Café Bustelo Brazil Is It Worth Trying

Café Bustelo Brazil Is It Worth Trying?

Last updated on October 27th, 2023 at 13:40

Café Bustelo Brazil is a coffee that many Brazilians turn to make their beloved Cafezinho when their preferred Pilao coffee is not available or sold out. It is a great every day coffee that is available as both ground and instant coffee.

It is deep, dark, tasty and with hints of chocolate and is a great choice for brewing the traditional Brazilian coffee of choice.

Keep reading as I talk more about Café Bustelo!

What Is Café Bustelo Brazil

Café Bustelo is a coffee brand that was founded in America by Spanish migrant Gregorio Menéndez in 1928. The coffee became a hit with Cubans and other Latinos who had a preference for making their coffee with espresso coffee makers rather than filtering via a coffee sock.

The brand is well known for their large and distinctive red and yellow cans.

The company is now owed by J.M Smucker, who acquired it in 2011, having previously been owned by Rowland Coffee Roasters, who purchased the company in 2000.

The connections to Cuba and Puerto Rico are from the original owner, the founder having previously lived in Cuba and Puerto Rico and married to a Puerto Rican. They both migrated to the US to take advantage of the citizenship laws that were passed by congress granting US citizenship to all Puerto Rican migrants.

What Is Café Bustelo Brazil
Café Bustelo Brazil

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Café Bustelo Ingredients

The ingredients as listed on the product label are:

  • Brewed coffee
  • Sugar.
  • Milk.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • Natural Flavoring.
  • Potassium Phosphate.
Café Bustelo Ingredients
Café Bustelo

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Café Bustelo Brazil – Brazilian Dark Roast

Café Bustelo Brazil is a bold, pure and distinct coffee that is made only with Brazilian coffee beans. It’s a dark roast coffee that is well respected and well known for the hints of cocoa and rich flavor.

It is a coffee that is great for making a Cafezinho, an espresso or a latte. You can use it to make any coffee drink that you want to make and particularly Hispanic coffee drinks.

Café Bustelo Brazil has options for both instant coffee and ground coffee. Both are enjoyable and have the Hispanic coffee tastes that are loved by the Latin American community.

The instant coffee has the advantage of being able to make instant by just adding hot water.

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You can make a perfect Café Bustelo In Brazil by following the 4 simple steps below:

  1. Add filtered water to your coffee maker.
  2. Put a fresh coffee filter in your coffee filter holder and fill it with Café Bustelo Brazil.
  3. Switch on your coffee machine and simply let your coffee brew.
  4. When it is ready, serve and enjoy your coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Café Bustelo Brazil

Café Bustelo, their Brazilian dark roast coffee is exclusively made with coffee beans from Brazil. The beans used have a rich flavor profile and lovely tones and hints of cocoa. The coffee brand, the company is not from Brazil it originates in both Puerto Rico and Cuba, The founder was a Spanish Migrant from Northern Spain.

Café Bustelo is a Cuban style of coffee, and is aimed at the Latina community in the US and is known as an espresso style coffee. It is available for all kinds of coffee makers, and you can get it in K-cup coffee pods. It is a Hispanic coffee blend.

Café Bustelo has 95 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce (per 30 ml). As far as caffeine content is concerned it is a middle of the road, mid level coffee.

Bustelo is a Spanish noun meaning something impressive, something excellent. It is not a commonly used word in Castilian Spanish (from Spain). It is a noun that is more commonly used in Latin America.

Café Bustelo is not a coffee drink, it is a coffee brand in the same sense that Maxwell House and Nescafé are coffee brands but not actual coffee drinks. The coffee sold by Café Bustelo is a rich espresso-style coffee that can be used to make all kinds of coffee drinks, including Cafezinho, café con leche, a flat white, Caffe Americano for example.

Café Bustelo coffee is a dark roast coffee, it is not a medium roast coffee. It is dark and deep in flavor with chocolate tones.

How To Make Café Bustelo Brazil?

Making café Bustelo coffee is easy, very easy. Mix four heaped tablespoons (60 grams, 2 Oz) of café Bustelo coffee with eight ounces (240 ml) in a saucepan. Bring your coffee and water to a boil and stir well. Add rapadura to sweeten and stir well.

Allow your coffee to settle and filter through a cloth filter. It’s a strong coffee; the amount of rapadura depends on your own personal taste.

How Much Caffeine Is In Café Bustelo Brazil?

Café Bustelo states there is 60 mg to 90 mg per 6 Oz (180 ml) serving with the average caffeine content being 75 mg. The wide range of variation is due to the different brewing methods used. 

Final Thoughts – Café Bustelo Brazil 

I suggest that you try Café Bustelo Brazil and make a Cafezinho with it and enjoy what is Brazilians “other” coffee out with Pilao coffee when it is unavailable. 

It is a good coffee and very tasty and, no excuses as it is very affordable. Plus you can make any coffee that you want with it. 

Give it a try and make all your favorite Hispanic coffee drinks with it. 

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