Coconut Cream Coffee - A Creamy Dreamy Coffee!

Coconut Cream Coffee – A Creamy Dreamy Coffee!

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Coconut cream coffee is tasty, amazing and incredibly easy to make. In this article I detail this type of coffee, what it is, is keto friendly (or not) and give you a great recipe for making coconut cream coffee and as a bonus a second recipe for making a coconut cream latte.

Keep reading for the details and get ready for making an amazing coffee.

Coconut Cream Coffee

Coconut cream coffee is a great, tasty and very healthy variation of both regular coffee and coconut milk coffee. The main difference between regular coffee is that mouth watering flavor that has you reminiscing of enjoying a great coffee on a hammock in a tropical paradise by the beach.

Coconut cream coffee is very, very similar to regular coffee with coconut milk with a notably heavier mouthfeel and richer texture due to the higher fat content. It’s like a more decadent version.

Stay focused as I get in greater detail.

Coconut Cream Coffee
Coconut Cream Coffee

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Is Coconut Cream In Coffee Keto Friendly?

Yes, coconut cream, coconut milk and coconut water are all keto friendly. If you are on a vegan and keto friendly diet and gluten-free, you have nothing to worry about at all as all three are compliant and fully compatible with this kind of diet.

Both coconut cream and coconut milk are high in healthy fats, medium chain triglycerides which are great for your heart health and have many more health benefits. At the same time as being high in fat it is low in carbohydrates and absolutely delicious.

In fact, it might just be a great idea to switch your regular coffee creamer for coconut cream and your regular milk for coconut milk, at least for your morning coffee a great health boost to set you up for the day ahead!

As cheeky little extra nutritional boost for flu season, is there a tastier sounding coffee than a coconut cream coffee with honey?

Now that is what I call a tasty morning coffee treat! As a bonus, both coconut and honey are antimicrobial, antibacterial and have antiviral properties!

It’s of little surprise that I never get sick or never catch the flu!

Coconut Cream Coffee Creamer Recipe

The coconut cream coffee creamer recipe is universal and can be used in whatever coffee beverage that you so wish. It’s quite magnificent as a topping on cold brews and iced cappuccinos, café breve and can even be used as an exotic variation of a dalgona coffee.

It’s also excellent as a more decadent and richer latte, flat white and macchiato with the thicker, richer and creamier mouthfeel than coconut milk.

The best part is this coconut creamer recipe is just child’s play to make and is perfect for Keto, vegan and gluten-free diets.

Full fat coconut milk is perfect for using in your coffee and tea lattes and makes a great alternative to London Fog with creamy coconut taste.

Occasionally I add vanilla for a great coconut-vanilla flavor to add to my coffee and emulate Starbucks coconut latte.

Coconut Cream Coffee Creamer Recipe
Coconut Cream For Coffee Is Easy To Make

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Ingredients For Making Coconut Cream Coffee Creamer 

At Latte Love Brew we encourage you to use the best possible ingredients that you can afford. It is the barista’s principle where the best ingredient and the best equipment produce the best results.

Here is what you will need for 8 servings:

  • 15 Oz (450 ml) can or carton of whole fat canned coconut milk. Organic or with no additives is best.
  • 6 Tablespoons of raw honey or manuka honey.
  • 1 tablespoon of pure vanilla extract or two vanilla pods.
  • Optional: Sprinkle of cinnamon, cocoa powder or cardamon on each cup of coffee.

Instructions For Making Coconut Cream Coffee Creamer

Making this tasty coconut cream coffee creamer is easy, here is how to make it step by step!

Step 1: Blend It

Blend your full-fat coconut milk, honey and vanilla extract until they are perfectly mixed together.

If you are using a vanilla pod to flavor your coconut milk, slice it and gently heat your coconut milk and leave it for 6 to 12 hours to extract. Taste test and when you have a good coconut and vanilla flavor balance, remove the vanilla pods.

Let your coconut milk cool and then proceed to adding your honey and blending it to match your vanilla and coconut flavors.

Step 2: Froth It!

Measure how much you will need for your cup of coffee, 2 Oz to 4 Oz (60 ml to 120 ml) depending on your cup size. Froth it using a handheld milk frother. You can froth using your milk steaming wand on your espresso machine, but steam gently and lightly.

Other techniques of frothing include using your French press or manual pump milk frother. Add your coconut cream and fill no more than ⅓ full and pump with vigor for 45 seconds to a minute or until it doubles in volume.

You can also add your coconut cream to an ice-cold cocktail shaker or mason jar and shake with vigor and energy for 45 to 60 seconds.

Is Coconut Cream In Coffee Keto Friendly
Froth And Decorate

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Step 3: Pour It

Pour your frothy coconut cream into your coffee or tea and enjoy.

Note: If you unfortunately end up with coconut cream lumps in your creamer, warm it up gently at a low heat in a saucepan and froth with an immersion blender or electric milk frothing wand.

