The Only Coffee Cup Size Chart That You Will Ever Need!

The Only Coffee Cup Size Chart That You Will Ever Need!

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Every coffee lover knows that coffee is a mugs game, and you have got to know the right coffee mug size for all coffee drinks, from a shot of espresso to cold brew and everything in between. On top of that, for an amazing coffee experience, you need to use and know the correct types of cups for all the different coffees. With this in mind, I have created a coffee cup size chart for you to reference when you need to.

If things were not complicated enough, American coffee drinking habits are different from Europeans, and I’m not talking about ounces vs milliliters conversions, different amounts and in some instances different styles of cups are used.

I have only one question for you – Are you ready for the only coffee cup size chart that you will ever need?

If your answer is yes, then keep reading!

What Size Is A Coffee Cup?

The standard size of a coffee cup varies from an average size of 8 to 10 ounces depending on where you are getting your coffee from. Different establishments will use different sizes.

Unfortunately, there is no standard coffee cup size that is set out by any particular authority or agency.

For me, personally, I like a 12 ounce size (355 ml) and a good 16 ounce (454 ml). When it comes to the manufacturers of coffee equipment, they are very stingy, or better said crafty and creative with their measurement and definition of a standard cup size and use as little as 6 ounces (178 ml).

The reason behind this creativity is the smaller the average coffee cup size they use, the greater the number they can use for their marketing campaigns and make their coffee pot appear to be bigger than they actually are.

A 10 cup coffee pot can be 60 ounces (1.78 liter) to 80 ounces (2.27 liter) or even 100 ounces (2.8 liter) meaning there is quite a variation in the size of your pot of coffee here.

What tends to happen is the makers of coffee equipment will market a 60 ounce (1.7 liter) coffee pot as a 10 cup coffee pot rather than a 5 cup coffee pot when basing their standard coffee cup size on a more ample 12 ounces.

Which has the effect of you thinking it is bigger than it actually is. I advise when you look at a coffee brewer, urn, pot or another piece of coffee making equipment to focus on the small print and try to find how many ounces or milliliters it holds.

What Size Is A Coffee Cup
The Size Of A Coffee Cup Varies

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Coffee Cup Sizes Chart

The coffee cup size chart below is a nice list of the most common and popular sizes for coffee cups. Get the coffee cup size wrong, and you can end up with an unenjoyable Cuppa Joe. To get and enjoy a perfect coffee experience, you absolutely must use the correct coffee cup size. Imagine if you served a caffe Americano in an espresso cup or an espresso in an 8 or 12 ounce cup.

Coffee franchises and popular coffee chains use their own size names and size standards for their drinks.

Coffee Drink

Cup Size (Ounces)

Size (millilitres)

Ristretto 3/4 Ounce 22.5 ml.
Double Ristretto Shot 1.5 Ounces 45 ml
Espresso Shot 2 Ounces 59 ml
Turkish Coffee 2 ounces to 2.5 Ounces 59 ml to 74 ml.
Macchiato 2 Ounces 59 ml
Caffe Lungo 3 Ounces 90 ml
Affogato 3 Ounces + Vanilla Ice Cream 90 ml +Vanilla Ice Cream
Long Black 3.5 to 4 Ounces. 100 ml to 120 ml.
Double Shot Of Espresso 4 Ounces 118 ml
Macchiato Double Shot 4 ounces 118 ml.
Caffè Breve 5 to 6 Ounces 150 ml to 180 ml
Cortado 5 to 7 Ounces 150 ml to 200 ml
Flat White 5.5 Ounces 160 ml
Cappuccino 6 Ounces 177 ml
Filter coffee 6 Ounces 177 ml
Café Solo 7.5 Ounces 220 ml
Red Eye coffee 8 Ounces 236 ml
Mocha 8 Ounces 236 ml
Caffe Americano 8 Ounces 236 ml
Latte 8 Ounces 236 ml
Frappé 8.5 Ounces 255 ml
Nitro Cold Brew 11 Ounces 325 ml
Iced coffee 12 Ounces 355 ml
Iced Latte 12 Ounces 355 ml

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What Are Starbucks Coffee Cup Sizes?

Starbucks has a variety of standard cup sizes and fancy names that they use in their outlets, which are Short, Tall, Grande, Venti and Trenta. Their sizes are 8, 12, 16, 20 and 30 ounces. In millilitres, the sizes are 236, 355, 462, 591, and 896 ml.

