Does The Ninja Coffee Bar Make Espresso

Does The Ninja Coffee Bar Make Espresso

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The Ninja Coffee Bar is undoubtedly an impressive quality coffee maker, but the question is, does the Ninja Coffee Bar make espresso? 

That is the question that we keep seeing on coffee forums, Reddit and social media, and we are definitively answering it. Let’s be solid, there is no reason buying a coffee maker if it cannot make the coffee that you want and need it to.

With nothing else on the agenda, keep reading as we dig down and answer this question accurately!

What Is The Ninja Coffee Bar?

This coffee maker is a large and very ample sized drip coffee maker that is designed to brew all kinds of coffee.

The Ninja Coffee Bar has 6 brew sizes, from a whole carafe to a single cup size and includes a special setting for brewing over ice which pours half as much to compensate for ice being in your cup or carafe.

Other settings permit you to brew strong coffee and to keep your coffee hot thanks to the built-in hot plate. For latte lovers and those that love milk in their coffee, it has a built-in milk steamer for making frothy milk.

What Is The Ninja Coffee Bar
A Ninja Coffee Bar

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Does The Ninja Coffee Bar Make Espresso?


the Ninja Coffee Bar most certainly does not make an espresso. A strong, short, rich coffee resembling an espresso can be made but not a true espresso.

If you are an espresso lover, you will be disappointed. On the fair side, if you love making a latte, cappuccino, flat white, mocha, macchiato, cortado or any other espresso based drink, the concentrated brew that the Ninja Coffee Bar does make is a great substitute.

It is not perfect, but it gets the job done.

Does The Ninja Coffee Bar Make Espresso Shot
The Ninja Coffee Bar Does Not Make A True Espresso

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What Can You Make With Your Ninja Coffee Bar?

You can make a whole range of coffee drinks with this coffee machine, including a whole range of espresso based drinks and very nice Vietnamese coffee and coffees with different strengths of brew, including a good punchy strong brew. It just won’t make an Authentic espresso, lungo or ristretto.

Do You Want To Brew A True Espresso?

Making a true espresso shot is only possible with the right equipment and a Ninja Coffee Bar just cannot do that, without any coffee snobbery, a Nespresso or Keurig cannot either due to the way in which they brew coffee.

The single shot coffee makers or a Nespresso and Keurig will, at best, get you an espresso like concentrated coffee and an espresso-like drink, but not the real deal. Single-serve coffee makers just function in a different way and don’t brew an espresso in the same way that an espresso machine does. How they produce the exaggerated thick crema on top is not the same.

To brew a proper espresso, you need an espresso machine. There are machines available for all budgets, from professional machines to smaller, scaled down versions for home.

The bonus of owning such a machine is you will be able to make barista quality coffee drinks of all types at home. You are not limited to just shots of espresso.

Notable Features That The Ninja Coffee Bar Has

This coffee maker is packed with features that a home barista will find to be very convenient. The color-coordinated chrome and black appearance is beautiful and makes it look attractive in your kitchen.

Let’s focus on the actual features of the Ninja Coffee Bar.

Self Cleaning Option

Your Ninja Coffee Bar is effortless to clean. It also has a cleaning light that will alert you when it needs cleaning. All you need to do is to fill the water reservoir with white vinegar and water solution and push the clean button, and it will clean itself.

This is a great feature for low-cost inexpensive coffee makers to have. Don’t be lazy and wait for the light to come on. Cleaning your machine regularly and keeping it free of stale old coffee grounds and scale deposits from building up.

It Has Three Brewing Settings

Your Ninja Coffee Bar has 3 different brew settings which are as follows:

Standard Hot Plate

This is not a brew setting but is great for keeping your cup of coffee nice and hot. The timer feature and auto shut off are great for safety reasons.

Espresso Brewing Setting

There is a setting for brewing an espresso. However, as we have discussed already, this machine does not quite make an espresso as it lacks the 9 bar pressure required to do so. The strong, concentrated coffee that is produced mimics an espresso.

Single Cup Brewing

Rather than brewing a whole carafe for one person or just one cup, there is a fold-down stand where you can put your mug and brew a single cup of coffee.

Brew Options
From A Single Cup To A Whole Carafe Can Be Brewed

Brewing A Carafe

The two settings here are for a half carafe and a full carafe. This is simply achieved by turning the dial and selecting half or full carafe setting. Ensure that you have the appropriate amount of ground coffee in your filter basket and water in the water reservoir.

It is very convenient as it prevents you from wasting coffee and brewing too much coffee.

Specialty Brew

This option is used with the milk steamer which makes a frothy base for your milk based espresso drinks like a latte, cortado, flat white and so on. This setting helps you to create a whole range of milk-based coffee drinks.

Keep it in mind that a genuine Italian espresso is not possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Does The Ninja Coffee Bar Make Espresso

Does The Ninja Hot And Cold Brew Make Espresso?


The Ninja Hot and Cold Brew system does not make an espresso. None of the Ninja Coffee Makers currently make a true espresso. Some, like the Ninja Coffee Bar, do have a brew setting that permits them to make a short, strong coffee that is an espresso-like coffee concentrate but not quite an espresso.

Can A Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Make Espresso?

As per above, the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker does not make an espresso in the strictest terms, and you will notice that if you were to make and drink one. A strong, rich coffee is produced that you can use to make espresso based drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites and so on.

Can The Ninja Coffee Machine Make Espresso?

The Ninja espresso and coffee barista system has the ability for you to make espresso like coffee with the single serve coffee capsules. Like all capsules it’s espresso-like but not quite espresso.

What Is The Specialty Setting On A Ninja Coffee Maker?

The specialty setting on a ninja coffee maker is for making the short, sharp and focused coffee drink that resembles an espresso and can be used for making those lattes, cortados, mochas and so on.

Can Any Coffee Machine Make Espresso?

No, You can’t make a true espresso with regular coffee machines, not even a moka pot. A true espresso can only be made with an espresso machine.

Can You Make An Espresso Shot With Regular Coffee?

You can make an espresso shot with any type of coffee as long as it is very finely ground to a powder-like grind size and is a dark roast coffee. While many coffee lovers will claim that any roast can be used to get the thick rich crema on top, you need a dark roast that has been roasted no longer than 7 days previously.

Can You Make Cold Brew Coffee In The Ninja Coffee Bar?

No, you can’t make cold brew coffee with your Ninja Coffee Bar. You don’t need any special equipment or a machine to make a cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee requires the use of cold water to extract. Due to the low temperature, it can take 20+ hours to brew a cold brew coffee. The Ninja Coffee Bar can make an iced coffee. Iced coffee, despite the name, is hot brewed coffee that is instantly chilled with ice.

Can You Get Espresso In Cold Coffee?

Yes, you can make iced coffee with a single or double shot of espresso. This type of coffee is more like an iced Americano and an iced latter or iced cappuccino if milk is added.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Does The Ninja Coffee Bar Make Espresso?

Unfortunately, the Ninja Coffee bar does not make a true espresso. There is no cheating or coffee snobbery here. You will notice the short falls if you are an espresso drinker. If you are making the shots as the base for other drinks, you can most certainly do that.

Just don’t go about buying this machine if you are expecting to make a lot of espresso for your enjoyment.

If anyone asks you does the Ninja Coffee bar make espresso, the answer is unfortunately no.

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