Unique And Brilliant Espresso Coffee Cups That You Will Love!

Unique And Brilliant Espresso Coffee Cups That You Will Love!

Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 15:00

If you have friends over for coffee frequently or throw fancy dinner parties then using unique and brilliant espresso coffee cups is something that sets you apart and gets the tongues wagging.

Coffee, like food, peculiarly tastes better when it is perfectly presented and using special and stand-out coffee cups and demitasse cups for your dinner parties and coffee mornings will set you apart.

Keep reading as we dig down and talk about some really stand-out espresso coffee cups that you might want to get your hands on.

What Are Espresso Coffee Cups?

Espresso cups are those tiny almost miniature porcelain stackable espresso mugs that you see in coffee houses and restaurants all over the world. The proper name for espresso coffee cups is demitasse cup.

The name has its origins in the French language, meaning half cup. The capacity of the small coffee cups is 2 to 3 Oz, which is 60 ml to 90 ml. It is a misconception that a demitasse cup holds half a cup of coffee, which by definition 4is 4 ounces. In reality, espresso demitasse cups, as well as holding single shots, they can hold double shots and triple shots as well.

Espresso coffee cups can go by different names in other languages. In English, we use the French word. Here are some other names it is known by:

  • Child’s size.
  • Šáleček pohár (Czechoslovakian)
  • Demi Cup.
  • Demitassekop (Dutch).
  • Demitasse kop (Danish).
  • Copa tacita or pocillo (Spanish).
  • Demitasse kuppi (Finnish).
  • Mokkatasse (German).
  • Copo demitasse (Portuguese).
  • Tazzina (Italian).

The physical size of a demitasse cups are typically 2 inches to 2.5 inches tall (5 cm to 6 cm tall) and often come with their own saucer which is 4 inches to 4.5 inches in diameter (10 cm to 11 cm in diameter).


Espresso Coffee Cups
A typical espresso coffee cup

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Funky Espresso Cups

If you want to drink and enjoy your coffee in your own original and rather funky espresso cups, probably the very best place to find them is on Etsy and search for “funky espresso cups”. Some designs are brilliant and range from standard espresso cups with double walls to custom-made ceramic and rather funky espresso cups made from clay with an original message and design on them.

They certainly will make your coffee cups stand out from all your friends as they are brilliant and unique.

Italian Espresso Cups That Stand Out From The Crowd!

If you are looking for the ultimate one-upmanship over your neighbors and friends and be the talk of the town with a set of Italian espresso cups that really stand out, then there is literally no other choice than Biordi.

This company makes handmade Italian espresso cups which are a work of art using the traditional Italian majolica method and technique.

They have a variety of classic patterns and designs, including Antico Deruta, La Colombe, Ricco Deruta and Raffaellesco to name a few.

Vintage Espresso Cups

If you really want a classic and quite fabulously elegant look to your coffee mornings with friends then getting your hands on a set of vintage espresso cups is a great idea.

The best places to find vintage espresso cups are Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wayfair and 1stdibs.

These can be a little more expensive than others and are perhaps better reserved for special occasions. More often than not you will find that vintage espresso cups are made from China or fine bone china.

Frequently Asked Questions About Espresso Coffee Cups.

Espresso cups have a special name and are known as demitasse cups and are just the right size for an espresso and little more. These are tiny coffee cups that you see in coffee shops and restaurants.

A demitasse cup is the most appropriate one to use for an espresso. They are the perfect size to maintain the thick rich crema on top. The best material to be used is ceramic or porcelain. Porcelain looks great and is available in a range of colors and designs.

Ceramic is safe to use in your dishwasher and microwave and has great properties of heat retention which will keep your drink warm and insulate your hand from the heat. They, alongside porcelain, are available in a number of fun colors and can be used for a number of espresso drinks including an espresso, a ristretto, double ristretto and double espresso shot.

What Size Is An Espresso Cup?

As they say, size matters! The size of an espresso cup is 2 to 3 Oz. If the espresso cup is too big, the crema will spread out and dissipate over the larger area of wide brimmed cup. Also, the larger a cup surface area is, the more it affects the temperature of your espresso.


A cappuccino cup is much larger and wider brimmed than an espresso cup. A cappuccino cup will typically hold 6 to 8 ounces, double that of an espresso cup and the same size as a cup used to serve a latte.

Why Are Espresso Cups So Small?

The purpose of the size of the espresso cups being so small is to help to maintain the thick rich crema on top and enjoy the flavor that brings to the well-pulled shot. This is why you will see an espresso shot in a tiny demitasse cup in coffee shops.

What Cups Are Best For Espresso?

When you are looking for a beautiful and iconic espresso cup, the best material to look for is porcelain, to be specific high-fired porcelain. A demitasse cup made from high-fired thick porcelain reduces the risk of your espresso going flat quickly.

What Is The Purpose Of Espresso Cups?

The purpose of espresso cups, known as demitasse in French and tazzina cups in Italian, is to maintain the shot at the ideal temperature for the correct amount of time while maintaining the thick rich crema on top.

Do I Need A Coffee Scale For Espresso?

Yes, if you have spent your hard-earned money on an expensive espresso machine and want to get perfect espresso every single time a coffee scale will help you to achieve that.

There is a big difference from guessing the dose, the amount of coffee to use and having an accuracy of 1/100th of a gram. You will make a perfect shot of espresso every single time for all your espresso based drinks and your espresso drinks with milk.

Your digital coffee scales can be used for all brewing methods and equipment that you have.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Espresso Coffee Cups

When it comes down to the purchase of something that is as simple as buying espresso coffee cups, something that will last you a number of years, go that extra mile and spend a few extra pounds, dollars or euros and get a multi-cup set that is exclusive, unique and stands out.

It is worth the pleasure and enjoyment that they bring you.

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