Starbucks Coffee Cup Sizes Ounces Millilitres
Starbucks Short Sized Coffee Cup 8 Ounces 236 ml

Starbucks Tall Sized Coffee Cup

12 Ounces

355 ml

Starbucks Grande Sized Coffee Cup

16 Ounces

462 ml

Starbucks Venti Sized Coffee Cup

20 Ounces

591 ml

Starbucks Trenta Sized Coffee Cup

30 Ounces

896 ml

What Are Starbucks Coffee Cup Sizes
Cento Is Rare, For Clarity It Is 2.8 liters!

McDonald’s Coffee Cup Sizes

McDonald’s and their McCafe line comes in 3 very good coffee cup sizes, of McCafe McSmall which is 12 Oz (355 ml), A McMedium 16 Ounce cup (462 ml) and a McCafe Large which is 591 ml.

McDonalds McCafe Coffee Cup Size



McCafe Small

12 Ounces

355 ml

McCafe Medium

16 Ounces

462 ml

McCafe Large

20 Ounces

591 ml

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Sizes

There are only 4 Dunkin Coffee sizes which are small, medium, large and extra large and their sizes in fluid ounces and millilitres are as follows:

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Cup Size Ounces Millilitre
Small 8 236 ml
Medium 16 462 ml
Large 24 698 ml
Extra large 32 924 ml

European Coffee Sizes

The standard coffee measurements in Europe, I speak as a modern European man that understands both the imperial UK and US standard measurement system and the continental European metric system.

The European Coffee sizes are fairly similar in ounces as they are in milliliters with them rounded to the nearest rounded to the nearest number in units of 5 ml.

Coffee Drink

Cup Size (Ounces)

Size (millilitres)

European Coffee Size Equivalent

Ristretto 3/4 Ounce 22.5 ml. 22.5 ml
Double Ristretto Shot 1.5 Ounces 45 ml 45 ml
Espresso Shot 2 Ounces 59 ml 60 ml
Macchiato 2 Ounces 59 ml 60 ml
Turkish Coffee 2 Ounces To 2.5 Ounces 59 ml to 74 ml 60 ml to 75 ml
Affogato 3 Ounces + Vanilla Ice Cream 90 ml Vanilla Ice Cream 90 ml
Caffe Lungo 3 Ounces 90 ml 90 ml
Long Black 3.5 To 4 ounces 100ml to 120 ml 100 ml to 120 ml
Double Shot Of Espresso 4 Ounces 118 ml 120 ml
Macchiato Double Shot 4 ounces 118 ml. 120 ml
Cortado 5 to 7 Ounces 150 ml to 200 ml 150 ml to 200ml
Caffè Breve 5 to 6 Ounces 150 ml to 180 ml 150 ml to 180 ml
Flat White 5.5 Ounces 160 ml 160 ml
Cappuccino 6 Ounces 177 ml 175 ml
Filter coffee 6 Ounces 177 ml 175 ml
Café Solo 7.5 Ounces 220 ml 220 ml
Mocha 8 Ounces 236 ml 240 ml
Latte 8 Ounces 236 ml 240 ml
Red Eye Coffee 8 Ounces 236 ml 240 ml
Caffe Americano 8 Ounces 236 ml 240 ml
Frappé 8.5 Ounces 255 ml 255 ml
Nitro Cold Brew 11 Ounces 325 ml 325 ml
Iced Latte 12 Ounces 236 ml Of Latte + Ice 240 ml
Iced coffee 12 Ounces 355 ml 355 ml

Why Are Italian Coffee Cups So Small?

The special espresso cup is called a Demitasse cup, which is usually only 2 fluid ounces (59 ml) and is 2.5 inches tall. There is a particular reason for this.

It keeps the crema intact, keeping it nice, rich and thick. Without the crema as any coffee connoisseur and coffee expert will tell you, an espresso loses its appeal, taste and texture.

The bigger that an espresso cup is, the more the rich, thick crema will spread out and become thinner, which will cause your coffee to lose its aroma.

If you want authentic coffee servings and plan on enjoying homemade espresso, then you will need to buy a set of demitasse cups.

Standard Coffee Cup Size mL NZ

According to the New Zealand food standards agency the average coffee cup size for an independently owned café is 281 ml while franchised coffee chains had slightly more at 286 ml.

However, it is reported by coffee lovers and enthusiasts down under in Australia and New Zealand that 12 oz, which is 355 ml, is served as a 400 ml in most coffee shops. Which is a much bigger rounding of the numbers than in continental Europe.

Serious caffeine consumers and those that love coffee for the rich taste of the beans will be disappointed as the extra 45 ml, (1.5 Oz) is from milk, resulting in weaker, milkier coffee.

Coffee Cup Sizes UK

The standard coffee cup for the United Kingdom and Ireland are as follows. Notably the UK has a very ample 350 ml standard mug size.

