Coffee Sock Cold Brew Instructions - Cold Brewed In A Coffee Sock

Coffee Sock Cold Brew Instructions – Cold Brewed In A Coffee Sock!

Last updated on November 13th, 2023 at 14:24

This article, coffee sock cold brew instructions, is exactly that: a tutorial for making cold brew in a coffee sock.

The coffee sock is relatively new to the market and is a slightly different way of brewing coffee. Not unique, just different. It is a filtration method that is better than paper filters. I’ll explain why later in this article.

Let’s put a sock on it and get on with this article.

What Is A Coffee Sock?

The name of this product makes it obvious what it is. A coffee sock is a very tightly knitted cotton fabric that is open at one end only with a wire attached to the open end. While the material used to make it can be anything. The most common by far is cotton, with quite a few using 100% organic cotton as the fabric of choice.

This is a great choice of material as cotton is predominantly made of cellulose which is flavorless, meaning it has no effect on the flavor profile of your coffee. Cellulose also mixes very well with water.

Another material that is commonly used is nylon.

In essence, it is a fabric-based reusable coffee filter and a good alternative to paper filters.

In Thailand, Coffee Socks have been used for decades by street side coffee shops and kiosks. In Havana, Cuba and Costa Rica, they use it for making their traditional and famous Café Carretero.

The most famous brand and company selling the coffee sock is the aptly named CoffeeSock Company. There are other companies you can check out. The most well known are these guys.

The brewing method of brewing coffee is that of filtration like, Chemex, pour over, and immersion like cold brew and French press. Depending, of course, on how long the sock is in length.

Coffee socks are very cheap and range in price from US$5 to US$20 at their current price and vary in size, quality and brand. The price point can also vary depending on the shape of only two variations, cone or cylindrical sock shape.

Coffee Sock Cold Brew Instructions
A Coffee Sock By CoffeeSock Company

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How To Make Cold Brew With A Coffee Sock

It is very easy to make cold brew coffee with your coffee sock. The simplest way is to use a mason jar, put your coarse ground coffee grounds in it using a 1:8 coffee to water ratio and then add your cold water, preferably ice-cold water.

Place the lid on your mason jar and store in your fridge while brewing. Wait 10-12 hours for it to brew and taste test it every couple of hours to make sure it hits your taste perfectly, hitting your sweet spot.

Pay attention to your brew time, grind size and weight of both water and coffee used.

When you do that, you will have created a repeatable process and get predictable results. For the best results, use fresh water, the freshest possible water and the freshest coffee beans that you can find.

Once it is brewed, remove the grounds by removing the sock and viola, your cold brew coffee is ready! Enjoy your cup of coffee.

When you are finished, save your coffee grounds, use them as an organic fertilizer for your plants and clean your sock, getting it ready for its next use.

Pro Tip: If you are using your coffee sock for the first time, boil it. It will shrink to half its size and fit better into your mason jar.

How To Make Cold Brew With A Coffee Sock
A Coffee Sock In Use

Can I Use A Coffee Sock As A Coffee Filter?


the coffee sock is a coffee filter. It is a sock filter and is designed to be used as a coffee filter. I have a strong preference for cloth filters, and I include this type of filter as one, over paper filters.

Not only is a filter of this type environmentally friendly, unlike a paper filter, it does not filter out all the coffee oils and thus, your coffee will be a little more flavorful coffee. The advantage over paper filters is that it is a reusable filter, and you will not run out!

And you won’t get that paper taste that is annoying and bland.

Just as you would use unbleached paper filters, use a sock that is made from unbleached cotton. Better still, organic cotton as well.

Can I Use A Coffee Sock As A Coffee Filter
A Coffee Sock Being Used To Make Drip Coffee

How To Clean Your Coffee Sock

After you have made your cold brew coffee, you need to clean it. The best and easiest way of cleaning your sock is to first empty your used grounds and recycle them by using them for another purpose. Then rinse your sock under a warm tap until all the used coffee grinds are removed.

Now hang your coffee sock to dry. Very easy.

Don’t wash it in your machine or with any detergents: just warm water is enough. You can let it steep in hot or boiling water every 6th or 7th use. Detergents and any chemicals used will negatively impact the taste of any subsequent coffee that you make.

Take good care of your coffee sock as a well-maintained coffee sock will last you a year or more with regular use.

How To Clean Your Coffee Sock
When Your Cold Brew Is Made, Remove And Clean Your Coffee Sock

Benefits Of Using A Coffee Sock

There are a number of plus points and benefits of using a coffee sock. A few of the main ones that immediately spring to mind are as follows:

The Organic Cotton Cloth Filters Create A Good Full Coffee Taste

I have never been a fan of cold brew or drip brew methods that use a paper filter. The paper unfortunately filters out the precious coffee oils that give coffee its rich flavor. The extraction of coffee oils is what the brewing process is all about. To filter out the accumulation of coffee oil with any method of filtration is, for a coffee lover, insanity!

With organic, unbleached cotton cloth filters of the coffee sock method, the heavy oiliness is maintained and not completely lost. Not all the oil makes its way into your finished brew with the coffee sock brew method as some are retained by the sock itself.

