Extra Hot Coffee Maker! Which Machine Makes The Hottest Coffee

Extra Hot Coffee Maker! Find Out Which Machine Makes The Hottest Coffee?

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Coffee, sometimes more than sometimes, is best enjoyed while it is piping hot. With Starbucks serving less than warm coffee and McDonald’s following suit, I went on the hunt for an extra hot coffee maker!

This article is for you if you love a real hot coffee, one that warms your cockles in the winter, and has you sweating’ it in the summer.

Careful, these Cuppa Joe’s might just burn your mouth!

Let’s get on with article and see what’s boiling

How Hot Is Coffee?

Hot coffee is brewed at a temperature of between 195° F to 205° F (92° C to 96° C), which is hot. It is very hot, and will likely burn you. This is only a few degrees below the boiling point of water. Often, the advice if a thermometer is not being used is to boil the water and let it sit for 30 seconds and then brew.

This is the optimal temperature for brewing, not drinking. Your water temperature and your coffee drinking temperature are two different things.

Your coffee when served is not at this elevated temperature. It has to be brewed, which takes a few minutes, typically 4 minutes to 5 minutes for a French press and siphon coffee. During this time, the temperature is dropping significantly and getting nearer the ideal temperature to enjoy your cup of coffee without burning you.

The temperature reduces further when you add milk, especially at room temperature and more so when cold milk is added. Naturally, there is less of a temperature drop.

And it is just as well.

According to a research paper on pubmed, a research wing of the NIH, brief exposure to liquids at 72° C (160° F) to 85° C (185° F) can cause significant scalds.

By the time your coffee is served, thankfully it is at 180° F (82° C) and then cools down to optimum temperature for drinking.

Extra Hot Coffee Maker
How hot is coffee really?

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What Is The Ideal Coffee Temperature For Drinking?

The ideal coffee temperature when you dig around on the web you get advice for the brewing temperature of 195-205° F (92° C to 96° C), which is simply way too hot to drink. It is well above the range in which medical researchers say will cause scald burns, and well outside the perfect temperature for drinking.

Coffee served at this high a temperature is simply too hot to drink, but does make a great hand warmer on a freezing winter morning.

Put simply, don’t mistake brew temperatures for drinking temperatures.

The hottest a coffee can be enjoyed without scalding is 155° F (68° C). At this temperature it is hot and enjoyable, and notably hot. You will enjoy the nice warm sensation of drinking hot coffee and enjoy the bold flavors.

How Hot Is Coffee
What is the ideal coffee temperature?

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What Coffee Maker Brews At The Highest Temperature?

The coffee maker that brews at the highest temperature and right at the high end of the recommended temperature as set out by the Speciality Coffee Association is the Redline MK1 8 cup coffee brewer.

This machine brews the hottest coffee with a top temperature of 204.8° F (96° C) just 0.2° F outside the 205° F maximum suggested. The temperature range at the lower end of this coffee maker is just outside the lower recommended temperature for brewing coffee at 197.6F (93C) being 2.6F above that lower point.

That is a little disappointing as it can make a bit of a difference when brewing some very dark roasts. Although it is the coffee maker with the hottest temperature for brewing and almost spot on with an almost perfect temperature of 204.8° F, better would be also hitting that lower ideal temperature for brewing coffee.

To be clear, the ideal brewing temperature is 195° F to 205° F (92° C to 96° C).

What Is The Ideal Coffee Temperature For Drinking
This coffee maker brews the hottest coffee

Which Nespresso Machine Serves Extra Hot Coffee?

There is, unfortunately, no Nespresso machine that particularly serves coffee at a notably higher temperature than the others. The water temp and brewing temperature of the Magimix Vertuo Plus M600 has a temperature slightly higher than the others.

It is only slightly higher and not by much.

The temperature range of this Nespresso Machine is 85° C to 88° C (185° F to 190° F), others are in the 83° C to 86° C (181° F to 186° F).

It is not a lot and is slightly outside the range of temperatures set out for brewing great coffee. This 4° C (40° F) difference might seem like a small, insignificant difference, but it will make a big difference taste wise. I find it surprising that the Nespresso machine falls out of the set ideal range of temperatures of 195° F (92° C) to 205° F (96° C).

What Coffee Maker Brews At The Highest Temperature
Nespresso serves hot coffee but brew below the min brewing temp.

A Nespresso Hack To Get Hotter Coffee

If your Nespresso is not getting you the hot coffee that you want, there is a tiny hack you can try to get slightly hotter coffee.

Remove any pod and run it on empty and have a large mug in place to catch the water that gets pulled through. Once you have done this a couple of times, your Nespresso machine is preheated. When you then pull through a coffee after this little hack it is slightly warmer. Not by a lot, only a few degrees.

Which Keurig Machine Makes The Hottest Coffee?

