How Much Vinegar To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker The Correct Amount Is.....

How Much Vinegar To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker? The Correct Amount Is…..?

Learn how much vinegar to clean Ninja coffee maker to get it clean, properly and fully descaled!

When it comes to cleaning your coffee maker and removing limescale, calcium and mineral build up. The amount used is not measured by liquid volume or weight.

Keep reading to find out how much to use!

How Much Vinegar To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker?

Many coffee lovers and enthusiasts ask how much vinegar to clean Ninja coffee maker and here is the most accurate and factual answer.

There is no set volume to measure when measuring by ounces or milliliters. The amount to use is instead set by a ratio.

There are two main ratios of vinegar to water which depends on how dirty your Ninja coffee maker is and when you last gave it a good and proper deep clean.

Use a vinegar to water ratio of 1:3; one part vinegar and 3 parts water if your coffee machine is only lightly dirty and was last cleaned a month to 45 days ago.

Use a vinegar to water ratio of 1:1, one part vinegar and one part water if your Ninja coffee bar is very dirty, has not been cleaned in more than 45 days or is your first time running a cleaning cycle.

How Much Vinegar To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker?
Use The Correct amount Of Cleaning Vinegar

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Ninja Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions – Descale Ninja Coffee Maker

Drip coffee maker cleaning is easy, very easy. Another word for this process is descaling or running a deep clean. It’s something that you should do periodically with a quality light descale with a 25% distilled white vinegar solution and 75% clean water.

Let’s get to cleaning your Ninja coffee maker, be it a Ninja coffee bar, or another model or brand, the process is the same.

Step 1: Clean The Exterior Of Your Ninja Coffee Bar

Cleaning the exterior of your Ninja coffee maker is easy. Simply soak a sponge or cloth in warm water with dish soap, wring it dry and wipe your damp cloth or damp sponge and clean the exterior of your coffee maker.

IA little extra step I like to take is to sanitize the exterior of my coffee maker by soaking a damp cloth or damp sponge in distilled white vinegar and wiping the exterior surfaces.

Step Two: Clean All Removable Parts

Remove all the removable parts, including your coffee pot, coffee brew basket, water filter (if your machine has one) and water reservoir and remove all traces of coffee grounds, coffee residue and coffee particles from your coffee maker.

Give your brew basket a good shake to remove all coffee grounds and granules and give it a good rinse under warm water.

Give your water filter a real good shake and rinse it well under hot water. If it is particularly dirty, replace it.

You can clean all removable parts of your coffee maker in your dishwasher, which is the most convenient way of cleaning it.

If your gear is particularly dirty, handwashing is perhaps a better option.

Step 3: Clean Your Brew Basket

Cleaning your brew basket by hand is easy. Start by letting it soak overnight in hot water, hot soapy water. I prefer to use boiling water, because it kills all bacteria and soaking overnight helps to loosen and remove the hardened coffee stains and coffee oil as well as loosen them.

When ready, give your brew basket a scrub with a soft bristled cleaning brush.

You might still see some coffee fines stuck between the holes of your brew basket. Poke these with a pin or a very fine needle.

Ninja Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions
Clean Your Brew Basket Well

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Step 4: Clean Your Coffee Pot

The best way to clean your coffee pot, also known as your coffee carafe, is to first focus on the bottom exterior part as it often has a baked in coffee stain or two.

Cleaning your carafe is best done in two stages and using two different cleaning solutions.

Fill your coffee carafe with 2 cm or 3 cm deep of bicarbonate of soda. Add a tiny amount of water to make a paste. Scrub the interior and exterior of your coffee pot with the paste, scrub well and let it set.

When it sets, leave it overnight or for 24 hours to help remove all the stains and discoloration.

Remove the paste by soaking it in hot water.

To get your coffee carafe shining clean with undiluted vinegar. First by using a sponge soaked in the cleaning solution and wiping the exterior and then the exterior.

If it is not shining clean, you may need to fill it with vinegar and leave it overnight while frequently cleaning the exterior every few hours by wiping it with vinegar. I leave a wet cloth soaked in white vinegar wrapped around it and keep it wet.

After 24 hours your carafe should sparkle like new.

Rinse your carafe with an abundance of fresh water and let it air dry.

