How Do K Cups Work - A Guide For Coffee Enthusiasts

How Do K Cups Work – A Guide For Coffee Enthusiasts

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There is hardly a person that does not know what a Keurig or Nespresso is. You may even have one in your home or office. But just how do K Cups work? How do they brew coffee?

This is not as simple as instant coffee where all that happens is hot water is added. It is more complex than that. Let’s face it there is a wide variety of coffee flavours available as K Cups but why and how do they manage to brew your coffee so quickly?

You’ll get the answer to that by reading this article.

What Is A K Cup?

K Cups are where Keurig excels. They simply leave Nespresso in their trail with an incredible variety of flavors with some 600 coffee flavors from 60 different brands from licenced vendors, including:

  • 1. Peets.
  • 2. Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • 3. Starbucks.
  • 4. Green Mountain Coffee.

Coffee is not the only drink available in K Cup, form, a range of teas and hot chocolate are too. No matter what flavor you are looking for, there is a great, convenient flavor that will suit you. All you need is hot water and a Keurig machine.

What Is A K Cup
A Keurig K Cup.

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How Do K Cups Work?

Capsule coffee makers like Keurig brewers and Nespresso have, over the past decade, become incredibly popular at the office and at home for making gourmet coffee quickly and, unfortunately, with a low level of skill.

Literally, it is as easy a push a button and wait as your Keurig brews a cup of coffee in a minute or so. However, what is inside the K cup is not instant coffee. It is a sealed capsule that has a paper filter and high quality ground coffee.

The K-Cup is brewed in a scaled down way in which a pot of coffee is. When you insert your K-Cup coffee pod and push the brew button, a hold is punched at both ends, top and bottom.

Scalding hot pressurized water is sprayed in at the top and the freshly brewed coffee comes out at the bottom through the filter and out into your awaiting cup below.

The huge plus point with this quick pressurized brewing method is you have a great, high quality, tasty cup of gourmet coffee in around a minute. You can brew just about any cup of coffee that fits your liking, espresso, vanilla latte, Ristretto, Mocha, Cappuccino, you name it Keurig K Cups have it, including pumpkin spice latte K Cups.

The amount and variety of coffee flavor are pretty awesome.

The best part is they are sealed, nitrogen sealed with all the oxygen removed to maintain maximum freshness.

How Do K- Cups Brew Coffee So Fast?

Keurig K-Cup are brewed so quickly due to the machine keeping hot water in the reservoir at all times and thus, when you press the button to start brewing, hot water is ready at all times, which saves you a whole bunch of time when you are ready to brew a cup of coffee.


you save a lot of time by not needing to weigh, measure and grind your coffee grounds.

How Do K- Cups Brew Coffee So Fast
K Cups are available in all flavors.

What Is The Difference Between K Cups And Coffee Pods?

A K-Cup is a cartridge that is exclusively for use in a Keurig machine and cannot be used in another machine.

A coffee pod, (and a tea pod too) is flat, bendable and soft with the tea leaves or coffee grounds sealed in the pod with a filter, usually a paper filter.

A generic coffee pod is typically of a lesser quality and more like an instant coffee that is ready to go.

How Are K-Cups Manufactured?

K-Cups are ready to start the manufacturing process as soon as the coffee beans are roasted and ground. Green Mountain, the brand, and Keurig are one and the same company (the same parent company).

Firstly the paper filter is added to the bottom of the K-Cup coffee pod, which is then filled with freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee. The amount of coffee grounds varies depending on the type of pod and the coffee drink that is to be made.

The amount can range from 9 grams to 18 grams. The pod is then foil sealed in a process that uses nitrogen to remove all oxygen to maintain maximum freshness and shelf life.

The manufacturing of the pods takes place in Canada, US and China with slight variations in the manufacturing process. Most manufacturers use recyclable paper filters.

The Advantages Of K Cups

There are many advantages to K Cups and coffee capsules of all kinds. Brewing K-Cup coffee pods offers sheer convenience due to the quality of the coffee and the speed at which they brew.

Which is a god send when you are in a rush or when you are too lazy or tired to put in the effort to brew a cup of coffee in any other method with your French press, home espresso machine.

You can brew you favorite gourmet coffee brand like Starbucks, for example, and favorite blend right in the comfort of your home.