Coconut Cream Latte Starbucks

At Starbucks their coconut cream latte is made with single origin coconuts sourced from Sumatra, Indonesia and has vanilla bean powder, and of course a shot of espresso.

Due to the method of elaboration it is technically an upside down coconut latte.

For a matter of greater clarity, it is coconut milk and not coconut cream that is used.

Coconut Cream Latte Recipe

You can use the coconut cream recipe from above to make a fantastic coconut cream latte that is rich, tasty and with a dash of tropical sunshine in your cup.

Make your coconut cream as described in the recipe above and move forward to making your espresso shot. The better your espresso, the better your coffee will be.

Coconut Cream Latte Ingredients

Since we have dealt with the ingredients for making the cream earlier and already know how to make the cream, let’s just go straight to the espresso shot.

Only two ingredients are needed, bottled water or filtered water and premium quality freshly roasted whole coffee beans. The best roast is a dark roast with Italian roast and French roast being the best two choices.

Instructions For Making A Coconut Cream Latte At Home

At Latte Love Brew we like to use the traditional Italian ratio and volume which is 30 ml (1 Oz) and a coffee to water ratio of 1:1.5.

Weigh 20 grams of whole coffee beans and grind them to a very fine powder like espresso grind size using a ceramic flat burr grinder.

Grind your coffee in bursts of 5 seconds and rest for 3 seconds. The burst technique helps to prevent your coffee grinds from clumping and is good for reduced heat transfer.

Put your ground coffee into your portafilter and tamp with care and attention. Poor tamping can lead to problems later like channeling and a poor extraction of your espresso.

Put your digital coffee scale on your drip tray and put your coffee cup on top. Tare your scales and pull your shot.

Pull your shot and time the extraction. Your shot should weigh 1 oz (30 grams).

If your shot is above or below 30 grams, you may need to adjust your machine.

The perfect extraction time is 25 seconds. The closer your brew time is to 25 seconds, the better it will be. There is a permittable variance of 5 seconds.

If your shot is extracted in less than 20 seconds, your shot will be too weak, watery and slightly sour tasting. To rectify and correct this problem, use a slightly finer grind to encourage greater contact between your hot water and your coffee grounds.

If your brew time is longer than 30 seconds, your espresso shot will be over brewed, bitter and too strong. To fix this error, use a slightly larger grind size to encourage the water to flow through grinds with greater ease.

When you have that perfect shot, add your coconut cream using an espresso to dairy ratio of 1:2.

Serve and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coconut Cream Coffee

Can I Put Coconut Cream In My Coffee?

Yes, and I absolutely recommend that you try it if you have not already. Coconut cream, coconut milk and coconut oil are all great additions to your coffee and there are many great recipes. My favorite recipe is Vietnamese coconut coffee (Ca Phe Dua) and using coconut cream, you might just ditch coffee creamer for good!

What Does Coconut Cream Taste Like In Coffee?

Coconut cream in coffee is refreshing, tasty, quite tantalizing and slightly sweet, especially if it is made with Thai coconuts. The coconut flavor in coffee is amazing, creamy and adds a great texture. It is fabulous and a fantastic tropical treat.

Can I Use Coconut Cream Instead Of Milk?

Yes, you can use coconut cream in place of regular milk and instead of coconut milk in your coffee. It will add a greater texture and a heavier mouthfeel.

Coconut cream is also a great substitute for heavy cream.

Is Coconut Milk Nice With Coffee?

Coconut milk is more than nice with coffee; it’s an amazing, tantalizing treat that will have your taste buds dancing and singing with joy, especially when you mix it with premium quality dark roast coffee beans.

What’s The Difference Between Coconut Milk And Coconut Cream?

The difference between coconut milk and coconut cream is the reduced water content in coconut cream, which means there is a greater amount of coconut, more fat and is thicker than coconut milk.

Basically, the difference between them is the same as the difference between dairy cream and dairy milk.

Can Coconut Cream Be Heated?

Yes, you can heat coconut cream and enjoy it in a warm cup of coffee, but you need to heat it gently. Steam it carefully and froth with attention.

Is Coconut Cream Good For Keto?

Yes, coconut cream is keto friendly and perfect for a gluten-free diet, and obviously it is vegan friendly too. If you are on a gluten-free keto vegan diet, you can use coconut cream in your morning coffee without worry.

Is Starbucks Coconut Milk Sweetened?

Unfortunately yes, Starbucks coconut milk does have added sugar. It is unfortunate as they use a high quality single origin coconut milk from Sumatra, Indonesia.

Final Thoughts – Coconut Cream Coffee

Coconut cream coffee is quite delightful, and I hope that you have had fun making both the coconut cream latte and the coconut cream coffee and give serious thought to using coconut milk, cream and oil in coffee, at the very least for the hydration and health benefits.

Did you make a coconut cream coffee or a coconut cream latte?

How did it turn out?

Did you add your own “secret” twist or ingredient? Let your fellow coffee lover know and share your tips in our cool coffee community. Find us on Facebook/Meta.

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