Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds In French Press Eco-Friendly Coffee Practices!

Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds In French Press? Eco-Friendly Coffee Practices!

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Can you reuse coffee grounds in French press coffee brewing is a very frequently asked question by coffee lovers that want to reduce their coffee household waste and help to do their bit for the environment.

If that sounds like you, keep reading for some great eco-friendly coffee practices and find out if you can reuse coffee grounds in your French press!

Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds In French Press?

The question can you reuse coffee grounds in a French press is something that crosses the mind of every student, single mom or anything thrifty individual that wants to both save money and reduce household waste.

Sadly, the claims that you can reuse your coffee grounds in a French press to get a second cup of coffee is simply not true.

If your second cup is of a reasonable quality or even remotely drinkable, you need to adjust your coffee brewing technique as you should get all the delicious flavors from your ground coffee beans into your first cup of coffee.

Every now and again I spot check my technique by reusing the coffee grounds and brewing a second cup and taste testing it. If it is weak and watery and slightly sour tasting, I know my technique is perfect as all the delicious flavors were enjoyed in that first cup of coffee.

It’s not wasting water either as I can use that brewed coffee as a liquid fertilizer for my household plants.

Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds In French Press
Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds In French Press

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How Many Times Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds In French Press?

The maximum number of times that you can use French press coffee grounds is three times but only once for making a cup of coffee.

The first use of your coffee grounds is to brew a great and enjoyable French press coffee. The second use is to make a garden fertilizer, to water your garden and household plants.

The third use, you coffee grounds still have some nitrogen and nutrients left can be used and added to your soil or compost pile.

There is no second cup to enjoy as it will be flavorless.

Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds For Espresso?

Even though there is still some caffeine and flavor left is the used coffee grounds from all brewing methods and techniques there is not enough to get a well-flavored flavored tasty second cup of coffee.

As it is with all coffee brewing methods, you will get what I call brown water with very little flavor.

It does contain nutrients that have their use, like adding nitrogen to your compost pile, the soil in your garden and front lawn.

A third use can be used to mix with your soil to improve its quality.

Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds For Espresso
Only Use Coffee Grounds For Espresso Once

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Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds In A Coffee Maker

While you can reuse a coffee filter 3 to 5 times, you cannot use the coffee grounds more than once in your drip coffee maker for making a cup of delicious coffee.

There are multiple uses for your used coffee grounds, from facial scrubs, to using them to keep pests away, fixing scratched furniture, getting rid of fleas from your pets.

Other ideas include as a marinade for your meats and to soften your meats too.

How Many Times Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds For Cold Brew?

I have seen the claims that you can brew cold brew twice, once using the coffee grounds for a hot coffee and then for a cold brew coffee.

Even though you are brewing your coffee using the low temperature compounds, it doesn’t mean that the high temperature compounds are there for brewing a second cup.

Unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that.

I tried it, and you still get that weak, watery cup of coffee.

Anyone claiming that you can is not getting the full flavor into their cold brew coffee the first time round.

Can I Reuse Coffee Grounds The Next Day

Yes, you can absolutely reuse coffee grounds the next day, just not from brewing coffee and getting a second cup.

No matter how hard you try, you are simply not going to get any great flavor in any further brews as you will have gotten them all for your previous day’s coffee.


don’t simply toss out your coffee grounds. Think of and research ways to give them a new life: upcycle them into an anticellulite cream, a skin scrub or hair scrub. There are many more uses, including making cookies, cakes, biscuits and more.

Can I Reuse Coffee Grounds The Next Day
Coffee Grounds The Next Day Is Not Possible

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How Many Times Can I Reuse Coffee Grounds?

You can only use your coffee grounds once for making a cup of coffee. You can use them a second time to fertilize your garden, lawn, houseplants and more.

There is still enough nutrients in them for adding to your compost pile, using as a hair scrub or other such creative uses.

Finding great uses for your used coffee grounds will help you to reduce waste and do your own part for the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds In French Press

Can I Use Coffee Grounds Twice French Press?

No, you cannot use coffee ground twice in your French press or any other coffee brewing technique or method be it drip coffee, cold brew coffee or whatever.

If you are able to get a second cup of coffee from a second round of brewing, there is something wrong with yoru brewing technique or coffee maker. You should get all the flavor in your first round of brewing.

Your second round of brewing should be noticeably sour, a sign of poor extraction, not due to your technique but due to a lack of flavor left in your coffee grounds.

How Many Times Can You Reuse French Press Coffee Grounds?

If you have brewed your coffee perfectly, you should only get one cup of coffee from your French press coffee grounds.

The second cup from your French press brewed coffee should be sour and lacking flavor. This stands true for pour over, French press, siphon coffee or percolated coffee. Reusing coffee grounds only produces a good or reasonably good second cup of coffee, and this will only happen when you are not getting all the great flavors into your first cup.

Can You Use The Same Grounds In A French Press?

Yes, you can use the same regular coffee ground that you use for brewing iced coffee, brewed coffee, pour over or any other coffee brewing method for making French press coffee as long as they are of the correct and ideal grind size.

The perfect grind size for a French press is a coarse grind size. A smaller or larger grind size may cause imperfectly brewed coffee.

What To Do With Leftover Coffee In French Press?

You can reuse your used coffee grounds and put them in your compost pile, use them as an exfoliating facial scrub, a hair scrub, an anticellulite treatment and to rid your pet of fleas.

There are multiple more uses for used coffee grounds. Never throw them out, give them a second use!

What Happens If You Leave French Press Too Long?

If you leave your coffee in your French press too long, your hot water will become cold water, and it will over extract your coffee, leaving you with a bitter cup of coffee.

Can You Use Leftover Coffee Grounds?

Yes, leftover coffee grounds have multiple uses, including keeping pests at bay, absorb odors and bake cakes and cookies, to name a few.

How Long Can You Leave Coffee Grounds In A French Press?

The ideal brew time for French press brewing is 4 minutes. You can leave them a little longer if you like a good strong coffee, but not too long as it will over extract and become bitter.

Should You Stir The Grounds In A French Press?

Yes, stir your coffee ground a gentile stir to help them release their flavors into your coffee.

Final Thoughts – Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds In French Press?

By reading this far you have found the answer to the question, can you reuse coffee grounds in French press, and found that the answer is that you cannot make a second use for it to brew a second cup of coffee, but there are other ways of using your used coffee grounds that will help you to reduce waste and help you to an eco-friendly use of your old grounds.

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