How Much Is The Venti Pink Drink At Starbucks - The Pink Drink Starbucks Price

How Much Is The Venti Pink Drink At Starbucks – The Pink Drink Starbucks Price

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When you want to try a new drink, like the Venti Pink Drink from Starbucks, it is normal to wonder how much is the venti Pink Drink at Starbucks and know the price so that there are no big surprises and to ensure that you are overcharged.

In this article we talk about a lot more than the pink drink Starbucks price. We talk about the sugar content, calories and the ingredients.

Keep reading to find out about this rather delightful drink!

How Much Is The Venti Pink Drink At Starbucks? – The Pink Drink Starbucks Price

The Starbucks Venti is 20 fluid ounces in size, which is 600 ml. It is a popular drink size for many hot drinks and cold drinks at Starbucks.

A Venti Starbucks Pink Drink costs starts at US$5.25 as the basic drink. The price can rise depending on which additional ingredients that you want to add.

Popular additions that are regularly requested include extra splash or tea or coconut milk, extra freeze-dried strawberries, strawberry purée, vanilla syrup, raspberry syrup and various toppings like vanilla cold foam.

How Much Is The Venti Pink Drink At Starbucks
The Iconic Pink Drink

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Venti Pink Drink Calories

If you are on a diet and counting your calorie intake or keeping an eye on how much sugar is in the products that you consume, you should be aware that the main ingredients in this cold beverage are coconut milk and strawberry açaí which both contain sugar.

Unfortunately, both the strawberry base and the coconut milk come to Starbucks prepared and cannot be removed.

Here is how many calories are in each size of this delicious and slightly creamy beverage is as follows:

  • Starbucks Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) 110 calories.
  • Starbucks Grande 16 Oz (480 ml) 140 calories.
  • Starbucks Venti 20 Oz (600 ml) 200 calories.
  • Starbucks Trenta 30 Oz (900 ml) 270 calories.

As you can see there are 200 calories in a venti Pink Drink.

Venti Pink Drink Calories
There Are 200 Calories In A Venti Pink Drink

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Pink Drink Starbucks Sugar Content

As mentioned there is sugar in the Starbucks Pink Drink, and simply cannot be avoided. The best you can do is request (if possible) your barista to use unsweetened coconut milk. This option is not always possible and will depend on the outlet you go to.

If you can, brilliant, you have managed to make this iconic beverage a little healthier.

The amount of sugar in this drink for the various sizes is as follows:

  • Starbucks Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) 19 grams
  • Starbucks Grande 16 Oz (480 ml) 24 grams
  • Starbucks Venti 20 Oz (600 ml) 35 grams
  • Starbucks Trenta 30 Oz (900 ml) 48 grams.

This is the amount of sugar in the base drink without any special requests such as unsweetened coconut milk or the addition of other ingredients. If you are thinking about adding any syrup to flavor your drink or if you are thinking of a sweetener, consider alternative sweeteners and sugar-free syrups.

Venti Pink Drink Sugar Content
There Is Sugar In The Pink Drink

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Ingredients In The Venti Pink Drink

There are only 4 ingredients in Starbucks signature Pink Drink, which are:

  • Strawberry acai juice.
  • Freeze-dried strawberries.
  • Coconutmilk.
  • Ice.

The amount of the ingredients used in this tasty and refreshing drink is dependent on which size of drink that you order. An example of this is the number of scoops of strawberries used. All drinks get one scoop except the Trenta which gets two scoops.

The Strawberry Açaí Base

This is a base of caffeinated juice concentrate that has white grape juice concentrate, water, green coffee flavor and natural flavors.

Freeze-Dried Strawberries

These are real strawberries that have been dehydrated and freeze-dried. On the Starbucks menu these are labelled as fruit inclusions and are mixed into your drinks.


This is not a misspelling as the Starbucks brand of coconut milk is spelled as one word. The coconuts used are single origin from Sumatra.


Starbucks make their cold drink nice and refreshing by adding in their triple filtered ice cubes.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Is The Venti Pink Drink At Starbucks

Can I Order A Sugar Free Pink Drink At Starbucks?

No, well yes, sort of. Let me explain!

There is sugar in the ingredients that already come to Starbucks and simply cannot be taken out and thus their drink cannot be 100% sugar-free.

You can however enjoy a Pink Drink that does not have any added sugar. If you want it sweetened, you can have sweetened with a non-sugar based alternative. You can also request a sugar-free flavored syrup.

What Are Other Drinks Are Pink At Starbucks?

There are other pink colored drinks that are available at Starbucks, none of which, just to be clear, are the real Pink Drink.

All the following drinks are all pink and available at Starbucks:

  • Dragon Drink.
  • Mango Dragon fruit Lemonade Refresher.
  • Strawberry Acai Refresher.
  • Strawberry Lemonade Refresher.
  • Iced Passion Tango Tea.
  • Iced Passion tango Tea Lemonade.
  • Blended Strawberry Lemonade.

How Much Is The Pink Drink At Starbucks UK?

The pink drink at Starbucks in London will cost you £3.95. The price is a little cheaper in other parts of the UK and away from London. 

Is The Starbucks Pink Drink Worth It?

Yes, Starbucks Pink Drink is a truly tasty treat. If you are looking for something tasty, sweet and lower in caffeine and hits the spot taste wise and gives you that afternoon pick me up it is certainly worth trying.

Is A Venti Pink Drink Healthy?

No, I don’t consider a Venti Pink Drink to be healthy due to the sugar and fat content as well as the total calorie count. Despite having strawberries and coconut as ingredients, there is very little nutrients in the beverage.

Does The Pink Drink Taste Like Milk?

Starbucks pink drink is fruity with creamy single origin Sumatran coconut milk and very refreshing. There is a taste of milk to it but not too much.

Is There Caffeine In A Pink Drink?

Yes, the pink drink is lightly caffeinated with the caffeine content ranging from 35 mg to 90 mg depending on the size of the drink that you ordered.

Is The Pink Drink Very Sweet?

Yes, Starbucks iconic pink drink is quite sweet and is certainly something that you will notice. If you find it to be too sweet but still think that you will enjoy the taste the next time you can ask your barista to make it less sweet for you.

Final Thoughts – How Much Is The Venti Pink Drink At Starbucks?

It is not a matter or a question of how much is the Venti Pink drink at Starbucks as this price is US$5.25 at the current price and is the bare-bones price with no customization or additions to the drink.

Naturally the price will vary slightly based on location.

Did you try the Pink Drink? Did you make your own? What was the price in your local area? How did you customize your pink drink?

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