Difference Between Mocha And Latte The Definitive Answer!

Difference Between Mocha And Latte? The Definitive Answer!

Last updated on October 24th, 2023 at 21:45

Learning the difference between mocha and latte will help you to decide which of these two beverages is best suited for you and when.

Both are tasty and delightful, but a mocha can’t be enjoyed every day.

Keep reading to find out why you really shouldn’t make a mocha your daily coffee!

Difference Between Mocha And Latte

A mocha and a latte are two different coffee drinks. To get an understanding of just how different these two beverages are, let’s look at how they are made.

  • Mocha: An espresso-based drink made with 1/3rd espresso and 1/3rd steamed milk and 1/3rd chocolate syrup or chocolate sauce. An espresso has a fine cap of foamed milk on top.
  • Latte: An espresso-based beverage that is made with 1/3rd espresso and 2/3rd of steamed milk. A latte is finished with a layer of foam and latte art.

A mocha has a more dominant espresso flavor due to the 1:1 ratio of espresso and milk and a rich chocolate flavor. A Latte is dominated by the presence of the steamed milk and has a rather milky taste with a light coffee flavor breaking past the creaminess of the milk.

Difference Between Mocha And Latte
Difference Between Mocha And Latte

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What Is A Mocha Latte?

A mocha latte is chocolatey coffee drink that has a few similar names, including café mocha, caffe mocha and of course mocha latte. It’s made with one or two shots of espresso and an equal amount of steamed milk and chocolate sauce in a ratio of 1:1:1.

The recipe can vary from place to place and coffee shop to coffee shop. Some outlets may use hot chocolate powder and mix it with the steamed milk and serve the hot chocolate milk using an espresso to chocolate milk ratio of 1:2. Other locations may use chocolate syrup.

The chocolatey flavor is notable and in balance with the milk and coffee.

The drink is not always made with dark chocolate as there are some tasty variations with milk chocolate, white chocolate and even a mix of both black and white chocolate.

The more interesting variations come when you get creative with flavored syrups and make some truly outstanding mocha based drinks like:

  • A peppermint mocha – this taste a lot like those after eight dinner mints!.
  • Chocolate orange mocha – I had to make the orange syrup myself. The result was a mocha that was a lot like a Terry’s chocolate orange.
  • Vanilla mocha latte – a lovely mocha that is like a vanilla latte with a slight more prominent coffee flavor and tone of chocolate and vanilla.
  • Salted Caramel mocha – a well-thought-out mocha with notes of salt and caramel mixing well with the chocolate and coffee.
  • Peppermint white chocolate mocha – a great variation of the dark chocolate peppermint mocha.

What Is A Latte?

A latte, known as a café latte and caffé latte, is a very popular coffee drink that is perfect for those that love milky coffee beverages with the rich creaminess and light coffee notes dominating the drink. It’s made with a single or double espresso shot and twice as much steamed milk and a fine layer of milk foam.

It’s famous for the latte art, both traditional 2D art and amazing modern 3D latte art.

Just as mocha is highly customizable, a latte is even more so. Popular latte variations include a piccolo latte and a breve latte as well as European classics like a café au lait and café con leche which differ slightly from a true latte.

A latte is a very flexible coffee and can be varied in hundreds of ways. You can add spices like allspice, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric and more. An infinite number of flavored syrups and combinations of them can be used to create the flavor that you desire.

The quest for the perfect latte also involves the use of various types of milk, including oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk. Even different versions of regular cows milk can be used, including full fat, low fat, no fat and various creams like half-and-half cream and heavy cream.

What Is A Latte
A Great Latte

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Mocha Vs Latte Calories

There is a big calorie difference between these two beverages: in all drink sizes, a mocha has almost double the amount of calories when compared to a latte.

Drink Size Caffé Latte Caffé Mocha
Short 8 Oz (240 ml) 100 calories. 200 calories.
Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) 150 calories. 290 calories.
Grande 16 Oz (480 ml) 190 calories. 370 calories.
Venti 20 oz (600 ml), 250 calories. 450 calories.

This means that a mocha, despite being a rather tasty and enjoyable drink, is one that should be enjoyed on special occasions only.

The Difference Between A Mocha And A Latte – The Caffeine Content

The caffeine levels in these two coffee drinks are different and with the small additional caffeine in a mocha due to the small amount of caffeine from the chocolate content.

