How Many Calories In Sweet Cream At Starbucks Starbucks Sweet Cream Calories!

How Many Calories In Sweet Cream At Starbucks? Starbucks Sweet Cream Calories!

Last updated on November 13th, 2023 at 13:25

If you want to know how many calories in sweet cream at Starbucks for each of their drink sizes is displayed in a neat, easy-to-read table in this article.

Also, you will find the sugar, fat and caffeine content for each of the drink sizes from Tall to Trenta.

Keep reading to find out the Starbucks sweet cream nutritional details.

How Many Calories In Sweet Cream At Starbucks?

It is common to ask how many calories in sweet cream at Starbucks, but it is impossible to find out the exact amount of calories, sugar and fat that is in the sweet cream on its own.

Unfortunately Starbucks does not give us this information on their website and nor do they respond to emails with such nutritional details. What I can provide you with is the total amount of calories in a sweet cream cold brew in all the drink sizes available.

In the table below you will find the amount of calories that are in a sweet cream cold brew at Starbucks for all their drink sizes and serves as an indication for you to make an accurate judgement for which size to order to help you stick to your diet.

Drink Size Sugar Calories Fat Caffeine
Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) 12g 90 6g 140 mg
Grande 16 Oz (480 ml) 14g 110 6g 185 mg
Venti 24 Oz (720 ml) 24g 200 11g 275 mg
Trenta 31 Oz (930 ml) 26g 200 11g 320 mg

Note: You cannot order a sweet cream or vanilla sweet cream on its own at Starbucks. It has to be added to one of their drinks.

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What Is Sweet Cream From Starbucks?

Starbucks sweet cream is a lightly sweetened and smooth cream that can be added to your coffee. It is more common to see Starbucks sweet cream flavored with a shot of vanilla than any other flavored syrup and is a fantastic addition to their cold brew coffee.

The sweet cream at Starbucks is really a mix of 2% milk, heavy cream and vanilla syrup. It is very easy to make your own version of Starbucks sweet cream at home by mixing equal amounts of heavy cream and 2% milk and mixing it well.

To get the vanilla flavor, you can add vanilla syrup, which is also very easy to make. Just take two cups of water, two cups of sugar, chopping 3 fresh vanilla pods together and mixing well while the solution simmers in a saucepan.

Then filter the vanilla pods and store in a glass bottle with an airtight lid.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Many Calories In Sweet Cream At Starbucks

Sweet cream is very much the same as half-and-half cream as it is made with the same ingredients, which are heavy cream and 2% milk. Sweet cream is very different from heavy cream as heavy cream is thicker and has a richer flavor but is not sweet as there is no sugar added.

Sweet cream and half-and-half cream the difference is the added sugar in sweet cream to make it sweeter. That is the only difference – half-and-half cream does not have sugar and is not sweet.

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Is Sweet Cream The Same As Butter?

No, sweet cream and butter and two very different products. One of the stand-out differences is the fat content: butter has a notably higher fat content. Another notable difference is the taste: sweet cream, as the name should tell you, is notably sweeter and has a higher sugar content than butter.

What Flavor Is Sweet Cream?

Sweet cream has a rich, creamy and milky taste and a thinner texture and reduced density than heavy cream. It tastes like a sweet, high fat milk with heavier density and texture.

It is common for sweet cream to have a flavor added like vanilla, caramel or toffee nut when enjoyed on its own or added to desserts and coffee.

Italian sweet cream is full-bodied and dairy free, free from cholesterol and lactose. In typical Italian style, it is a very healthy version of sweet cream and is rich and tasty!

The flavor is only slightly different and has the same consistency and texture as regular sweet cream.

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What’s In Starbucks Sweet Cream?

Starbucks sweet cream cold foam is made with heavy whipping cream, 2% milk and is flavored with vanilla syrup.

Is There Sugar Free Sweet Cream At Starbucks?

Yes, there is no way of avoiding sugar completely in sweet cream due to the lactose, a natural milk sugar that is found in the heavy cream and 2% milk used to make it. The sugar content can be reduced by opting for sugar-free vanilla to be used.

How Many Carbs Are In Starbucks Sweet Cream?

The amount of carbohydrates that are in Starbucks sweet cream for all four drink sizes is as follows:

  • Tall 12 Oz (360 ml): 9 grams.
  • Grande 16 Oz (480 ml): 14 grams.
  • Venti 24 Oz (720 ml): 23 grams
  • Trenta 30 (900 ml): 28 grams.

What’s The Difference Between Cold Foam And Sweet Cream?

The difference between cold foam and sweet cream is as follows: 

  • Cold Foam: Made with nonfat milk and vanilla syrup. 
  • Sweet Cream: Made with 2% milk, heavy cream and vanilla syrup. 

Cold foam sits on top of your drink, creating a cream two-tiered experience while a sweet cream cascades brilliantly into your beverage. 

Final Thoughts – How Many Calories In Sweet Cream At Starbucks?

In my opinion, it is a very good idea to know how many calories in sweet cream at Starbucks as well as the fat, caffeine and sugar content as it helps you to say within healthy limits for all 4.

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