Cafe Viennois - What Is Café Viennois

Cafe Viennois – What Is Café Viennois?

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A café Viennois is easy to make, and perhaps you have seen it many times as it is a coffee beverage that you know by another name – Espresso con panna.

This article details it, talks about chocolate Viennois and gives you a great step-by-step recipe for making a café Viennois.

Keep reading to find out about this coffee beverage and how to make it at home.

What Is A Cafe Viennois?

A cafe Viennois is something you perhaps know better as an espresso con panna, which is a single or double shot of espresso that is topped with whipped cream. Traditionally and in the original format hand-whipped cream is used to make it.

In France, the United Kingdom and other countries it’s called a Café Viennois, while in Italy and other nations this same drink is known as an espresso con panna. While in Austria it is known as a Franziskaner.

It is closely related to a cappuccino, with some saying this is how a cappuccino started off, and was born out of this coffee drink.

What Is A Cafe Viennois
What Is A Cafe Viennois

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What Is Chocolate Viennois?

Unrelated to a café Viennois other than sharing a similar name and containing zero coffee is the chocolate Viennois. It’s a delightfully delicious dark chocolate and milk drink from Austria made hot dark chocolate with plenty of whipped cream and sprinklings of chocolate or chocolate shavings.

Café Viennois Recipe

A Café Viennois is very easy to make with minimal ingredients needed. Let’s get making it.

Café Viennois Recipe Ingredients

To make for two people you will need:

  • 400 ml (13.5 oz) Strong hot coffee.
  • 100 ml (3.34 Oz) liquid cream. (Half and half cream or heavy cream can be used as desired).
  • 2 sugar cubes.
  • A Sprinkling of cocoa powder.

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Instructions Step By Step

Step One: Whip It Up!

Whip your cream until it is stiff; add sugar as necessary and required as per your own personal taste. Use an electric whisk or high speed blender. Start off with a low speed and then work up to full high speed blending.

Step Two: Brew It!

Brew you coffee, a strong black coffee is perfect. You can use French press, moka pot or double shots of espresso.

Step Three: Sweeten Your Coffee

Add sugar to sweeten your coffee and stir well.

Step Four: Cream It!

Use a piping bag and add the whipped cream to your coffee.

Serve and enjoy your coffee.

How Do You Pronounce Café Viennois?

The correct way to pronounce café Viennois is by copying the pronunciation in this video. practice. It’s easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cafe Viennois

A cafe Viennois is very much a lungo coffee that is topped with whipped milk and may have a sprinkling of chocolate or chocolate shavings.

In English, Café Viennois translates to Viennese Coffee or Cafe Vienna, which is a style of coffee known in Italy as espresso con panna, which is a shot of espresso that is topped with whipped cream instead of microfoam.

In Austria, particularly in Vienna, it is known as a Franziskaner.

A café noisette is what I like to call a French Macchiato as it closely resembles a macchiato, but is slightly different. A café noisette has a dash of steamed milk added to the shot of espresso and no milk foam, a macchiato. has a dollop of milk foam added as well as the dash of steamed milk.

In Paris, cream can be used with a café crème noisette.

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What Is The Most Popular Café In France?

The most popular café, as in a coffee shop in France, is said to be the Les Deux Café in Paris. Another very famous French coffee shop is Café des Deux Moulins.

Moncoeur Belleville (formerly known as Ô Paris) is popular too. 

The most popular coffee drink in France is an espresso shot and is typically served in a small demitasse cup which is preheated. Espresso style coffee can be found all over France.

In the morning most French nationals drink a cup of coffee in some format for or with their breakfast. The most common coffee enjoyed at home is a café au lait.

A café au lait is a milky coffee that is brewed with a strong black coffee with a healthy serving of milk either in equal amounts or as a 2:1 ratio of milk to coffee. The closest drink at Starbucks to a café au lait is a café misto.

A café au lait is enjoyed in large round bowl like coffee cups. It is a delicious coffee and is always served as a hot coffee. It’s never made with cream as a coffee with cream has a different name, a café crème.

Final Thoughts – Café Viennois

A café viennois is tasty and enjoyable and can be made at home with and without a coffee machine, although a more authentic version involves the use of an espresso machine.

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