Step 5: Run A Deep Clean Of Your Coffee Maker

This is easy as your machine does the bulk of the work for you. Fill your water reservoir to the halfway mark with distilled white vinegar and fill to max fill line with fresh water.

Run a full brew cycle and repeat the process a second time and third time if your machine is very dirty.

Once you have finished, fill your water tank with clean water. Run a brew cycle with water only. Repeat this step as many times as is necessary. It may take as many as 8 to 10 cycles.

This is to clear and flush your machine of the scent, taste and all traces of vinegar.

Descale Ninja Coffee Maker
Descale Your Ninja Coffee Maker

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How To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker Water Reservoir

Cleaning your water reservoir is easy. You can clean it by hand with warm soapy water or use your dishwasher.

How To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker Without Vinegar

It is not absolutely necessary that you clean your Ninja coffee maker with vinegar. You can use baking soda, lemon juice, citric acid, or hydrogen peroxide.

The most common and popular other cleaning solution is baking soda. Use a 25% baking soda and 75% water solution. Mix it well beforehand and then fill your water tank with it and use in the same manner as you would vinegar and run a full brewing cycle.

Then rinse your machine by flushing the system with clean water. You will need fewer cycles 3 to 5 typically as baking soda is not harmful when consumed and does not negatively impact the flavor of your coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Vinegar To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker

What Is The Ratio Of Vinegar To Water To Clean A Coffee Maker?

The best ratio of vinegar to water to clean a dirty coffee maker or all types, including a coffee percolator, a Keurig single serve coffee machine, a Ninja coffee maker, a home espresso machine and many others is a 1:1 ratio.

This ratio of using a 50% vinegar and 50% water will give your coffee maker a high-quality deep clean and descaling.

For general maintenance cleaning, a ratio of 1:3 will give your coffee machine a good internal clean. This ratio is good when you don’t need to fully descale your machine.

How Many Times Should I Run Vinegar Through My Coffee Maker?

You should give your coffee maker a good quality clean to maintain your coffee maker producing great coffee for you every two weeks with a 1:3 vinegar to water ratio.

A good deep clean should be performed every month with a 1:1 vinegar to water ratio.

You must keep your machine clean, clear and free from the build up of calcium and minerals. Even if you live in an area that has hard water, this schedule should keep your coffee maker in optimal condition for brewing perfect coffee.

How Do You Get Mold Out Of A Ninja Coffee Maker?

The best and most effective way of removing mold from your coffee maker is to run a full descaling cycle with distilled white vinegar using a vinegar to water ratio of 1:1.

Fill your water reservoir to half full mark with white vinegar and fill to the max fill line with clean water.

Run a brew cycle until the reservoir is empty. Repeat this cycle with clean water and run 8 to 10 brew cycles until the scent and all traces of vinegar have been flushed from the entire system.

Do You Use Straight Vinegar To Clean Coffee Maker?

No, never use straight vinegar of any type in your coffee machine. Vinegar is flammable and with the addition of heat from the heating element it will become a fire hazard.

Does Vinegar Damage Coffee Maker?

Yes, it is true that using vinegar to clean your coffee maker may cause some damage to it.

However, the damage is minimal and is mostly to the gasket and seals which can be easily and cheaply replaced.

How Do I Clean My Ninja Coffee Maker Without Vinegar?

If you want to clean your coffee maker without vinegar you can use bicarbonate of soda, also known as baking soda.

Use a solution of 25% baking soda and 75% water and run a full brewing cycle with your water reservoir full with this water and baking soda solution.

When you are finished, run several rinsing cycles to remove all traces of baking soda.

Can Black Mold Grow In Coffee Maker?

Yes, coffee makers provide the perfect environment for the cultivation of bacteria and mold. This is why many coffee lovers prefer to clean their coffee brewing gear with vinegar.

What Is The White Stuff In My Ninja Coffee Maker?

The white particle that you have seen in your carafe is a sign that you need to clean your machine. It’s a limescale, magnesium and calcium mix.

Final Thoughts – How Much Vinegar To Clean Ninja Coffee Maker

If you have read this far you know exactly how much vinegar to clean Ninja coffee maker and get it clean and producing perfectly brewing coffee like it was when you first bought it.

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