Drink Size Caffé Latte Caffé Mocha
Short 8 Oz (240 ml) 75 mg of Caffeine. 90 mg of Caffeine.
Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) 75 mg of Caffeine. 95 mg of Caffeine.
Grande 16 Oz (480 ml) 150 mg of Caffeine. 175 mg of Caffeine.
Venti 20 oz (600 ml), 150 mg of Caffeine. 185 mg of Caffeine.

Even though the caffeine boost from a mocha is much greater it is less likely to cause or provoke anxiety or anxiety attacks due to the calming effect of the chocolate.

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Difference Between Mocha, And Latte And Cappuccino

Let’s get to how different a mocha, latte and cappuccino are by having a look and how each of these three beverages are made:

  • Mocha: Tasty espresso based beverage made with espresso, steamed milk and chocolate in equal proportions using a ratio of 1:1:1. A small cap of foam is added to the top of the drink.
  •  Latte: An espresso beverage made with steamed milk in an espresso to milk ratio of 1:2. A small foam cap is added on top and finished with latte art.
  • Cappuccino: An espresso-based beverage with steamed milk, espresso and a fluffy pillow of microfoam in equal amounts.

The result of the different compositions is three very different coffee drinks. A mocha is rich, chocolatey and decadent with slightly more caffeine and a lot of calories while a latte is milky, creamy and with light coffee flavor puncturing the milk. A cappuccino is strong with a great balance of coffee and milk with a fun, light and airy mouthfeel.

Difference Between Latte And Mocha And Macchiato

Analyzing a latte, mocha and a macchiato is best done when we first focus on how each drink is made.

  • Latte: A popular espresso based drink with espresso and steamed milk in a 1:2 ratio with a small amount of foam and latte art.
  • Mocha: Very similar to a latte where it is also an espresso based beverage. Espresso, milk and chocolate are in sync with a ratio of 1:1:1.
  • Macchiato: The strongest tasting espresso drink with milk. Literally all espresso with only a splash of steamed milk.

Mocha tastes great with the fine balance of espresso, chocolate and milk. Not too strong, not too milky and not too chocolatey either. A Latte is milky, mild and with only a light taste of coffee. It also has a very rich and velvet mouthfeel.

A macchiato is strong with the rough edges of the acidity and bitter notes taken off with the small splash of milk.

Frequently Asked Questions About Difference Between Mocha And Latte

A mocha has stronger coffee taste and slightly more caffeine than a latte due to the closer ratio of espresso and milk. The slightly higher caffeine content is not due to more coffee being used or an extra shot of espresso; it is from the caffeine content in the hot chocolate.

A latte has more steamed milk which reduces the presence of the coffee taste, making it a slightly weaker coffee drink.

Between a mocha and a latte, a mocha has the sweeter taste due to the chocolate syrup or chocolate sauce used to make the drink.

The recipe of mocha varies slightly from coffee shop to coffee shop, with varying levels of chocolate flavor from only a hint of chocolate to chocolate dominating the drink. Some coffee shops use syrup, other hot chocolate powder and others make a small amount of hot chocolate added to the drink. The one that is always certain a mocha is a sweeter taste due to the chocolate used. Compared to latte which is made with only steamed milk and espresso.

Which Coffee Is Better Latte Or Mocha?

Which is better is subjective. If you love sweet coffee beverages with a chocolate taste and a little milk foam, a mocha is the better choice for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy rich milky-creamy espresso based drinks with the silky texture of steamed milk, a latte is a better choice for you. 

Is Mocha A Coffee Or Chocolate?

A mocha is a coffee with chocolate; for some coffee lovers like me, it is the best of both worlds and popular choice at coffee shops. It is al particular coffee bean and species of the arabica coffee plant that was originally only grown in the city of Mocha, Yemen.

Is A Mocha A Latte Or Cappuccino?

A mocha is neither a latte nor a cappuccino. It is a coffee drink in its own right. It’s a coffee and chocolate lover’s delight. It’s made with a shot of espresso, an almost equal espresso to milk ratio as a latte but slightly less to allow room for the dark chocolate. 

A mochaccino is a mocha that is made to be more like a cappuccino with dark chocolate added than a latte with chocolate. 

A mocha coffee is good for reducing anxiety and helping you to focus. Although the caffeine can lead to anxiety, the chocolate has a reductive effect on that and helps your attention span.

Final Thoughts – Difference Between Mocha And Latte

Now that you have learned the difference between mocha and latte, you know which of these two coffees is best suited for you and exactly why a mocha is best enjoyed as an occasional treat.

All those calories, and cholesterol are not going to do you any favors!

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