Funny Coffee Puns To Make You Laugh And Smile

Funny Coffee Puns To Make You Laugh And Smile

Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 15:22

Funny coffee puns while enjoying your morning cup of coffee is a great start to the day for any and every coffee lover. Start off the day with a great coffee and an even better mood.

Get ready for the best coffee puns, coffee jokes and coffee one-liners and that occasional dad coffee joke thrown in!

Funny Coffee Puns

Everyone in the world loves to have fun, to smile, laugh, to joke around…well almost everyone, I’m pretty sure my former history teacher Mr Gunion is an exception to that rule!

Here are some funny coffee puns!

  • 1. I’m a latte to handle before my morning coffee.
  • 2. What did the coffee beans say to their valentines? You keep you grounded.
  • 3. What did the burr coffee grinder say to the coffee beans? I’ve got a crush on you!
  • 4. What did the cup of coffee say to its girlfriend? Hi there, hot stuff!
  • 5. Why are Italians great at making coffee? They like to espresso themselves?
  • 6. What is a muscle bound baristas favorite piece of gym equipment? -It’s the French press!
Funny Coffee Puns
A French Press…A Musclebound Baristas Favorite

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  • 7. Why was the barista in such a rush? Because he was pressed for time.
  • 8. I walked into a coffee shop for the first time. I pretty sure I had been there before….Weird, I had a real feeling of de ja brew!
  • 9. My Cambodian wife stole my coffee – definitely grounds for divorce!
  • 10. What happens when your girlfriend (or boyfriend) steals you coffee? Your relationship may go bitter!
  • 11. I used to work at Starbucks and Costa, I loved it, the job has a lot of perks!
  • 12. Why was the coffee bean depressed? It was having a latte problems at home!
  • 13. How to coffee mugs greet each other? With a lot of mugs and kisses, of course!
  • 14. I gave my pet snake some coffee, wow! It became viper active.
  • 15. What do you call two coffee beans that are madly in love? A happy cup-ple!

Coffee Pod Puns

Let’s get to some more hilarious coffee puns about drinking coffee and some coffee pod puns!

  • 1. Why are coffee pods not good for the environment? They don’t blend well together.
  • 2. What did the coffee lover think about his new fancy beans? He thought they were mug-nificent?
  • 3. My coffee lover girlfriend, when I broke up with her, it was brew-tal for her.
  • 4. My girlfriend is so dedicated and loyal, she told me that “everything I brew, I brew it for you…”
  • 5. There was a big fight in my coffee shop, It took a while for everyone to kettle down!
  • 6. I told my girlfriend that I’m like coffee….hot, and I’ll keep her up all night! She thought that was a tall order…
  • 7. I had a (sad) romantic movie night for ladies at my coffee shop, after an hour there was not a dry chai in the house!
  • 8. I really didn’t feel like going to work this morning; I just had to put one cup in front of the other and get on with it.
  • 9. How do you get an inattentive coffee enthusiasts to attention? Tell them to sip up and listen!
  • 10 I worked so hard to get that promotion to manager of the coffee shop. It was a latte work!
  • 11. I’m never boiling mad when someone gives me a cold coffee.
  • 12 I work in a coffee shop, my uniform is a Tea Shirt….
  • 13. If you are in a coffee shop in a rough part of town, be careful of people that are stirring up trouble.
  • 14. I’m a bit of a tough love kind of partner, when my girlfriend brings me bad coffee she gets a good roasting!
  • 15. My coffee shop got broken into, the police are still filtering through the evidence.
Coffee Pod Puns
Start You Coffee Morning With A Coffee Pun…Or Two!

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Christmas Coffee Puns

Everyone loves Christmas time. I’ve traveled extensively and lived in some very different parts of the world and I can honestly tell you that even parts of the world where Christmas is not celebrated, they still enjoy it!

I’m talking about Thailand and Vietnam, for example.

Here are some Christmas coffee puns:

  • 1. My favorite coffee Christmas song is…I’m dreaming of a white Christmas latte…
  • 2. I’m so latte spirited this Christmas season.
  • 3. Don’t be such a Grinch and add some peppermint to your coffee.
  • 4. Coffee is the reason for the season!
  • 5. The best thing about Christmas morning is a Christmas coffee in bed, A latte with nutmeg!

Frequently Asked Questions About Funny Coffee Puns

What Are Some Nicknames For Coffee?

Some popular slang terms and nicknames for coffee are:

  • Brew.
  • Joe.
  • Java.
  • Java Juice.
  • Mud.
  • Jitter Juice.
  • Java Lava.
  • Go Juice.

What Are Old Names For Coffee?

The word coffee has its origins in several languages. Yemen, where the drink has some very early origins is qahwah, which is a romantic word for wine. Coffee (or qahwah) later became known as Kahveh in Turkey and then Koffie in the Netherlands and finally in English it became coffee.

I find it very interesting that coffee, even in Asian languages, sounds like coffee, in Vietnamese it’s Ca Phe, in Thai it’s กาแฟ which is Kaffe or Gaffe, there is somewhat of a G and K sound cross over and which letter we use in English to represent that first letter (Koh Gai ก). More accurate is Gaffe if we are to use the letter of the English alphabet to represent the Thai equivalent.

What Do You Call A Coffee Maniac?

A coffee maniac is called a coffeeholic or a coffee connoisseur if they have particular love for the finer side of coffee. A Coffee Aficionado or coffee lover is a correct term to use also.

What Is Fluffy Coffee Called?

There are many fluffy coffee beverages. If you are thinking of that coffee drink that is fluffy and entirely made of fluffy cream that looks like yoghurt and is coffee colored, you may be thinking of Dalgona coffee.

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What Is A Good Coffee Quote?

There are many good coffee quotes, here are some:

  • “Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline”.
  • “Never trust anyone who doesn’t drink coffee”.
  • “The smell of great coffee is man’s greatest creation”.
  • “Our office communication system is powered by coffee”.

How Do You Caption Coffee?

Here are great inspirational coffee captions for Instagram.

  • “Always follow your heart and make sure you take coffee with you.
  • “Not all wanderers are lost, some of them are just looking for coffee”.
  • “You just the fresh scent and sip of a great coffee away from a great mood.

What Is A Coffee Boiler Slang?

 Coffee boiler is slang for a work shy lazy person. It is in reference to a person that would prefer to sit around drinking coffee than do some actual work.

What Do You Call A Coffee Café?

A coffee café is called a coffee shop. A café or cafeteria is more in reference to a small but comfortable coffee shop.

Final Thoughts – Funny Coffee Puns

I hope that you enjoyed these funny coffee puns and got a good giggle out of them. If you have some of your own hilarious and funny coffee puns, send them to me – I’ll be too happy to add them to this list.

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