There is a Keurig style coffee machine that smashes apart the temperature range of Nespresso makers and makes coffee hot, hotter than hot at 200° F (94° C).

Unfortunately, this machine is poorly reviewed with most being 2 stars and a significant percentage, 1 in 3, being rated at only one star on Amazon. This machine is the T526S TouchPlus by Touch Coffee. Due to the poor ratings I’d avoid it.

Seriously, it is not as if you can drink coffee at that temperature without burning yourself.

A much better Keurig style coffee machine is the Keurig K-Elite K-Cup Coffee maker. It’s a coffee pod style of coffee maker. Temperature wise, it brews at 187° F to 192° F (86° C to 89° C), which is hotter than a Nespresso but still outside the 195° F to 205° F (92°C to 96°C).

It brews coffee outside the suggested range but is hot enough to warm you up and fully enjoyed. It is questionable as to why these pod coffee makers are not brewing within the optimal temperature.

I am curious now to manipulate those machines and get within the temperature range and find out if better coffee is made at greater temperatures.

Which Keurig Machine Makes The Hottest Coffee
This is the hottest Keurig Machine

Which Espresso Maker Makes Extra Hot Coffee?

The Breville BES870XL barista express espresso machine brews coffee at a very ample 198° F (93° C), the hottest of all espresso makers and right at the temperature that dark roast coffees like an espresso should be brewed at to reduce acidity and bitterness of high temperature brewing that 205° F (96° C) brings around.

With this machine, you can make all kinds and varieties of coffee drinks and literally have your own coffee shop at home! There is literally no limit to the cups of coffee that you can make with a home espresso machine.

The only issue with temperatures this high is keeping your coffee warm once it hits drinking temperature.

What Single Serve Coffee Machine Serves Extra Hot Coffee?

The single serve coffee machine that serves the hottest coffee is the aforementioned Touch Plus Single Serve coffee machine.

This coffee brewer is bang in the middle of the ideal coffee brewing temperature, making coffee at 200° F (94° C).

You will enjoy a cup of coffee that is more than hot with this coffee brewer.

How Hot Is Extra Hot At Starbucks?

180° F (83° C) degrees is how hot Starbucks serve their extra hot coffee drinks. Coffee hot as this temperature, is technically drinkable without scalding as it is just under what scientific and medical research indicated to be temperatures that will cause scalds.

So, on a cold morning you can safely ask for your cup of coffee at Starbucks without fear that it will burn you.

How Hot Is Kid Temp At Starbucks?

130° F (55° C) is the temperature of a Kids drink at Starbucks. This is considerably cooler than the 180° F (83° C) of extra hot drinks and can be easily warm enough without burning your kids. If you are concerned about sugar, request fewer shots of syrup.

How Hot Is Coffee At Starbucks?

150° F to 170° F (66° C 76° C) is the temperature of regular cups of coffee served at Starbucks. This temperature is a lot cooler than their extra hot and a lot warmer than kids temperature.

It is an ideal drinking temperature as soon as it is served. Personally, I do not like my hot coffee served straight away at too mild a temperature. I like it to be hot, and then sit there and cool down to drinking temperature.

Coffee cups on the table in a Starbucks shop. Last Thursday
Starbuck serve coffee at varying temperatures

How Hot Was McDonald’s Coffee When They Got Sued?

190° F (88° C) was the temperature of the coffee served by McDonald’s to 79-year-old Stella Liebeck on August 18, 1994. The claim made was that coffee at this temperature was too hot and likely to cause serious injury. This is completely in line with medical research and studies on hot beverages and at which temperature they scald at.

What Temperature Is McDonald’s Coffee Now?

180° F (82° C) is the temperature that McDonald’s now serve their coffee at, only slightly cooler than the temperature in which they got sued for. I’m not a fan of McDonald’s or their coffee but when I am in Europe and cold, good gosh their coffee is hot and does warm me up!

Their coffee, in my opinion and experience, is hotter than what I have experienced in other franchise outlets.

What Temperature Is Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Served At?

180° F (82°C), I’m not a fan of Dunkin’s at all and literally never visit.  A friend of mine and a very trusted person assures me that they use a BUNN coffee maker. She sneaked in a test thermometer and found the temperature to be 180° F (82° C).

She, my friend tested for several days and at random times and found the temperature to be very consistent.

What Temp Does Burger King Serve Coffee?

182° F (83° C) is the temperature that Burger King serves their coffee at. That is pretty hot. Slightly hotter than McDonald’s coffee, but not by much. This is the temperature I measured my coffee at from my own local Burger King. Your local outlet may vary.

What Temperature Does Mr Coffee Brew At?

205° F (96° C) is the temperature in which the Optimal Brew Thermal Coffee Maker system by Mr Coffee brews coffee at. The brewing speed is also said to be 20% faster than other similar coffee makers.

