Coffee Filter 2 Vs 4 - Coffee Filter Sizes Chart

Coffee Filter 2 Vs 4 – Coffee Filter Sizes Chart

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Size matters as you will find out in this coffee filter 2 Vs 4 comparison and guide. By the time you have finished reading this article, you will know about both filters and which size to use and have a handy coffee filter size chart for safe keeping.

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Coffee Filter 2 Vs 4 – How Are They Different?

The number that you see associated with a coffee filter is related to its size and shape of the coffee filter. The sizes are standard, which is good for manufacturers of drip coffee machines. as your machine needs to use a specific size of cone coffee filter, check your coffee machine and note which coffee filter it uses and order the correct size.

Now to the coffee filter 2 Vs 4 and how their difference between them.

  • A #2 Size filter is for use with a coffee machine that makes 2 to 6 cups of coffee.
  • A #4 size filter is for use with  8-10 cup non-electric coffee makers and 8-12 cup electric coffee machines.
Coffee Filter 2 Vs 4
Coffee Filter 2 Vs 4 Are Different

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Coffee Filter 2 Vs 4 Coffee Filter Size Which Is Bigger?

Let’s look at the measurements of these two coffee filters in terms of physical size.

  • A #2 Coffee filter measures 4 inches tall and 6.25 inches wide.
  • A #4 coffee filter measures 5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide.

Between these two filters, the #4 is the largest. This pattern continues to #6 filters. The higher the number, the larger the paper coffee filter is physically.

Both #2 and #4 coffee filters are designed for cone-shaped coffee makers.

Coffee Filter Sizes Chart

A convenient coffee filter size chart that you can copy, and take a screenshot of as a handy and easy reminder is below. Use the chart to make sure that you always use the correct size conical coffee filter for your coffee machine.

If you are unsure, you can either consult with the owners manual, contact the manufacturer or measure the place where you put your filter and see where it falls in this chart.

Coffee Filter Size Size: Height Size: Width How Many Cups Brewed? 
#1 Coffee Filter 2.6 inches 2.93 inches 1
#2 Coffee Filter 4 inches. 6.25 inches. 2-6
#4 Coffee Filter 5 inches. 7.5 inches. 8-10
#6 Coffee Filter 6.22 inches. 9.29 inches. 10+

Coffee Filter Size 1 Dimensions

A #1 coffee filter is for single cup coffee makers and measures 2.6 inches tall and 2.93 inches wide.

#2 Coffee Filter Dimensions

A #2 coffee filter’s dimensions are 4 inches tall and 6.25 inches wide and is for 2 to 6 cup coffee makers.

#4 Coffee Filter Dimensions

A number #4 coffee filter dimensions are 5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide and are ideal for using in 8 to 10 cup coffee makers.

Coffee Filter Size 6 Dimensions

A coffee filter size 6 dimensions are 6.22 inches tall and 9.29 inches wide and is perfect of 10 cup or more coffee makers.

Can I Use A #2 Filter In A Coffee Maker Designed For #4 Filter?

A good question, and you certainly can try it, but I certainly don’t advise that you do. Because the opening is smaller, you need to be much more careful when you add your coffee grounds. If you try it, you will not get the same coverage of water and distribution, and thus you will probably not get a good quality even extraction of your coffee grounds.

Most certainly you will not get the quality cup of coffee that you would expect nor the quality that the coffee maker was designed to make.

Coffee Filter Sizes Chart
Use The Right Size Always

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Can You Use A #4 Filter In A #2 Size Coffee Maker?

If you have bought a coffee filter that is too large for your coffee maker, you have a much better opportunity for getting some use out of them as you can try to trim them, better still fold them to size. It is still not advised as you can end up with one heck of a mess to clean.

Do #2 And #4 Coffee Filters Have A Different Thickness?

No, there is no difference in the thickness of the two coffee filters. The only difference is the diameter and the height. If you experience a difference in taste, it is most likely due to the amount of coffee used or how much hot water was used.

Is There A Difference In The Pore Size Between A #2 And #4 Coffee Filter?

No, both have a 20 micrometer pore size. This is a common and fairly standard for all sizes of paper coffee filters.

What Size Is A Standard Coffee Filter?

Approximately 95% of all automatic drip coffee machines fall into the size that suits a #2 and #4 coffee filter with the majority using the #4 filter.

It’s not a big deal if you have bought the wrong filters as they are cheap and inexpensive. There is no set standard size of a coffee filter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Filter 2 Vs 4

With the exception of basket filters, the majority of coffee machines use a #2 or #4 coffee filter. Both the 2 and 4 filters look the same but have an obvious and notable difference in size. A #2 coffee filter is for a coffee maker that makes 4 to 6 cups of coffee while a #4 is for 8-12 cup coffee maker.

The number #4 coffee filter size is in relation to how many cups of coffee the pour-over system or automatic drip coffee machine can brew. This size is ideal for 8-12 cup coffee machines a #6 is perfect for 10 or more cups. While a #2 is the size to use for 2-6 cup coffee machines.

Yes, if you use 2 coffee filters together to produce a bolder and stronger tasting cup of coffee due to the increased extraction time. It is not something that I recommend at all because brewing coffee with 2 filters will likely produce a coffee that is overtly bitter, over extracted and might even break your automatic coffee maker.

The coffee filter numbers correspond to the filter size. The majority of drip coffee machines need a specific size of filter depending on how much coffee it can brew.

  • Number 2 coffee filter is for brewing 2 to 6 cups of coffee.
  • Number 4 coffee filter is for brewing 8 to 10 cups of coffee.
  • A number 6 coffee filter is for brewing more than 10 cups of coffee.

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What Is The Best Ratio For Filter Coffee?

A coffee to water ratio of 1:17 is the best ratio for filter coffee. That is, for every gram, ounce, scoop or cup of coffee grounds used you will need to use 17 times as much water. 

This ratio allows the brewing process to get an ideal amount of TDS – Total Dissolved Solubles from the coffee grounds and into the water resulting a great brew. 

The two most common coffee filter sizes for a conical filter are the #2 and #4. These two sizes will cover the needs of most coffee lovers.

Final Thoughts – Coffee Filter 2 Vs 4

If you have read this far, you have a good grasp of coffee filters 2 Vs 4 and how they are different and which one you should use and with which machine.

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