How Many Espresso Beans In A Shot - Counting The Beans!

How Many Espresso Beans In A Shot – Counting The Beans!

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Have you ever wondered how many espresso beans in a shot of espresso? I have! When I got curious while enjoying those chocolate-covered coffee beans, I was a little hyped up on the caffeine and, well, it got me wondering how many would be equal to a single shot.


I am a very numbers guy and, yes, I am a bit of a geek and a coffee nut! A well-made, top quality shot of espresso should be made with 10 grams of very finely ground coffee beans. To get to that 10 grams of whole beans, it is 90.

So, 90 beans is how many espresso beans are in a single espresso shot and 180 espresso beans are in a double espresso shot.

That right there is the answer to what you were searching for. Keep reading for more coffee curiosity questions and answers about espresso beans and shots of espresso.

How Many Grams Of Espresso Beans In A Shot Of Espresso?

To make a top class, top quality espresso shot, there is a lot of debate in regard to what the exact weight is. Many say an 8-gram single espresso shot and a 16-gram espresso serving for a double shot. In my opinion, this will produce not a weak flavor but one without a full punch and full-bodied flavor.

With those weights and measurements, you will get a good regular espresso shot.

Here at Latte Love Brew I am all about quality and making as best a tasting Cuppa Joe as I can and helping you to achieve that too.

Others will say as much as 14 grams of espresso beans for a single shot and 28 for a double shot. This tends to be a bit too strong, taste wise and out of Ballance with what many consider a classic espresso shot.

For, me, and for many coffee lovers and enthusiasts, a shot of espresso will be made with 10 grams of coffee and a double shot of 20 grams for good balanced flavor, body, caffeine content and rich crema on top.

How Many Grams Of Espresso Beans In A Shot Of Espresso
10 Grams Of Espresso Beans Are In One Shot

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How Many Espresso Beans Are In A Shot Of Espresso?

Taking our top quality suggestion of 10 grams of espresso bean in a single shot, I ran a simple basic experiment. I weighed 10 grams of beans 10 times and counted the number of beans each time and came up with an average number.

We know that there is a 1:1 relationship between the weight of a whole coffee bean and the weight of ground coffee beans. That is to say, if you have 10 grams of whole coffee beans, you will get 10 grams of ground coffee, regardless of the grind size.

The question is, how many espresso coffee beans made up those 10 grams for an espresso shot?

90 beans is the answer and 180 espresso beans for a double shot of espresso.

How Many Espresso Beans Are In A Shot Of Espresso
There Are 90 Espresso Beans In A Single Shot

How Much Caffeine In A Shot Of Espresso?

A single shot of Starbucks espresso roast has 75 mg of caffeine; a double shot of espresso will contain 150 mg of caffeine.

A regular Cuppa Joe will have approximately 120 milligrams of caffeine in an 8 ounce (240 ml), which, by comparison, the concentration of caffeine in an espresso is much greater.

(A regular 8 ounce (240 ml) cup of coffee made with espresso shots would have 600 mg of caffeine — one serious caffeine jolt and a far greater amount of caffeine per ounce.

This is something to make super clear as an espresso does not have more caffeine than other coffee drinks, it has less, but it has a greater caffeine concentration as it has more on a per-ounce basis.

How Much Caffeine In A Shot Of Espresso
75 mg Of Caffeine Is In an Espresso Shot

How Much Caffeine Is In A Single Espresso Bean?

Using the figures we already have, we can easily calculate the content of caffeine on a per-bean basis.

90 espresso beans will make one shot of espresso. An espresso has 75 mg of caffeine.

75 mg/90 = 0.83 mg of caffeine is in a single espresso bean.

When it comes down to the edible chocolate-covered coffee beans, these are more concentrated and have on average 6 mg per bean. This means about 12 beans are equal to a shot of espresso.

How Many Shots Of Espresso Do You Get From A Pound Of Beans?

With 453 grams per pound and 10 grams is what is required to pull an espresso you should get 45 espresso shots per pound bag of espresso beans.

Can You Overdose On Espresso Beans?

Assuming the question is related to either drinking or eating the beans and the question is really more related to the caffeine content, then yes, you can overdose on caffeine.

The RDA of caffeine is 400 mg per day and with extra strong coffee this can easily be surpassed. Caffeine toxicity is not a nice experience as it can include heart palpitations, jitters and shakes, stomach cramps, upset stomach and difficulty sleeping.

How Many Coffee Beans Does It Take To Produce One Pound Of Roasted Coffee?

This is also very easy to calculate. One pound is 453 grams. One roasted espresso bean is 0.8333333 grams.

The end result is 543 coffee beans are in a one pound bag of coffee beans.

Single Shot Of Espresso Extraction Time?

The extraction time for a good quality espresso with the correct set-up, water pressure, correct water temperature and the right amount of espresso grounds should take between 25 seconds with a variance of +/- 5 seconds.

Every machine is different, no two are truly the same, almost all will produce top quality espresso in the 25 to 30 seconds range.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Many Espresso Beans In A Shot

Why Do They Put 3 Beans In Espresso Martini?

There are many variations of the classic espresso martini cocktail. The standard ay to garnish is the use of three espresso beans. The three beans represent health, wealth and happiness, according to tradition.

A double espresso is called a doppio, it’s Italian for double.

 Two shots of espresso have 150 mg of caffeine, yes, it is strong – a more than ample caffeine kick.

Is An Americano 1 Or 2 Shots Of Espresso?

A caffe Americano is made with a single shot of espresso and hot water. It is common for a drinker to request a double shot.

Are Espresso Beans Stronger Than Coffee?

No, an espresso bean can only be used once. If you are getting a second cup of coffee out of the same beans, there is something wrong with your brewing that is not getting all the flavor into the first cup of coffee.

Frappé-Ing It All Up! – How Many Espresso Beans In A Shot?

If you have read and paid attention to this article, you know exactly how many espresso beans are in a shot – 90 is the answer and 180 in a double shot.

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