How Long Does Brewed Coffee Stay Fresh Find Out Here!

How Long Does Brewed Coffee Stay Fresh? Find Out Here!

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Enjoying fresh coffee is not just a matter of brewing the freshest possible coffee by using the freshest possible beans that are freshly roasted and then brewing your cup of coffee with the grounds that you have ground moments earlier. It is a matter of drinking it and enjoying it as it is still fresh, which brings us to the question, how long does brewed coffee stay fresh?

Rather than drag this out I’ll give you your answer straight away.

Your brewed coffee will stay fresh for about 20 minutes. This is the same, be it a cup of coffee or a pot of coffee. It is the same regardless of which coffee drink, be it a cup of black coffee or a coffee with milk.

Let’s crack on with this article and talk more about how long freshly brewed coffee will remain fresh. Pull up a chair and keep reading!

How Long Does Brewed Coffee Last At Room Temperature?

As I touched on in the introduction above, there are a lot of factors that go into making the freshest possible cup of coffee. It all starts with freshly roasted coffee beans and using them when they are at the peak flavor profile, which is 48 to 72 hours after roasting and for up to 7 to 10 days after.

To keep your coffee beans fresh, you must store them in an airtight container with a one-way valve that blocks strong light and store the canister in your fridge.

The next step to getting and enjoying the freshest possible cup of coffee is to then grind your coffee beans immediately before you start brewing.

Do this, and you will not get a fresher coffee.


your coffee is not going to stay fresh forever. You have a window of 20 minutes to drink it to enjoy the flavorful coffee and all the dimension of flavor that it has, and enjoy the rich aromas.

How Long Does Brewed Coffee Last At Room Temperature
Brewed Coffee Can Maintain Its Fresh Taste For 20 Minutes.

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How Long Can Brewed Coffee Last In The Fridge?

According to well-respected health sites Healthline, WebMD and others, if you keep your brewed coffee in a sealed airtight container, you will have minimal loss of flavor and will be able to consume it up to 4 days later.

I prefer to say 3 days to err on the side of safety and 2 days if your coffee has milk. It is important that you use an airtight sealed container to prevent any unwanted flavor compounds from getting into your coffee drink as coffee is a very good absorbent of odors and flavors, you don’t want fridge flavors getting into your drink.

It is advised that if your coffee has milk that you consume it within 2 days of refrigeration.

How Long Can Brewed Coffee Last In The Fridge
Brewed Coffee Can Last A Few Days In The Fridge

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How To Store Brewed Coffee

For optimum flavor preservation and minimal dilution of flavor store your brewed coffee in an airtight container. Do this as soon as possible and within a two-hour window.

Keeping your coffee cold will help to have a minimal reduction in flavor of your coffee. Simply sticking your carafe in the fridge is not good enough as your coffee carafe is not airtight and your coffee will likely pick up scents and flavors of products that are in your fridge.

Storing it properly will help to keep your coffee fresh.

Can I Leave Coffee In The Fridge Overnight?


It is totally fine if you put your leftover coffee in the fridge overnight just as long as you store it properly as I have already indicated, use an airtight container.

Then in the morning, you can enjoy your day-old coffee simply heat it slowly and at a low temperature for the best result taste wise. You can also enjoy cold coffee or an iced coffee by adding in some ice cubes to your already cold coffee.

Can I Leave Coffee In The Fridge Overnight
You Can Leave Your Coffee In The Fridge Overnight

How Do Tell If Brewed Coffee Has Gone Bad?

Coffee lovers will advise you to use a two-fold test on potentially stale coffee. Start by using the old tried and trusted sniff test. If it smells like it is off or stale, it probably is.

If it passes the sniff test, then proceed to the taste test. Take a sip and taste your coffee. If it tastes off or moldy or excessively bitter, then don’t drink it. It doesn’t smell off or taste off you are good to go to drink your coffee.

If your coffee has milk or creamer in it, you need to pay more attention to the taste and sniff tests to make sure. You don’t want to end up with an upset stomach.

Can You Get Sick From Drinking Old Coffee?

It is safe to drink old coffee as old coffee will not make you sick. That comes with a caveat that as long as it is not too old.

If you are about to drink 2-week-old brewed coffee that has been kept in the fridge, then yes it can make you sick. You can experience a little bit of a sore stomach, stomach cramps and possibly flu like symptoms. It is not likely to kill you.

It is also safe for you to brew coffee from old coffee beans as long as you have stored them properly in an airtight container with a one-way valve and kept them away from strong scents, flavors and bright lights. Ideally, store your coffee canister in the fridge.


don’t brew your coffee using beans that are too old and check them for mold before you grind them.

Can I Drink 1 Day Old Coffee?

Drinking day-old coffee is not something that I recommend that you do. This counts doubly so if it is day-old coffee that you have left out on your counter top as it will likely taste rancid and off.


if you have transferred it to a container like a mason jar and stored it in your fridge, you can enjoy your leftover coffee the following morning or afternoon, and it will still taste fine.

Does Cold Brewed Coffee Go Bad?

Leftover coffee and day old hot coffee seldom tastes as good as freshly brewed coffee even when it is stored well and in your fridge and reheated.

With cold brewed coffee this is not the case. This is especially so when it is very well brewed at a low temperature and brewed while it is in your fridge. If you have a cold brew coffee and are storing it in your fridge, there will be little difference in flavor if you drink it 2 or 3 days later or longer.

A cold brew coffee maintains its flavor better than hot coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Long Does Brewed Coffee Stay Fresh

When you brew your coffee, you should drink it straight away as the peak flavor for brewed coffee is 20 minutes after brewing. Your coffee is still drinkable outside of the 20-minute peak freshness window and can still be enjoyed the following morning.

How Do You Keep Coffee Fresh After Brewing?

The best way to keep coffee fresh after brewing is to store it in an opaque airtight container and keep it in your fridge. You fridge should keep it fresh for a day or two.

Can You Brew Coffee And Drink It The Next Day?

It is not good practice to brew coffee today and drink it tomorrow, yes you can do it. Just don’t add milk, creamer or any dairy products until you drink it. Coffee with milk added to it goes off quicker, much quicker, and thus it is better to add your milk when you drink it.

Yes, but you must store it in an opaque airtight container. Heat, oxygen, light are elements that accelerate the degradation of your coffee. An opaque airtight container stored in your fridge solves all three problems. Drink your coffee within 2 or 3 days.

 Coffee contains quinic acid, and chlorogenic acid. When you reheat your coffee, more of these compounds will be released into your brew which will result in a bitter and astringent tasting coffee.

Black coffee can sit out for approximately 4 hours at room temperature, but the flavor will change. If there is milk or creamer added to the coffee, the time it can sit out is half as long.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – How Long Does Brewed Coffee Stay Fresh?

If you have read this far you already know the answer to how long does brewed coffee stay fresh, If you skipped and scrolled, well I’ll tell you here – 20 minutes is how long your brewed coffee will stay fresh for.

You might be able to push 30 mins but, since you have gone to the effort of making and brewing a top quality coffee with the maximum freshness, then you most certainly want to enjoy the fresh flavors all cup long.

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