Fastest Brewing Coffee Maker - Try These For A Quick Cuppa Joe!

Fastest Brewing Coffee Maker – Try These For A Quick Cuppa Joe!

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It is always a good time for a Cuppa Joe and when you are in a rush you need to get your hands on the Fastest Brewing Coffee Maker, which comes in handy when you have slept in, running late and in a rush and need a quick, good cup of coffee.

With that said, let’s crack on with this article and talk about the various fast ways of making a quick coffee and the fastest brewing method.

Why You May Need A Fast Brewing Coffee Maker?

Over the past couple of decades and since the turn of the millennium, we have been seeking instant gratification in a fast-paced world. And for some, that 4 or 5 minute wait for a good coffee is just too long!


when you are running late, and you need that caffeine hit a coffee maker that gets the job done in a minute or so with a great flavor and taste is well appreciated, especially when we can get it done at the press of a button.

Why You May Need A Fast Brewing Coffee Maker
Being In A Rush Is A Good Reason To Want To Make A Quick Cup Of Coffee

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What To Look For In A Fast Brewing Coffee Machine

What I look for in a fast brewing coffee machine is its ability to brew up a great cup of coffee, and quickly. I also have an eye on how many cups of coffee it can make and the price.

I don’t want to waste too much money on something that is just to make a quick coffee and that doesn’t go through the proper full brewing process. What I do want is the possibility of a second or third cup.

Fastest Coffee Maker – The Fastest Single Cup Coffee Maker

The fastest coffee maker and type of coffee maker is a Pod coffee maker. This type and class of coffee machine can brew coffee in 60 seconds dead – give or take a few seconds.

The fastest model is the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker In Aluminum EN125S.

With this particular model, you get a great tasting coffee that is brewed quickly with the potential for and an equally fast second cup if you need an extra caffeine boost.

I’ll detail this machine more later in the section about Pod coffee machines as this is the overall fastest method of getting a high quality cup of coffee at a speedy 60 seconds.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker In Aluminum EN125S.
The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker EN125S.

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Fastest Coffee Pod Machine

The fastest coffee pod machine, and not by a lot, a mere 30 seconds is the Keurig K-cups and the above-mentioned Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker in Aluminum EN125S.

A brew time of 60 seconds and a repeat second cup clocking in at 30 seconds is literally unreal. It is the fastest for both the first cup speed and second cup brewing time. This Pod Machine gives you a good, fully adjustable brewing range which is good for getting your own personal taste and strength preference spot on.

A fine example of getting everything just as you like it is the adjustable brew temperature feature – some coffee lovers and enthusiasts like me, love their coffee to be piping hot where others like the temperature to be more mild.

Which type of coffee is served up fully depends on which capsules you put in your machine.

Fastest K-Cup Coffee Maker

Overall, the second-fastest brewing coffee maker, the runner-up in terms of speed and the silver medal winner are K-Cup Coffee Makers.

The brew speed of a K-Cup Coffee Machine is a nice 90 seconds average first cup brew time and a swift 30 seconds for a second cup. The overall winner of this category is the Cuisinart Coffee Center SS-15.

This is the winner due to having great versatility and doubling up as a 12-cup drip coffee maker with a built-in water filter, a well-thought-out feature and one of the features I’d love to see in ALL coffee makers have for convenience and consistency. While the first cup speed is 50% slower than the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker in Aluminum EN125S Pod Coffee maker, that 50% is only 30 seconds and matches the second cup brew time.

The fact this is a duo drip and K-Cup machine is a standout advantage over other K-Cup machines.

Fastest Combination Coffee Machine

While I was tempted to include the Cuisinart Coffee Center SS-15 here in this category, as it is a combination machine. To be fair, I wanted this category to be exclusive of, free from capsule machines.

The Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System CP307 stands out from all others due to versatility, usage, 10 cup carafe and a very acceptable 6 minute hot coffee brewing time. The ability to very quickly and easily offer your guests different coffee and tea drinks, including cold brew, iced coffee, hot coffee, lattes as well as tea is a plus point too.

I love the automatic cold-brew coffee maker feature, which is handy during a hot summer! The permanent metal filter is a winner and a plus point, as this does not retain or filter out coffee oils while brewing, resulting in a more flavorful coffee.

Fastest Drip Coffee Machine

The fastest drip coffee maker will have you waiting only 4 minutes for your first Cuppa Joe is the Bunn CSB3T Speed Brew. It’s a 10 cup drip coffee maker meaning there is an ample size for your dinner party and only a 4-minute wait to get a second batch brewed up if it needs to be.

Obvious plus points are the 10 cup capacity and thermal carafe to keep your coffee hot. The obvious downside is the coffee is okay, above average but not at all outstanding at all.

Fastest Commercial Coffee Machines

As an experienced barista, this was an easy choice and absolutely has to be a top of the range professional coffee machine. The speed here is of little consequence as this can be adjusted easily by increasing and decreasing the water pressure.

An espresso, as it is with a professional espresso machine, be it at home or commercial, should take you anything from 25 seconds to 30 seconds to brew. By far, the fastest commercial coffee machine which can produce up to 6 espresso in 25 seconds is the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Volumetric Espresso Machine.

