Emergency Substitute For Coffee Filter - No Filter No Problem!

Emergency Substitute For Coffee Filter – No Filter? No Problem!

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If you need an emergency substitute for coffee filter this article will detail the top options that you have at using everyday items that you have around you.

If using a paper towel is springing to your mind….hold back! I have a special warning against the use of that, and when you find out why a little light bulb will go off in your head!

Keep reading to find out about some great emergency coffee filter substitutes and enjoy your morning coffee!

Emergency Substitute For Coffee Filter

Unfortunately there comes that moment when you will need an emergency substitute for coffee filter. It is my opinion and personal practice to avoid and avert this situation by being well-prepared in advance.

I take a belts and braces approach!

I always have at least 3 boxes of coffee filters and when I get down to my last one, as I am opening the box I order more or head out and buy more from my local store. It’s just good simple management of my filters.

I also have multiple backups, owning semi-permanent reusable cloth filters and a permanent metal coffee filter.

As a matter of respect for my tea-loving guest I have some reusable tea bags at home which make better tea and serve as yet another backup.

Let’s look at some great emergency substitutes for coffee filter that you can use if you are in a pickle!

Emergency Substitute For Coffee Filter
Emergency Substitute For Coffee Filter

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Emergency Substitute For Coffee Filter In Coffee Maker – The Best DIY Coffee Filters

Okay, you need an emergency substitute for coffee filter in your coffee maker, and you need it to be quick and easy to use and put together.

This list of the best DIY coffee filters will help you get what you need done quick and easy for most coffee makers.

#1 Cheesecloth

A cheesecloth is used to strain many different liquids from their solids, including almonds from almond milk and of course cheese from milk. It is also a great coffee filter substitute that you can use for various devices.

For an AeroPress, a siphon coffee maker, or a percolator, cut your cheesecloth to the correct size and shape that you need and make two. Use both to filter your coffee.

If you make espresso using a paper filter in your portafilter, follow the same rule of cutting your cheesecloth to the correct size and shape and using two.

As it with pour over and your drip coffee machine. You must double or use two as cheesecloth is more porous than filter paper.

Use your hot and almost boiling water as you normally would and pour with care. Be careful with how your water flows and keep an eye on the flow rate being too slow and too quick.

#2 A Dish Towel, Cloth Napkin, Handkerchief

As long as you are not using your favorite dish towel or your luck handkerchief as your coffee will stain them.

You will need to rinse the item that you are using as the chemical or natural detergents used will have flavors that seep into your brew and spoil the flavor.

Rinse well with warm water.

Using a dish cloth, handkerchief or cloth napkin is easy. Fold it into a pocket shape and add your ground coffee. Slowly pour over your hot water and watch the flow rate.

You can also drape the item that you want to use and drape it around your coffee filter holder and use the same technique.

Another way is to put coffee grounds in the cloth item you are using, like your handkerchief or napkin, tie a knot and dunk it in a cup of hot water and leave it for 3 to 4 minutes to extract.

Emergency Substitute For Coffee Filter In Coffee Maker
A Napkin Is A Great Coffee Filter Substitute

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#3 A Fine Mesh Sieve And Fine Sifter

Everyone has a fine mesh sieve and those that love baking will have a fine sifter for sifting flour and sugar.

Both can be used in the same way as an emergency coffee filter substitute.

Using them you have a couple of options. Put your ground coffee in your mesh sieve and place it over your carafe or cup of coffee. Pour hot, almost boiling water over them slowly and steadily.

Your hot water should flow past your coffee grounds and into your carafe or cup of coffee below. You may need to double brew your coffee depending on the flow rate.

The other way is to use the full immersion of your ground coffee by adding it to hot water and leaving them to steep for 3 to 4 minutes and then filter your coffee through your mesh sieve and into a second cup.

#4 Reusable Tea Bags

If you have a tea lover or not at home, having some reusable tea bags of both the cotton cloth and metal variety are handy for you guests and for you as an emergency substitute for coffee filters when you are clean out of them.

The method is simple as it uses the full immersion technique. Fill your reusable tea bags with coffee and let them steep in hot water. Then remove it when your brew is ready.

I’m a huge proponent of belts and braces and being well-prepared with multiple solutions. Obviously, having reusable tea bags falls into that category for that moment when I have no paper coffee filter.

