How Long Will Cold Brew Coffee Last - Cold Brew Coffee Storage!

How Long Will Cold Brew Coffee Last? – Cold Brew Coffee Storage!

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Not everyone loves a hot coffee, particularly on a hot day or in the tropics. Lately, I am getting asked questions about cold brew, particularly how long will cold brew coffee last?

In this article I talk about and detail cold brew coffee storage and how to best store it for freshness, and to maintain that flavor quality, and how long you should store it for and what to do when it starts to go off.

How Long Will Cold Brew Coffee Last When Properly Stored?

When you properly store and brew cold brew coffee and brew it properly, it can last up to 14 days in your refrigerator as a cold brew concentrate. As a regular cold-brewed coffee, you can store it for up to 7 days.

Personally, I keep mine for only 3 to 5 days maximum and store it in my fridge. Most coffee shops will not keep it for longer than 3 days in their fridge or one to two days if stored at room temperature.

Due to the hot temperature, or I should say more correctly, the warmer room temperature will make your fresh coffee go off quicker and lose the subtle coffee flavors sooner.

There are some things that you can do to improve the storage of your cold-brewed coffee and maintain its flavor profile. I’ll talk about those in a moment.

How Long Will Cold Brew Coffee Last
When Properly Stored Cold Brew Can Last 3-5 Days

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Cold Brew Coffee Storage

There are some techniques that you can deploy and used to maximize not only the length in which you can store your coffee but to store it and help you to maintain that mellow taste of coffee that you associate with a cold-brewed coffee. The first part is which type of container to use.

Plastic Container Vs Glass Container

If you are a coffee lover and really want to keep your brew fresh tasting, then make it and store it in a glass container. It may sound like a very trivial change, but coffee is acidic, and it WILL draw out the chemicals that are in the plastic container.

Of those chemicals drawn out, you can count on xeno estrogens, which are responsible for hormonal imbalances in both men and women.

In addition to this, plastic is porous, which will lead to oxidization of your coffee and it’s going off sooner.

This is the same reason why you should never use plastic when brewing cold-brewed coffee regardless of which technique you are using. Be it a drip cold brew, full immersion or Japanese flash cold brew.

Above all, never ever use plastic with hot coffee.

Glass is class! Always use glass, or ceramic, where possible.


How Long Will Cold Brew Coffee Last When Properly Stored
Never Use A Plastic Container For Your Coffee

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Best Container To Store Cold Brew Coffee

The best container to store your cold brew coffee in is undoubtedly a mason jar, as most good containers of this type have a quality lid that makes them an airtight container.

Better still is to use one of the pitches that allows you to suspend your grounds, fully immersed inside a filter device (preferably metal filter) in the middle of the jar by using a container that is designed for making cold brew comes with an airtight lid and a tap at the bottom for you to pour your drink from.

A proper cold brew pitcher is by far the best way to store and brew cold brew as they are convenient to use, easy to remove your grounds from, are made of glass and are an airtight container.

They fit the bill for what you are looking for perfectly, checking all the boxes.

Cold Brew Coffee Storage
A Mason Jar Is A Good Storage Option

Does Cold Brew Need To Be Airtight?

Storing your brew in an airtight container is not an absolute do or die must or an essential. It is absolutely recommended and highly advised that you use a glass container that is airtight to help you to prevent oxygen from getting in and oxidizing and degrading the quality of your beverage.

At Latte Love Brew our ethos is to help you to make the best possible coffee and to store it in the best way to keep it fresher for longer. Still, even with an airtight container I don’t suggest storing it for longer than a week. This is the maximum amount of time for maintaining the taste.

Do I Need A Cold Brew Coffee Maker?


as long as you have a good airtight glass container, you are good to go. A cold brew coffee maker is not absolutely essential to make and store a delicious beverage.

You can use your French press, an aeropress or a mason jar or any glass container that fits your needs. A specialist cold brew maker is much better as they help you to keep your coffee grounds suspended in the water. This helps you to reduce your brew time by a few hours when compared to letting them sink to the bottom.

If you decide on a specialist piece of equipment, make sure it can fit in your fridge as you are best to cold brew in your fridge.

Do I Need A Cold Brew Coffee Maker
A Specialist Brewer Is A Good Idea

Does Brewing With Iced Water Improve Shelf Life?

Assuming this is a cold water vs iced water question. I have brewed my own coffee both ways and got a better taste by using iced water. By iced I am not referring to packing the brewing water with ice cubes and leaving it to brew. I am referring to using water that is almost frozen, the coldest you can get it before it freezes over.

Using this almost frozen water during the brewing process and then brewing it in the fridge results in a great taste, a better taste in my opinion.

Does this water make it store for longer?

In my opinion, it may be the case. I have not scientifically tested for freshness and how long they last by measuring bacteria etc. I always throw out after 5 days. I never use a concentrated form or an undiluted concentrate or diluted concentrated, just a straight cold brew.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Long Will Cold Brew Coffee Last?

How Long Before Cold Brew Coffee Goes Bad?

Generally speaking, cold brew coffee that you have made at home can last for up to a fortnight if it is kept in your fridge and in an airtight container. I still advise 7 to 10 days maximum under those conditions to avoid a stale and flavorless coffee.

Does Cold Brew Coffee Go Bad In The Fridge?

Yes, anything that you keep in your fridge will eventually go bad if you leave it in there long enough. You can keep your cold brew coffee in your fridge for 2 weeks before it goes bad. The concentrated form of cold brew will maintain its flavor for longer and increases the shelf life.

Is Cold Brew Still Good After A Week?

It is obviously better if you drink and enjoy your cold brew coffee after a few days. Longer than a few days you risk your coffee oxidizing and going stale. Yes, your cold brew is still good after a week as long as it has been stored in an airtight container and in your fridge.

How Long Does Cold Brew Last Out Of The Fridge?

Because your coffee is brewed at a much lower temperature and does not use hot water the rate in which it degrades is much slower. Outside your fridge and stored at room temperature your cold brew coffee should be good for 7 to day 10.

I advise, for the matter of taste and pleasure as well as your health, that you use a 5 to 7 day maximum window, preferably 5 days.

How Do You Increase The Shelf Life Of Cold Brew Coffee?

To increase the shelf life of cold brew coffee, the best way is to store it in your fridge in an airtight container and set your fridge to the coldest possible temperature without freezing your coffee.

If you are making your own cold brew, make a concentrate as a cold brew concentrate has a longer shelf life.


brewing your cold brew coffee with the coldest possible water, ice-cold water, and storing the container in your fridge is how I recommend brewing cold brew coffee in order to extract the low temperature flavor compounds. The brewing time is longer due to the lower temperature but, in my opinion, makes a better tasting cold brew.

Does Cold Brew Coffee Go Bad?

If your cold brew coffee is kept in the most perfect of conditions and temperature it will still spoil and go bad. Better storage will help it to keep for longer.

Does Cold Brew Coffee Go Bad From Store?

Yes, cold brew coffee from the store will eventually go bad. Store it well in an airtight container and in your fridge, and you can help to maintain its flavor and extend the shelf life.

Frappé-Ing It All Up! – How Long Will Cold Brew Coffee Last?

You no longer need to ask “How long will cold brew coffee last?” as you have the answer right here. Many coffee experts and devoted coffee drinker‘s will tell you that your cold brew will last for a week or for 2 weeks as a concentrate.

When cold brew goes off, it can develop a bacteria that is a neurotoxin. This is why I advise you to store for only 3 to 5 days at most. If you need to throw it out, don’t just throw it down the sink water your plants with it and save water!

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