They still beat a paper filter every single day of the week.

Note: A nylon sack version has the same effect; I just strongly prefer the cotton version.

They Are Travel Friendly And Reusable

This is a huge plus for me and many others that travel a lot is the fact that coffee socks are as travel-friendly as you can get. They are small, light weight, and take up very little space in your luggage. They are a reusable alternative to paper filters and if you select which one well, you will choose a sock that is from a renewable resource.

When you are travelling and in need of a top quality self-made coffee on the go, you can just whip out your reusable filter and get on with both making your cold brew coffee and doing your bit for the environment.

What Is A Coffee Sock
Coffee Socks Are Travel Friendly

Coffee Sock Coffee Filters Last For A Long Time!

I’ve never been a fan of paper filters for the reason I have already mentioned and, well, trying to find them when travelling and learning the local word in the country’s language is annoying. Even then, I was praying to the coffee gods that they would be unbleached. Then having to do that every time I was close to running out, uggh no! Just no!

Thankfully, now I really don’t need to.

All I need is a couple of cotton coffee socks, and I am good to go. All I need is a small and large coffee sock cylindrical shape and one cone-shaped, and I am good to go. These filters last an incredibly long time when you take good care of them.

When finished making your hot or cold brew, drip brew, pour over coffee or Chemex coffee, just give them a good rise out with excess water and frequently boil wash them for 10 to 15 minutes, and they last for years.

When drying out, just hang them up and that is it.

Remember, do not use any chemicals or soaps, period. These will only ruin your future coffee.

How Long Does A Coffee Sock Last?

Take good care of your sock filters and they can last a year or two. Obviously, this depends on the frequency of use. Be sure to clean it properly after every use and rise properly and allow it to completely and properly dry. If your coffee sock gets moldy, wave goodbye to it. It is gone, finished and cannot be reused.

Make sure you get on as part of your cold brew kit.

When Should I Replace Coffee Socks?

The manufacturer of most coffee socks expect that your sock filter will last a year before you will need to replace them. The point at which you need to replace them is when you notice a reduction in the quality of your coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Socks Cold Brew Instructions

How Long Do You Boil A Coffee Sock?

Boil your coffee sock for 10 to 15 minutes in fresh water. If this does not get it clean, add a tablespoon of baking soda and boil your coffee sock for another 10 to 15 minutes.

How Long Can You Use A Coffee Sock?

If you take care of your Coffee Sock and give it a good clean after each use or every day it can last you from 6 months to 12 months depending on your use.

What Is The Best Ratio For Cold Brew Coffee?

The best ratio for cold brew coffee depends on what you want to make and how you want to use your cold brew coffee.

If you want to make a good ready-to-drink cold brew without diluting with water, the ideal coffee to water ratio is 1:8.

If you want to make a concentrate and add cold water, the best ratio is 1:2. If you want to make a hot cold brew – making a cold brew concentrate and adding hot water a 1:1 ratio is best as you get to add more hot water and raise the temperature.

How Long Should Cold Brew Steep?

How long you should steep your cold brew for depends on how you want to brew it. If you are brewing at room temperature, 12 to 16 hours is long enough.

I prefer to brew with ice-cold water and in the fridge to get all the low temperature compounds for true cold brew coffee. The brewing time takes from 16 hrs to 24 hours.

Should You Stir Cold Brew While Steeping?


If you stir your cold brew coffee while it is steeping, you may cause your coffee grounds to sink too soon, which will result in a weak taste.

You can stir at the beginning.

Does Cold Brew Have To Be Air Tight?


If you are brewing in your fridge, or even storing cold brew or any coffee beverage in your fridge, you absolutely must keep it in an airtight container. Coffee has great absorbent properties and can, and will take on the scents and flavors of other food items in your fridge.

How Do You Make Cold Brew With Coffee Socks?

Making cold brew coffee with a coffee sock is easy. Here is a brief summary of how to make it:

  • 1. Grind your coffee beans to a coarse grind using a ceramic flat burr coffee grinder.
  • 2. Measure and grind your coffee beans and your water. Use a ratio of 1:8, one part coffee and eight parts water.
  • 3. Put your freshly ground coffee in your coffee sock.
  • 4. Put your coffee sock into a container with your water and close the lid.
  • 5. Leave it in your fridge overnight to brew.
  • 6. Enjoy your coffee!

What Is The Ratio For Cold Brew Coffee?

The best ratio for making cold brew coffee is the golden ratio, which is 1:8 for cold brew coffee. A cold brew concentrated can be made with a much more focused coffee to water ratio of 1:4 to 1:2 and even 1:1.

Notably, a cold brew concentrate of 1:1 is effectively a cold brew ristretto and is much easier for making “hot” cold brew coffee. You simply add hot water, instead of cold water, to dilute the concentrate.

Frappé-Ing It All Up! – Coffee Sock Cold Brew Instructions

It is very easy to make coffee shop quality cold-brewed coffee by following the simple coffee sock cold brew instructions laid out in this article and extracting all the flavorsome and precious coffee oils. The end result is a great tasting Cuppa Joe.

Keep an eye out for retailers selling their coffee socks with a mason style canning jar; it’s a nice bonus!

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