The same I can say Nespresso machines – convenience is king.

You can also add that “wow” factor at your dinner parties by serving up top quality gourmet coffee.

The Advantages Of K Cups

Do K Cups Work Twice?


K-Cups and coffee capsules (regardless of brand) are designed as single use. You cannot “cheap out” and try and get a second coffee out of a single serve pod or capsule.

There is no issue with the environment either, as most producers have recycling programs and are made with recyclable materials. Also, there are reusable and refillable pods that you can buy to make your own K cups and Nespresso capsule.

Do You Need A Machine For K-Cups?


to brew your K-cups properly you will need a Keurig coffee machine or an approved compatible machine to brew them properly and as specified by the company.

There are hybrid machines that accept both K-Cups and Nespresso capsules.

I certainly would not attempt to brew a Keurig K Cup without a machine. It can be done, but it is unlikely that you will get the same quality due to not being able to produce the exact temperature and temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Do K Cups Work

Can You Use K-Cups Without A Machine?

Yes, there are many methods and techniques to brew K-Cups and Nespresso coffee pods without a machine for whatever the reason may be – power cut, broken machine, camping trip.

These are emergency back up methods and not how they should be used.

Can You Use Regular Coffee In K-Cup?

Yes, there are some great reusable K-Cups on the market. At Latte Love Brew, we recommend the use of the metal ones as they are better and last a lifetime and more! You can use any coffee grounds of your choice in them from fabulous single origin coffee to regular coffee.

Why Are K Cups So Good?

K Cups are so good because of the quality of the coffee used in the K-cups. Most of the brands that make K Cups are good quality brands that make a wide range of gourmet coffee drinks. They are perfectly dosed for making perfect coffee, using the ideal coffee to water ratio.

Which Is Better K-Cups Or Pods?

Opinions vary; the consensus in a survey of coffee lovers found that they had a preference for K-Cups. I believe this is due to a greater range of choices and variety of drinks available.

Are K-Cups Stronger Than Regular Coffee?

It depends on the type of K Cup that you have. Some K cups have as much as 150 mg of caffeine, which is compared to a regular 8 ounce (240 ml) cup of drip coffee which has 165 mg of caffeine.

 The 15 mg difference is unnoticeable by your and your body.

Is It Cheaper To Use K-Cups Or Ground Coffee?

After analyzing the costs of a wide range of K Cups of different types and brands, the average cost per pod (per cup of coffee) worked out at 55 cents (US Dollar) per cup. A 12 ounce bag of ground coffee of a similar quality worked out to be 26 cents (US Dollar) per cup of coffee.

It doesn’t need to be an either or type of choice, a binary choice. You can buy reusable pods that last a lifetime and more and fill them with your own coffee.

Why Do K-Cups Taste Like Water?

If your K-Cups coffee is tasting like water, it is most likely due to your needle being clogged. Use the orange needle maintenance tool. Fill it with 50% white vinegar and hot water. Put it in the same place where you put a K-Cup and then open and close your brew head 5 to 7 times.

Use a needle or paper clip to poke around the inside of both needles to loosen any dirt that may still be there. Run a second cleaning of your needles with the needle maintenance tool with hot water only.

Remove your needle maintenance tool and fill your water reservoir with water and 50% distilled vinegar mix and run brew cycles until your water reservoir is empty. Fill your water reservoir with fresh clean water 5 to 7 times until the scent of vinegar has been eliminated.

At this point your needle is fully unclogged and your machine has been descaled. Now brew a K Cup. If the problem persists, contact customer service.

Do K-Cups Fit In Nespresso Machines?

No, only a K-cup will work in a Keurig machine and a Nespresso pod will work only in a Nespresso machine. They are not interchangeable. The size and shape are different.

There are a few machines on the market that use both Nespresso and Keurig, but to be honest the coffee is good, but they don’t brew either a pod or K Cup as well as a Nespresso or Keurig.

Frappé-Ing It All Up, How Do K Cups Work?

It is very easy to understand and see how K Cups work once you take one apart. It is all very simple. Hot water is sprayed into the K Cup coffee pod at pressure which then flows through the coffee grounds and filter and then is pushed down through the tube that pierces the K Cup at the bottom and then makes its way into your cup.

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