No Coffee Filter For Coffee Maker
Reusable Tea Bags Are Very Good For Coffee Too

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No Coffee Filter For Coffee Maker – Paper Towel Coffee Filter

A paper towel coffee filter is by far the most popular makeshift emergency filter that is used. Paper napkins and toilet paper

These, despite their popularity, I advise against them.

#5 Paper Napkins, Paper Towels And Toilet Paper

Paper napkins, paper towels and toilet paper make terrible coffee filters due to being chemically treated. The chemicals and ink designs, and coloring seep into your coffee, making it unhealthy.

One cup of coffee is harmless, but still, I’d rather that you avoid their use as a coffee filter substitute.

I will absolutely openly admit that they are very good at filtering your coffee grounds and ensuring that none get into your brew.

Place them over your filter holder or filter basket and add your coffee grounds.

It is that easy to use.

Alternatively, you can fold them into a pocket and add your coffee to the pocket.

Emergency Coffee Filter – What Can I Use Instead Of Filter Paper?

More options you have as not only an emergency coffee filter but as a substitute to filter paper is to buy, use semi-permanent coffee filter like cotton cloth filter and hemp cloth filters.

There are a few other materials used to make this type of filter, and they are absolutely delicious when you use them to brew coffee with.

One of the plus points is they are environmentally friendly as you can use them typically 90 to 120 times.

They allow some, but not all, of the coffee oils to pass through and thus, as result you get a deeper tasting brew.

Metal coffee filter are another great option that you can use as a permanent coffee filter and not just as a backup option.

The resulting coffee is bolder, a little heavier body than a coffee made with using a cloth filter.

It is a great idea to be well-prepared and have both a cotton cloth filter and a metal coffee filter on hand for that moment when you’re out of coffee filter papers or when you want a different tasting coffee.

A metal coffee filter will permit all the coffee oils to pass through and get into your coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Substitute For Coffee Filter

What Can I Use If I Ran Out Of Coffee Filters?

When you run out of coffee filters you still have many options open to you as far as a coffee filter substitute goes.

The following items can be used as an emergency filter:

  • A reusable tea bag.
  • A cloth napkin.
  • A dish towel.
  • A cheesecloth.
  • Your drip coffee machine’s filter basket.

Each of those will produce a good quality cup of coffee.

Can I Use A Strainer Instead Of Coffee Filter?

Yes, a fine metal sieve is a great coffee filter substitute. You may even end up with a deeper and bolder tasting coffee than a paper towel due to all the coffee oils getting into your coffee.

How Do You Make A Temporary Coffee Filter?

A clean cloth napkin or dish towel is all you need. Put it in your filter basket and let it sink in and cover all sides of it in the same manner that a paper filter would and use a rubber band or paper clip to secure it in place. Add your ground coffee and slowly and evenly pour your hot but not boiling water. The ideal water temperature is 92C to 96C (195F to 205F).

What Happens If You Don’t Filter Coffee?

When you don’t filter coffee, more coffee oil will get into your brew and result in a bolder coffee and with a slightly heavier body. Also, some coffee grinds will get into your cup of coffee and will continue to extract while you are drinking it.

Are Coffee Water Filters Necessary?

Yes, in my opinion a water filter is essential for brewing a better quality cup of coffee. Coffee is 98% water and filtering your water will improve the quality. It’s also good for the maintenance of your coffee machine as you are getting less mineral deposits and calcium building up in your coffee maker.

Removing the impurities is a great idea.

Do Filters Matter With Coffee?

Yes, the type of filter that you use will alter how your coffee will taste. With a paper filter you will get clean crisp tasting coffee while cloth filters and metal filters will produce a stronger and bolder tasting cup of coffee.

The different tastes are due to the differing amount of coffee oils that they permit to pass through.

Why Do You Need A Paper Filter For Coffee?

A filter is required, but it is not absolutely essential that it is a paper filter that you use. You can use a cotton cloth filter or a metal filter.

Can I Use Cotton As Coffee Filter?

Yes, many people, myself included, consider a cotton coffee filter to be better than paper filters. Even if you have a preference for paper filters, it is good to have a semi-permanent coffee filter as a backup for that moment that you run out of paper filters and forgot to replace them!

Final Thoughts – Emergency Substitute For Coffee Filter

If you have read this far you have some fantastic emergency substitute for coffee filter and are perhaps already have in mind some excellent ideas for how to implement your own backup strategy similar to my own belts and braces approach.

Join our cool coffee community and tell us about your own unique DIY emergency coffee filters that you use! Find us on Facebook/Meta.

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