It is designed to brew at the absolute maximum of which coffee is supposed to be brewed at.

Does Coffee Brew Faster If You Use Warm Water?


and a lot faster. If you have ever made cold brew coffee you will know how long it can take. Brewing at lower temperatures takes much longer, as long as a whole day (24hrs!) to extract the oils and compounds that make your coffee tasty.

Hot water can do this in minutes. It is a big difference. Hot coffee brews much faster with warm water.

Is It Bad To Put Hot Water In A Coffee Maker?


it is bad, and ends up being messily bad! Your coffee machine is designed to function with cold water or room temperature water. If you start to brew coffee with hot water it is very possible that it will run through your coffee machine’s hot water piper quicker than it is designed to and overfill your coffee filter basket.

This will lead to a huge mess and may even damage your coffee maker.

Does The Grind Of The Beans Effect Brewing Temperature?


temperature has an effect on all parts of the coffee brewing process. The temperature of your grounds is something that is not controlled or barely even considered at all. When you grind your beans, due to the friction heat is produced and this heat has a detrimental effect on the quality of your final brew.

This is why I encourage you to use either a hand grinder and slowly grind, but not too slowly, or use a conical ceramic burr grinder as less heat is produced. Even the coldest of grinders will produce coffee grounds at 10° C (50° F).

Generally speaking, the temperature of the grounds does not affect the brewing temperature of the water, nor is it considered as an element that we have very little to no control over.

How Hot Do Coffee Makers Get?

Coffee makers that are well-designed and well-thought-out only get as hot as 195° F to 205° F (92° C to 96° C) as this is the ideal temperature range for brewing coffee.

If the temperature is below 92° C (195° F) your cup of coffee may end up being overtly sour and under extracted, and if the temperature is above 96° C (205° F) your coffee may be overtly bitter and slightly over extracted.

Frequently Asked Questions About Extra Hot Coffee Maker

Which Coffee Maker Keeps The Coffee Hottest?

The OXO brew 8 cup coffee maker has a top-quality thermal carafe that will keep your coffee hot for a very long time. The carafe will keep your coffee hot without stewing your coffee which is better than a hot plate.

It is one of only a handful of coffee makers that are certified to the golden cup standard by the SCA, the Specialty Coffee Association.

What Single Serve Coffee Maker Is The Hottest?

The Keurig K-Duo Plus coffee maker is the best coffee maker that has a thermal carafe and single serve Keurig K-Cup. You can enjoy hotter coffee and for longer than other similar models.

Why Is My Coffee Maker Not Hot Enough?

There are a few reasons why your coffee maker may not be making coffee that is hot enough for you. Here are a few of the most common reasons:

  • The heating element is broken and needs replaced.
  • The thermostat is faulty.
  • The warming plate is dirty or rusty.
  • On some models, your coffee machine will not make coffee that is particularly hot if the high altitude mode has been switched on.

How Do Restaurants Keep Coffee Hot?

I have extensive experience in the food and beverage industry and can honestly say that restaurants don’t keep their coffee hot.

Instead, they make it fresh and serve it hot. Most good modern restaurants have their own professional espresso machine which is either owned outright or rented. If you are at a good restaurant and your coffee is hot, it has likely been made fresh.

How Hot Should An Extra Hot Coffee Be?

An extra hot coffee should be served at a temperature that is no higher than 205° F (96° C) as this is the highest brewing temperature without over extracting the coffee and ending up with a bitter cup of coffee.

What Keeps Coffee Hot The Longest?

A stainless steel vacuum thermos will keep your coffee hot for the longest. The double wall insulation is capable of keeping your coffee hot for several hours. Some will even keep your coffee hot for 12 hours!

What Coffee Maker Gets Coffee The Hottest?

The coffee maker that gets coffee the hottest, to the highest temperature, is the Redline MK1 8 cup coffee maker. This coffee maker brews coffee at 204.8° F (96° C). which is only one fifth of degree Fahrenheit outside the uppermost coffee brewing temperature as set by the Specialty Coffee Association.

Why Do Baristas Make Coffee So Hot?

Baristas like to make coffee so hot as the ideal brewing temperature is 92° C to 96 °C (195° F to 205° F), which is almost the boiling point of water. If coffee is brewed at a temperature lower than 195° F (92° C), your coffee will start to taste sour. Above 205° F (96° C) and your coffee will start to extract too many bitter notes and flavors and will be unenjoyable.

Frappé-Ing It All Up! – Extra Hot Coffee Maker!

You now know exactly where to get an extra hot coffee maker and which ones make the hottest coffee. I am surprised to tell you that at Starbucks you need to ask for extra hot if you want something that even resembles hot, otherwise you will get served a coffee that has already cooled down to a drinkable temperature (not to my liking – unless it’s summer).

I like extra hot coffee!

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