Which is pretty close to what I like – 360 ml. I am such a typical British coffee lover!

Coffee Cup Type. Coffee Cup Size UK And Ireland. 
Espresso cup 60 ml
Macchiato cup 60 ml
Turkish coffee cup 75 ml
Cortado glass 135 ml
Bol 160 ml
Flat white cup 160 ml
Cappuccino cup 180 ml
Latte glasses 220 ml
Irish coffee glass 250 ml
Standard mug 350 ml

Latte Cup Size ML

An average size of a latte is 8 ounces (236 ml) with Europeans serving in a 240 ml cup size. The latte cup size used for an iced latte is 12 ounces to accommodate for the ice. In Europe, a 350 ml iced latte cup size is used. The coffee capacity is still the same when comparing the iced coffee version and a regular latte.

The dimensions of a latte cup and its coffee capacity.

When you have your own home espresso coffee machine or a French press coffee maker, you can skip your local corner coffee shops and high-end cafés and make your own delicious lattes at home.

Flat White Cup Size ml

A flat white cup size in ml is 160 ml as standard. It is not a coffee that has too great of a global appeal as it is very much a tall latte, a latte served in a taller glass rather than a wide brimmed bowl cup that a regular latte is served in.

Quick question – is a flat white available in your country? Tell us on our social media pages!

Espresso cup size ml

An espresso cup size, if it is served properly, it will be in a tiny 60 ml demitasse cup. These cups are really small and only 2 ounces in American and British imperial measurements and are of a standard espresso cup size.

The small size is key to successfully making an espresso.

Cortado Cup Size ml

A Spanish cortado is served in a very distinctive looking cup that resembles an oversized shot glass. The standard Cortado cup size is 150 ml to 200 ml which is 5 ounces to 7 ounces. The glass used for a cortado is known as a Gibraltar glass.

The name literally translates to “short coffee“.

Cappuccino Cup Size ml

A 6 ounce 180 ml cup side is perfect for a cappuccino. The same wide bowl cup as a latte should be used for serving a cappuccino. The type of cup for a cappuccino allows the foamed milk to spread out.

Making a cappuccino is a key skill as the base is an espresso shot topped up with milk and foam. Key to getting this coffee drink correct is not making it too milky otherwise, it will resemble a latte with foam.

Travel Coffee Mug Sizes

The top-selling and most popular and bestselling travel mugs are very good and very ample 16 ounces. The next best-selling travel coffee mug is a 20-ounce size.

The regular coffee mug that I use is actually a travel mug. It is well-designed, shaped like a mug holds 16 ounces and is well-insulated for both heat and cold. I use it as my regular mug as it is non-spill and keeps my drink hot for longer.

It is a good size and for some, double servings of coffee in a single mug and good for a hit of filter coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Cup Size Chart

The standard coffee cup size in America is 8 fluid ounces. In Europe and the rest of the world the standard cup size is 250 (8.4 oz). Notably, the United Kingdom has a standard cup size is 350 ml, (11.7 Oz).

What Are The Different Sizes Of Coffee Cups?

Some standard coffee mug sizes are: 

  • 2 to 3 Oz demitasse cups or shots of espresso. 
  • 5 – 6 Oz mugs for Caffe Americano and Cappuccinos. 
  • 8 Oz Mugs for Lattes and flavored lattes. 
  • 11 – 15 Oz for larger coffees.
  • 15 Oz to 20 Oz for Travel mugs. 
  • 15 Oz to 20 Oz for travel tumblers. 

What Size Is A Medium Coffee Cup?

A medium size coffee is 360 ml (12 oz). This size is known as the Tall size at Starbucks.

Are Cappuccinos And Lattes The Same Size?

No, the correct coffee cup to use for a cappuccino is slightly smaller than the cup used for serving a latte. A cappuccino cup is 150 ml (5 Oz) to 180 ml (6 oz). A Latte cup is slightly larger.

Why Is A Cappuccino So Small?

A cappuccino has less milk than a latte and is intended to be served in a smaller cup. The espresso shot and coffee are served in equal amounts. If the cup size was the same, the drink would have too much milk froth, which is also supposed to be served in an equal amount.

The word venti means twenty in Italian which is why it is 20 ounces (600 ml) and 24 ounces (720 ml) for cold and iced beverages.

Frappé-ing It All Up! – Coffee Cup Size Chart

This is clearly the best and only coffee cup size chart that you will ever need. Listed are several different coffee drinks with the cup size in both ounces and ml and the European coffee cup size equivalent.

Use it to get the right coffee beverage in the right coffee cup and size.

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