You can brew up any coffee drink with the coffee grounds of your choice. These machines need an independent grinder and comes with its own hot water tank that keeps your coffee hot.

Fastest Commercial Coffee Machines
Commercial Machine Are Fast

Fastest Coffee Brewing Method

The fastest coffee brewing method is currently speaking one of the newest brewing methods to date – the Aeropress. If you are, pun intended, pressed for time, you can brew up a cup of coffee in only 11 seconds.

With this said, it does punch out a cuppa in that time, but it is not the best tasting cup of coffee that you will ever try. It’s not a bad coffee, just not the best.

The ideal brew time for an aeropress to get the best flavor is around 4 minutes, which brings it to around the same brew time as a French press and other brewing methods.

If you are in a rush, I don’t advise messing around with a French press. Either go for a quickie with the Aeropress or set up a moka pot and go do something else while it is brewing and percolating away, brew time can take.

Aeropress, A New Brewing Method For The New Millennium.

How Long Should It Take A Coffee Maker To Brew?

How long it takes you to brew a cup of coffee depends entirely on the brewing method, technique and type of coffee that you are brewing. Immersion brewing takes longer than batch brewing, which in turn takes longer than vacuum brewing, French press and other methods.

Normally it takes between three minutes and five minutes, depending on how strong you want your coffee and the brewing method used.

With that said, the fastest-of-the-fast coffee makers will whip you up a coffee in 60 seconds and a repeat cup in 30 seconds.

How Fast Does The Ninja Coffee Maker Brew?

The brew times for the Ninja Hot And cold Brew system varies depending on which type of drink you are making.

A cold brew can take as long as 10 minutes, while a good hot strong coffee can be as quick as 4 minutes. Generally speaking, brew times can vary from 10 to 15 minutes, varying on strength and the size of your cup of coffee.

Why Does Coffee Take So Long To Brew?

The reason coffee takes so long is that it simply takes time for the water to extract the compounds and oils from the ground coffee and draw out the flavors and aromas.

If your coffee maker is taking longer than normal or more than it normally should, you might need to take a good look at giving it a proper cleaning out as the heating element and other parts may need descaling and demineralization.

Why Does Coffee Take So Long To Brew
If You Brew Too Quickly You Are Not Getting The Full Flavor From The Grounds

Which Keurig Is Fastest?

The Keurig K-Elite brews a Cuppa Joe faster than the other fast brewing Keurig machines at 75 seconds. Faster, but not by much – only 15 seconds quicker than the average time at 90 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fastest Brewing Coffee Maker

What Coffee Maker Makes The Fastest Cup Of Coffee?

The coffee maker that makes the fastest cup of coffee is the BUNN BX Speed Brew classic. It’s handy for dinner parties and unexpected coffee meetings as it can make 10 cups of drip coffee in only 3 to 4 minutes

How Fast Should A Coffee Maker Brew?

How fast a coffee maker should brew depends on the brewing method and the amount of coffee grounds used. A 10 cup drip coffee maker should take around 5 minutes to brew a whole pot of coffee.

With a French press the extraction time (brewing time) is approximately 3 to 4 minutes.

What Is The Fastest Way To Make A Cup Of Coffee?

The fastest way to make a cup of coffee is the Aeropress method. The Aeropress works with a plunger that forces hot water through the coffee grounds and through the filter and into the cup below. The quick brew time produces a coffee with a reduced acidity. 

How Long Does It Take A 30 cup Coffee Maker To Brew?

To brew 30 cups of coffee you will need to use a coffee urn which functions very much the same as a large percolator. On average, it should take approximately 20 minutes to complete the brewing process.

Most modern coffee urns have an indicator that lets you know when it has finished brewing.

How Long Does A Cuisinart Coffee Maker Take To Brew?

 A Cuisinart coffee maker takes approximately 4 to 5 minutes for 4 cups, between 5 and 6 minutes for 6 cups of coffee and 6 to 7 minutes to brew 8 cups of coffee.

Can A Keurig Make Instant Coffee?


if you want to make instant coffee with your Keurig put the instant coffee in your coffee cup and use the hot water function of your Keurig.

Don’t put instant coffee into your reusable coffee pod to make instant coffee. It will ust dissolve and make a mess of your machine. The resulting coffee will also be weak and watery.

What’s The Fastest Brewing Coffee Maker?

The coffee maker that brews the fastest is the Bunn BX Speed Brew.

How Fast Can You Brew Coffee?

The fastest that you can brew coffee is 25 seconds for a shot of espresso. Traditional coffee brewing methods like French press, drip coffee and percolator for example can take 4 to 5 minutes. Cold brew coffee can take as long as 24 hours and more to brew. It all depends on which coffee brewing method you are using.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Fastest Brewing Coffee Maker

The fastest brewing coffee maker of various types I have mentioned in this article. The fastest by far and with a high quality brew are pod coffee makers – it is quite common to get a coffee made in 60 seconds and 30 seconds for a follow up cup of coffee.

Which you choose will depend on whether you want to make a pot of coffee or just a single cup of coffee.

There is an automatic coffee maker that combines drip coffee and coffee capsules that is worth considering if an automatic machine is what you want for the sake of convenience.

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