Can You Make Cold Foam With Creamer Yes, Here's 4 Easy Methods!

Can You Make Cold Foam With Creamer? Yes, Here’s 4 Easy Methods!

Last updated on March 3rd, 2024 at 11:31

The question is, can you make cold foam with creamer? Was asked on our online coffee community by an active and regular poster.

Rather than give a simple “yes” answer and a long difficult to read comment on Facebook/Meta I’ve expanded and given the full reply in this article and with the full details and instruction for 4 methods of how to make cold foam with coffee creamer.

Keep reading to get the details on how to make cold foam with coffee creamer!

Can You Make Cold Foam With Creamer?


any type of creamer of milk will work very well to make cold foam when it is added to your frother, French press, cocktail shaker or blender.

When you are using non-dairy milk like a nut based milk or a plant based milk, use the barista brand – this is what all the pro baristas and gourmet coffee outlets use.

It’s a higher quality alternative milk and specifically designed for baristas to make cold foam, sweet cream and microfoam. Regular alternative milk curdle when you try to make cold foam, microfoam or sweet cream with them as they lack the fat content.

When you make foam with milk (of all kinds) the fats break down to protect the tiny air bubbles which is why the milk expands and becomes stable while increasing in volume. Without that little extra fat added to the plant based and nut based milks you simply won’t get that beautiful effect that you are seeking.

Let’s talk about the three methods of making cold foam with creamer.

Can You Make Cold Foam With Creamer
Cold Foam Made With Creamer

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How To Make Cold Foam With Coffee Creamer – Four Easy Methods!

Let’s get on with this and show you what are my three favorite methods for making cold foam. The best part is all are easy to use and two of them need no special equipment at all.

Let’s get to it!

#1 Using Your Electric Milk Frother

To use this method you will need a handheld milk frother or the Starbucks Verismo electric milk frother.

Add your coffee creamer to a glass jar or metal bowl. For the best results, put your glass jar or metal bowl in the freezer first as milk and coffee creamer create a better quality cold foam when the equipment that you use is cold.

Add your coffee creamer to the glass jar or metal bowl and switch on your handheld milk frother and mix your coffee creamer well until you see air bubbles and the creamer expanding turning into a rich, thick foam.

When it doubles in size and has the consistency of thawed out ice cream, it is time to stop.

#2 Using A Cocktail Shaker Or Mason Jar

It does not matter if you are using a mason jar or a cocktail shaker, the technique is the same. I like to call it the Italiano shakerato technique.

Fill your ice cold mason jar or cocktail shaker to at least the 1/3 full mark with cold coffee creamer. This is to leave as much space as needed to allow the cold coffee creamer to expand.

The next step is easy: cover your ice cold mason jar or cocktail shaker with a towel to protect your hands from the cold and shake with vigor for about a minute.

If you forget to put your equipment in the freezer and use them when they are cold, you will find that the ingredients don’t expand so well, and you will need to shake them for much longer.

When your foamy coffee creamer is ready, you can pour it over your favorite hot coffee, like hot lattes and even as a nice topping for your hot chocolate beverage.

Cocktail Shaker
Cocktail Shaker Technique

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#3 Using Your French Press

This method is fun and easy. Like the above methods, you will get the best results when your press is ice cold and able to help the fats to emulsify easier.

Fill your French press to no more than 1/3 full mark with coffee creamer and pump the plunger up and down until the creamer expands, and you achieve the consistency that you need for adding your cold foam to your coffee.

Pumping should take a minute or two.

#4 Using A Blender

This is very similar to #1 above with the only difference being that you are using a high seed blender instead of a handheld milk frother or specialist milk frother.

With a high speed blender the absolute need for you to use ice cold equipment, if you can, do it, but if you can’t, it’s no big deal.

Simply put your coffee creamer in your blender and blend at high speed for about one minute. Keep an eye out for the consistency that you would like to achieve for your hot beverage or iced coffees, or cold brew coffee.

Using these four techniques it is easy to make a high quality cold foam with creamer.

What Can You Make With Coffee Creamer Cold Foam?

You can use your coffee creamer to make cold foam of various flavors to make a coffee at home that matches your local gourmet quality coffee shop.

