Coffee Love Puns That Are VERY Flirty!

Coffee Love Puns That Are VERY Flirty!

Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 15:17

Coffee love puns can come in handy for that romantic start to your coffee date! If you want or need to dial up that temperature I have included some flirty coffee puns and some real dirty coffee puns.

(warning…very adult rated!).

If your date is still playful, no problem, I have included some cute coffee puns too!

Keep reading and get ready for a great list of coffee puns, or should I say, lists of coffee puns.

Coffee Love Puns

Perfect coffee puns like coffee love puns when well executed can be nice and great way of flirting and breaking the ice with that hot girl or hot guy.

Remember, no matter what type of flirty or funny coffee pun you are thinking of using, it is the delivery that makes the difference.

  • 1. You are so brewtiful.
  • 2. You and me, I think that we are the perfect blend.
  • 3. You are like my milk – steaming hot!
  • 4. I’ve bean thinking about a latte…
  • 5. I’ve got a whole latte love for you.
  • 6. I like you a latte.
  • 7. You are so hot you mocha me crazy!
  • 8. I think you and I would make a great cup-ple.
  • 9. Where have you bean all my life?
  • 10. I cannot espresso my love for you!
  • 11. Let’s get to together and live la vida mocha.
Coffee Love Puns
I Have A Latte Puns!

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Cute Coffee Puns About Love And Flirting

Some of these cute coffee puns about love and flirting may even be some of the funniest coffee puns that you have seen. 

  • 1. A kiss with you is like the perfect espresso, hot and steamy! 
  • 2. There is something brewing between us two. 
  • 3. Is that a steam wand I see in your trouser pocket? Are things about to get very steamy between us two?
  • 4. Hey, babe, pass the coffee and sugar, you just made me cream my pants. 
  • 5. They call me espresso ‘cos I grind so fine! 
  • 6. Forget the espresso, I’ll have a double shot of you. 
  • 7. Are you into fair trade? Then forget the coffee and give me your number. 
  • 8. They call Mr/Miss Coffee, because like coffee, I’ll keep you up all night.
  • 9. (For girls) You are how I like coffee, tall, hot, dark, and very strong!
  • 10 (for guys) You are how I like coffee – hot and wet. 
  • 11. I’d love to French press you against the wall while I espresso my love and make you scream a latte. 

If think these rather creative coffee puns are a bit flirty, these next ones are adult rated! 

Cute Coffee Puns About Love And Flirting
Coffee, Like Women Are Hot And Wet!

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Flirty Coffee Puns – Real Dirty Coffee Puns

Okay, let’s get steamy and get on with this list of real dirty coffee puns!

  • 1. What did the flirty female barista say to the customer she liked? Your coffee is not the only thing that is hot and wet.
  • 2. What does Starbucks and gold diggers have in common? The both suck and will leave you with an empty wallet.
  • 3. Why are handsome men and coffee very similar? The best ones are tall, rich and keep you up all night!
  • 4. What do coffee and frigid women have in common? A coffee goes down quicker and easier!
  • 5. What do hot coffee and hot men have in common? They can both injure your throat in a good way!

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Love Puns

Can A Coffee Date Be Romantic?

Yes, it can be, but don’t look too much into it. It’s a nice east “get to know you” non- committal first meeting. It’s also a safe public place to meet someone. Ladies, if he suggests meeting up, your or his fave coffee shop is a good place. Guys, if you like a girl and want to meet up to get to know her, go for coffee!

Choose a good specialty coffee shop that is busy. Safe for the ladies.

Can Coffee Be A Love Language?

Everything can be a language of love if you do it with love. Admittedly I’m not exactly the king of the kitchen when it comes to breakfast, but when it comes to coffee my Cambodian girlfriend more than appreciates her fantastic gourmet coffee is bed.

Whatever it is in your life, do it with love, and it will become your love language, yes that even includes coffee.

Is A Coffee Date Serious?

A coffee date is an easy low level “get to know you” kind of first date. Who doesn’t like meeting up for coffee? We all do it all the time with friends, family, co-workers. Play it easy! It it doesn’t work out and he or she is not attracted to you, no worries, move on!

Why Is Coffee Loved So Much?

Coffee is much loved and is the highest selling and traded commodity in the world behind oil. You could accurately say it is the most traded consumable commodity.

Coffee stimulates your mood and feeling and gives you a nice little perk up and stimulation and helps your metabolism. It’s also very healthy as long as you are going for one of those coffee drinks with a lot of sugar, milk and added creamers.

Above all, well-made single origin premium quality coffee tastes absolutely fantastic.

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Does Coffee Get You Turned?

Guys….about that coffee date…

Yes, coffee, according to peer-reviewed study from the University of Texas strongly indicates that coffee enhances female libido and may even get women turned on.

If that date goes well, you just never know what might happen next!

How Do You Flirt On A Coffee Date?

Play it easy and be yourself! Be interesting, make good eye contact match their body language signals they give off, consciously or subconsciously. Laugh, smile, compliment and be sincere. Bring your A game if you like that guy or girl.

Touching in a light and friendly way helps to create connection. Flirt as you normally would if two people that like each other are meeting up but calibrate it to the situation.

If it is going well, continue to lunch or dinner, or ice cream and a walk in the park!

How Do You Make A Romantic Coffee Date?

First know the staff, or at least be familiar with them. It helps to create social proof. Avoid chain coffee shops like Starbucks and even local franchising outlets in your country and go for the better gourmet shops with great coffee.

Be kind and pay for her coffee (if you are a guy) and the cake on the side. Keep it easy, related and just talk. Show a genuine interest in her and get her talking about herself.

What Is Coffee In Greek?

Coffee in Greek is καφέ which is pronounced Kafe, ελληνικό καφέ pronounced elleniko Kafe. You’ll get great coffee in Greece. Try their famous frothy coffee: the original frappé was invented in Greece. 

Final Thoughts – Coffee Love Puns

Coffee lovers love coffee love puns! When I have my morning coffee or afternoon cup of coffee to relax from or get ready for the daily grind I often check out some smart and great coffee puns of all kinds.

It gets me in that positive and playful mood. I often try to think of my own little one. If you have your own coffee love puns to add to this list or any of the lists above, join our cool coffee community and post them and help make coffee time fun time. Find us on Facebook/Meta.

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