How Much Caffeine In Blonde Roast Coffee

How Much Caffeine In Blonde Roast Coffee

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Everyone loves a blonde. They are better, tasty, bright and are a great start to the day, and I just love waking up to one! Innuendos, double meanings aside, and let’s get on with this article and find out how much caffeine in blonde roast coffee.

It is absolutely true, there is more caffeine in blonde roasts, but how much are we talking about here? Keep reading to find out.

Blonde Roast Caffeine Vs Dark Roast

It is well known by those that follow the real science and data that the lighter a roast is, the greater the level of caffeine content. Unfortunately, there are some other coffee blogs that are simply creating content and missing the fact checking part.

The sites claiming the caffeine level in coffee is unrelated to the roast level are completely incorrect. It is based on the logic “well, espresso is strong and is dark roasted therefore…”

Espresso roasts have robusta beans added to boost the caffeine content due a degree of it being roasted out.

A Venti blonde roast has 475 milligrams of caffeine in their 20-ounce (600 ml) coffee. 475 mg of caffeine is a serious wake-up call. The Venti has more caffeine than a Pike Place or Dark Roast coffee from Starbucks, which contains 410 mg and 340 milligrams of caffeine.

Blonde and lighter roasts of coffee have the most caffeine. A further demonstration can be made by comparing the caffeine content in their tall blonde roast, 270 mg, almost twice the caffeine content of a double shot of their espresso, which has 150 mg.

Blonde Roast Caffeine Vs Dark Roast
Blonde Roast Has More Caffeine

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Light Roast vs Dark Roast Caffeine K-Cups

Regardless of how you are making your coffee or with which machine or method, be it a Nespresso, a Keurig or a home espresso machine, a light roast is a light roast and a blonde roast is a blonde roast and a medium roast, is well a medium roast.

The beans or roast level does not change with the machine that you are using. Light roasts still have a higher caffeine content.

How Much Caffeine In Blonde Roast
Blonde Roast Has A Little More Caffeine

Do Blonde Roasts Have More Caffeine?


and here is why!

Dark roasts, medium roasts and light roasts all have different flavor profiles and a slightly different caffeine content.

The big misconception in the coffee community is that dark roasts have more caffeine than other roasts with the caffeine content myth of “the darker the roast, the stronger the caffeine content”.

This is erroneous, but at the same time perfectly understandable. Caffeine is structurally stable throughout the roasting process.

Unfortunately, the coffee beans containing the caffeine are not structurally stable. As the beans get roasted their water content starts to dry out, which makes the coffee beans become larger in size and with a reduced density.

Because light roasts, blonde roasts are roasted for a shorter period of time and, in some instances, roasted at a slightly lower temperature. Due to having been roasted in this way, they are shorter and denser. They have more caffeine per ounce or gram than other roasts.

However, the roast level is not the only factor or driving force behind the caffeine content of your coffee. There are many more factors, including the grind size, how long your grind for, the brewing method and brew time.

Is Blonde Roast Stronger?

Blonde roast beans are stronger in both flavor and caffeine. Light roasts and blonde roasts are more full of flavor than other roasts and are better for your specialty coffee beans and single origin beans as the unique flavor profiles are not lost during the roasting process.

All the lighter floral flavors are preserved.

How Much Caffeine Is In A Blonde Espresso Shot?

Getting straight to the point, there is 85 mg of caffeine in a blonde espresso. This is 10 mg of caffeine more than a regular espresso. A blonde espresso or ristretto is a very surprising drink, very pleasant and light notes missing all the signature dark tones that you would expect.

Is Blonde Roast Less Acidic?


The acidity of a roast increases as the roast gets lighter. It is fair and accurate to state that a blonde roast is more acidic than a dark roast.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Caffeine In Blond Roast?

Does A Blonde Roast Have More Caffeine?

Yes, a blonde roast has a little more caffeine than other coffee roasts, but the difference, with all other things being equal, is minimal and will not give that extra caffeine boost that you would expect as the effect is unnoticeable. We are only talking about a 10 mg difference on average.

Is There A Lot Of Caffeine In Starbucks Blonde Roast?

Yes, the largest serving size, the venti, 20 Oz (600 ml) serving has 475 mg of caffeine per serving, which is 75 mg more than the 400 mg daily limit of caffeine as suggested by the FDA.

What Roast Is Highest In Caffeine?

 A blonde roast coffee has the highest amount of caffeine as it is the lightest of the light roast coffees. It is a common misconception that the stronger tasting dark roast coffee means they are stronger in caffeine. The opposite is true.

Is Blonde Roast The Strongest Coffee?

Yes, in terms of caffeine content, a blonde roast coffee has more caffeine but has the lightest taste. There is only one roast that is stronger but is not commonly available or easily found, which is why I omit its inclusion in my answer.

It’s the white coffee, the white roast is roasted for half as long as a blonde roast at a slightly lower temperature. White roast is popular in certain parts of China, Malaysia and Singapore, and is not to be mistaken with White coffee or a blonde roast.

I consider and comment as blonde roast being the strongest due to being the most popular and easily obtained roast of coffee.

Which Coffee Roast Has The Least Caffeine?

The roast of coffee that has the least caffeine content are dark roast coffee beans, and more specifically an Italian roast which is the darkest of the dark roasts.

dark roast coffee beans

Does Roasting Coffee Longer Reduce Caffeine?


despite this fact, the difference is very little. Caffeine is a very stable molecule, but a small amount is lost during the roasting process.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – How Much Caffeine In Blonde Roast?

The caffeine amount, in terms of how much of a difference there is between a blonde roast and other roasts such as a medium or a dark roast, is not all that big. The coffee that has the most caffeine simply cannot be measured by which roast or which beans are being used, as there are a number of variables to factor in.

A surprising drink with a nice and very different flavor is a blonde espresso, which in terms of caffeine value has only 10 mg of caffeine more than a dark roasted traditional espresso.

How much caffeine in a blond roast?

It’s more than a darker roast, but not a lot more!

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