Here are some ideas:

  • Make a vanilla sweet cream by adding 2 tablespoons of vanilla syrup.
  • Make a pumpkin cream cold foam by adding 2 tablespoons of pumpkin cream syrup.
  • Add it with or without flavoring to your iced lattes, cold brew coffee or any iced beverage.
  •  Add caramel syrup or maple syrup and add to a hot beverage or as a topping for an amazing hot chocolate beverage.
  • Enjoy it as it is and pour it over a tasty petal chai tea latte and spoil yourself.

Use your culinary creativity and let your imagination go wild.

Cold Foam Using Coffee Creamer
You Can Make Starbucks Style Hot And Cold Beverages

How Long Will Your Cold Foam Last?

There is no need for you to make excess cold foam as it is very easy to make when you need it. So easy to make a batch in the morning or late at night on a daily basis as it only takes a minute or two.

If you do end up with an excess amount, store it in an airtight container and store it in your fridge. It will stay fresh for 3 to 5 days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Can You Make Cold Foam With Creamer

Can You Make Foam With Coffee Creamer?

Yes, and you can get good quality foam with coffee creamer. Place your coffee creamer in an ice cold bowl, or an ice cold container. An iced cold French press or cocktail shaker are great options too.

Don’t fill more than 1/3rd full as you want to allow space for it to expand. With an ice-cold bowl, use your electric milk frother or handheld milk frother. A high speed blender works well too.

Whip at a high speed until it doubles in size.

If you are using a cocktail shaker or mason jar, make sure it is ice-cold and add your coffee creamer and shake for about a minute with vigor.

With your French press, again, make sure it is ice-cold and then put your coffee creamer in it and pump the plunger for 30 seconds to a minute until you get uniform bubbles.

Can You Froth Creamer Instead Of Milk?

Yes, you absolutely can froth creamer instead of milk. The method and technique is the same. With creamer, as it is with milk, make sure the equipment that you are using is ice cold.

When your equipment is cold, it helps to emulsify the fats in the creamer (or milk) and help them to froth easier when making cold foam.

If you want to make microfoam with your milk steamer, the process is the same when you are making microfoam with regular milk. You can get the same quality of results in terms of the texture, quality of the micro bubbles and the silky mouthfeel.

Can I Turn Coffee Creamer Into Whipped Cream?

Yes, you can use your coffee creamer and turn it into a tasty whipped cream topping for your cold brew, iced coffee and espresso based drinks too. Use 2 parts coffee creamer and 1 part cold milk.

You can add 2 or 4 tablespoons of a flavored simple syrup of your choice. You can try making vanilla sweet cream.

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Can You Froth Starbucks Creamer?

Yes, Starbucks creamer is designed to be used as a coffee creamer in coffee drinks. You can also use a handheld milk frother or immersion blender to froth it. You can also use Starbucks Verismo bladeless frother.

What Can I Froth Other Than Milk?

You can froth all types of milk, including regular milk, nonfat milk, low fat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, and oat milk.

You can use any milk that you want to with one caveat! Make sure it is the barista brand as this milk is specifically designed for baristas and for foaming and steaming. This brand ensures that a little extra fat and protein is added to help you get that high quality foam and creamy texture.

Regular non-dairy plant-based or nut-based milk just doesn’t foam so well with that little bit of extra fat and protein added.

What Happens When You Whip Creamer?

When you whip cream and creamer, tiny air bubbles get trapped in the mix while the milk fats start to breakdown. As the fat breaks down, they rearrange themselves around the tiny air bubbles and prevent them from escaping.

This causes the cream (or creamer) to expand and increase in volume and eventually achieves a consistency to use on coffee drinks as a topping that floats on your beverage.

Final Thoughts – Can You Make Cold Foam With Creamer

The question is not really can you make cold foam with creamer, the question is how to make cold foam with coffee creamer and which method is best!

You have choice of three methods and provided you have the equipment, you will try all four at different times and for different reasons like you need a quick and easy coffee with cold foam topping, and you are already using your blender for something else and your mason jar/cocktail shaker has gone missing (or is in the dishwasher) voilà, use your French press to make it.

Which of the 4 ways do you prefer to use?

Do you have your own 5th or 6th that we can add to the list?

Join our vibrant online coffee community on Facebook/Meta and tell us! Share your ideas, coffee creations and funtastic coffee jokes and memes.

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