Cleaning Capresso Coffee Maker - Descaling Your Capresso.

Cleaning Capresso Coffee Maker – Descaling Your Capresso.

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Thankfully, cleaning Capresso coffee maker is very easy with nothing too complicated or complex for you to do. Regardless of which type of coffee maker or coffee machine you have, be it a Nespresso, a Capresso or K-Cup or a full home espresso machine, you need to clean it regularly to get rid of coffee residue and the best possible and freshest possible coffee.

Don’t wait until your cup of coffee is tasting off or less than perfect: keep a maintenance schedule and clean it monthly or bi-monthly depending on your usage.

Let’s get down to and get your Capresso coffee maker nice and clean!

Why Cleaning Capresso Coffee Maker Is Important!

The most important reason you have for cleaning your coffee maker is simple – A dirty coffee maker can make you sick.

The mold spores that may be inside your machine and hidden from your eye, can end up in your Cuppa Joe and provoke allergies, cause congestion, itchy eyes, skin irritation, headaches due to mold, in small amounts, is an irritant.

Cleaning Capresso Coffee Maker
Like An Orange Coffee Can Grow Mold

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How Do You Clean A Capresso Coffee Maker – Descaling Your Machine

On the official website and in the user manual, it is recommended that you descale your coffee machine every 1 to 3 months. How often it varies on your own usage and the water quality in your area. Personally, I use filtered water in my machine.

Improving your coffee quality will improve how your coffee tastes. Plus, filtering and descaling your water in the first place is a very nice preventative maintenance.

To clean your Capresso look for and remove the charcoal filter from the water container tank. Also seek out the filter basket, remove it and the GoldTone filter.

With Capresso Cleaning Solution, dissolve 1 ounce (30 grams) in 33 ounces (1 Liter). Mix well and then pour the mixture into the water tank.

Now put your empty (and clean) carafe into your Capresso coffee machine. Be sure to close the lid of your carafe.

Now press the Ground Coffee button and turn the Grinder off and then press Brew to switch your machine on for just 2 to 3 minutes.

Press the brew button again to switch off your machine and wait 15 to 20 minutes. After waiting 15 to 20 minutes, press the brew button again to switch it on. Once it is back on, allow the rest of the descaling cleaning solution to pass through your coffee making machine.

Now turn your coffee machine off and remove the carafe, clean and rinse it well several times with water.

Rinse your filter very well with warm water and put it back into your machine. Give your water tank a real good clean and rinse it well, very well. Run several filtered, descaled water, cycles through your machine by pressing brew to rinse out any descaling solution that is in your machine. Use fresh water.

How Do You Clean A Capresso Coffee Maker
Capresso Recommends Using Their Cleaning Solution

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Cleaning A Capresso Espresso Machine

The process for cleaning your Capresso Espresso Machine is very similar to the process above.

Dissolve 1 ounce (30 grams) of Capresso cleaning solution in 33 Ounces (1 Liter) of clean water. Mix the solution well and pour the mixture into the water tank.

Clean your portafilter well and lock it into place and put a large container below the coffee spouts to collect the cleaning solution that is going to come out.

Run the cycle until all the cleaning solution has passed through the machine and the water tank is empty.

It is possible that you might need to run this cleaning cycle a few times until your machine is completely clean. Once it is clean, rinse all parts well, the portafilter and water tank. Now fill the tank with cold water and run several cycles as above and with the portafilter in place to remove the cleaning solution from the internal pipes and completely rinse the machine out.

Cleaning A Capresso Espresso Machine
A Capresso Espresso Machine Is Just As Easy To Clean

How Do You Clean A Capresso Coffee Maker With Vinegar?

Cleaning a Capresso coffee maker with vinegar is very similar to the above-mentioned process.

It can be done in 4 easy steps, as follows:

  • 1. Remove and empty your coffee pot and filter. Bin any leftover coffee grounds, used or unused.
  • 2. Add white vinegar and clean water, filling your coffee pot with a 1:2 vinegar to cold water ratio until full.
  • 3. Switch on your coffee maker and brew up a pot of coffee.
  • 4. Run a cycle of water only for 3 to 5 cycles.

If you need to give your machine a good deep clean, run several cycles of the above process, and consider a 1:1 ratio of vinegar to water.

How Do You Clean A Capresso Coffee Maker With Vinegar
Vinegar Is A Great Cleaning Solution

How Much Vinegar Do You Use To Clean A Coffee Maker?

I like to clean my coffee maker thoroughly and deeply. A set amount is not what I calculate with. What works well is a ratio. A ratio of 1:1 vinegar to water works very well for machines that need a real good deep clean.

For a regular clean, a ratio of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water is fine. Once per quarter, every 3 months, I ensure a real solid clean by filling the water tank with undiluted vinegar and running a cleaning cycle. This is followed up with a second cycle of 1:1 ratio and then a 1:2 and then rinsed with several cycles of hot water to rinse out the vinegar taste. I only stop rinsing when the smell of vinegar has gone.

