients, flavor and healthy compounds like flavonoids and antioxidants are consumed. This means that the caffeine that is not extracted during the brewing process is consumed when eating them whole.

Final Thoughts – How To Make Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Now that you have seen and know how to make chocolate covered espresso beans, you go right ahead and make them at home. Start by making the basic recipe before you start to get creative and flavor the chocolate coating and using single origin premium quality beans and going full gourmet.

And when you go full gourmet – post your fantastic recipe on our cool coffee community for all fellow members and coffee lovers to see and make. Find us on Facebook/Meta.

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