How Do I Get The Vinegar Taste Out Of My Coffee Maker?

Running a good long rinse cycle using at least 5 – 7 or more pots or water tanks full of hot water in your coffee maker will remove any vinegar residue inside it. Also, ensure you rinse the water container or coffee pot well before you start the rinsing process.

Rinse all parts well with water, including the filter, filter basket and portafilter, depending on which type of machine you have.

Is Descaling Solution Better Than Vinegar?

When you clean your machine, it does not matter which you use. White vinegar is easier to find and is sold in every grocery store. The descaling solution is designed specifically for cleaning and descaling coffee machines and to keep them running well.

One is not better than the other in my opinion.

How Often Should You Clean Your Coffee Maker?

It is suggested that you clean your coffee machine every 1 to 3 months. My suggestion is that you clean your machine at least once per month. Regular cleaning will maintain your machine well and keep it clear from mold from building up and stop you from getting sick.


regular cleaning prevents the build up of lime deposits in your coffee machine and other coffee debris. Regular cleaning makes your cup of coffee fresher.

Can I Clean My Capresso Coffee Maker With Baking Soda?


simply mix baking soda with water in the water tank / coffee pot instead of vinegar. Run a few cleaning cycles and rinse well with water. Clean the water tank by running a soft sponge along the inside of it and cleaning well.

Rinse the water tank well every time.

How Do You Turn Off The Clean Light On A Capresso Coffee Maker?

This is very easy to deal with. Just press and hold the Oily button and Auto button together for 3 seconds. It will make a loud beep sound and then the light will be turned off.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Capresso Coffee Maker

Can You Use Vinegar To Descale A Coffee Machine?

Yes, you can descale your coffee machine with vinegar. Be sure to dilute the solution to 50% vinegar and 50% water. Run a brew cycle and get that deep clean that perhaps the descaling solution cannot achieve.

When the brew cycle of vinegarwater has finished, run an abundance of fresh water rinsing cycles, 3-5 cycles of filling the reservoir to the max fill line and running rinsing cycles until the scent and taste of vinegar has gone.

Which Is Better Vinegar Or Descaling Solution?

Distilled white vinegar is available everywhere and is cheaper and better than descaling solution for your coffee maker. In my experience, you will descale and get your coffee machine cleaner using distilled white vinegar.

Is Vinegar Or Baking Soda Better For Cleaning Coffee Maker?

Vinegar is much better at giving your coffee maker a good deep clean than baking soda. If your machine needs a good deep clean and is particularly dirty, use distilled white vinegar.

With that said, it is a lot harsher on your coffee gear than baker soda and thus for light cleans and maintenance it is better than you use baking soda.

How Do I Get The Vinegar Taste Out Of My Coffee Maker?

You can get the vinegar taste out of your coffee maker by giving it a good rinse with an abundance of clean, fresh water. Run 3 to 5 rinsing cycles of water. You may need to run more, depending on how strong the scent and taste of the vinegar is.

Also rinse and then clean the removable parts and let them air dry before putting them back in your coffee maker.

What Happens If You Don’t Descale Your Coffee Machine?

If you fail to clean or descale your coffee machine, mineral deposits and residue will build up and eventually block the inner tubes and pipes. 

Also, small amounts of coffee will build up and start to grow mold and bacteria. Regular cleaning and descaling are very important. 

Is It Better To Clean With White Vinegar Or Apple Cider Vinegar?

Both apple cider vinegar and white vinegar are great for cleaning your coffee machine. White vinegar is slightly more acidic than apple cider vinegar and thus is better at cleaning your machine and descaling and removing any blockages.

Due to be being acidic, you will need to use this only for deep cleaning and use a more alkaline product like baking soda for regular cleaning.

How Do You Decalcify A Capresso?

To decalcify your Capresso machine, add 1 Oz (30 grams) of Capresso cleaning solution or a similar descaling product with 32 Oz (960 ml) of fresh clean water, Mix well and put the mixture into water tank. Put your empty coffee carafe into your machine. Run a full brewing cycle until your water tank is empty.

Repeat this step if your Capresso machine is very dirty or heavily calcified. Rinse your Capresso well with an abundance of water by filling yoru water reservoir with clean water and running several rinsing cycles.

What Should I Run Through My Coffee Maker To Clean It?

There are a number of products that are great for cleaning your coffee maker. Distilled white vinegar and water using a 1:1 ratio, bicarbonate of soda and water using a 1:3 ratio.

You can also add 2 Oz (60 ml) of citric acid to your water reservoir and fill to the max fill line with water. Naturally, a descaling solution made by the manufacturer of your coffee maker.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Cleaning Capresso Coffee Maker!

It is incredibly easy to clean Capresso coffee maker. The only major difficulty you have is deciding to clean it with white vinegar or with their specific own specially made cleaning solution.

I prefer white vinegar as it kills mold types, and I am very confident that it will get my machine clean and keep it clear of any mold that may form.

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