CAcafe Coconut Coffee Benefits - Can It Help With Weight Loss

CAcafe Coconut Coffee Benefits – Can It Help With Weight Loss?

Last updated on October 27th, 2023 at 17:41

A lot of people are asking about the CAcafe coconut coffee benefits and if it can help with weight loss.

In this article we will address both these questions and answer them as accurately and as good as we can. At Latte Love Brew we like to answer questions accurately.

Keep reading to find out about CAcafe and coconut coffee.

What Is CAcafe Coconut Coffee?

CAcafe Coconut Coffee is coffee that has real coconut added with no artificial flavors added to it. It is an instant coffee in powder form made in the USA and developed by a physician.

The objective of CAcafe and their coconut coffee was to make it to be nutritious, healthy and easy to prepare. Their coconut coffee mixture and the coffee component consists of Colombian coffee ground to a fine powder. The coconut part is, as mentioned before, is real coconut and real ingredients with the whole coconut used.

This company has a range of other products, namely:

  • Chocolate coffee.
  • Collagen coffee.
  • Matcha tea.
  • Herbal tea.
What Is CAcafe coconut coffee
CAcafe coconut coffee

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What Are The Benefits Of CAcafe Coconut Coffee?

Coconut coffee might seem like an odd idea to some and quite disgusting for others. The idea of adding coconut milk or coconut oil I was initially questioning and curious about. After trying it, I admit that I was hooked!

After I discovered the health benefits of coconut coffee, it quickly became a regular morning favorite.

What makes coconut coffee so healthy is the fact that they are loaded with medium chain triglycerides or MCT’s for short. These are shorter fatty acid chains and are linked to many health benefits like:

  • Improved digestion.
  • Energy boost.
  • Weight loss.
  • A reduced risk of high blood pressure.

Naturally speaking, just drinking coconut coffee for CAcafe or any other brains is not going to make and dramatic change or bring around amazing benefits to health, but it is a great start to your day and forms the basis for a good healthy balanced diet.

At Latte Love Brew, we are not medics nor claim to be, we advise you do your own research and take the advice from your family Doctor regarding any health condition and health products. CAcafe have simply tried to make it easy for you and others to supplement their diet in an easy and convenient way, which is highly commendable.

CAcafe coconut coffee benefits
CaCafe Coconut Coffee Has Many Benefits

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The Downside Of CAcafe Coconut Coffee

Their sweetened version of this coffee is for some people too sweet, which spoils the natural taste of the coconut even if you have a sweet tooth. If this is a problem, you can consider the unsweetened version.

CAcafe changed the formulation, switching their corn starch for tricalcium phosphate, which has the unfortunate effect of affecting the taste and creaminess of the coconut used in the product.

You need to use a lot of their product, typically 3 tablespoons, which means you will run out quickly.

Related the point above, they, CAcafe are known to run out of their coconut coffee. It is a coffee you will need to order a lot of and manage your stock if you love it.

Or you can make your own at home; it is very easy to make.

Coconut Coffee Is Tasty
Coconut Coffee Is Tasty

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Cacafe Coconut Coffee Weight Loss – Can It Help You Lose Weight?

CAcafe do not make any claims that any of their products, be it their coconut coffee or any other one, will definitely make you lose any unwanted weight.

To be straight, no product that is legit will tell you that you will lose weight with a degree of certainty just by using their products.

What is certain is that their coffee is a healthy way of starting your day, and also a healthy afternoon coffee choice. There is a lot of research behind both coconut and caffeine being beneficial for people seeking to lose weight.


drinking coconut coffee on its own is not enough for you to drop a few pounds. Use in conjunction with a good, healthy balanced diet and of course exercise

CAcafe Coconut Coffee Ingredients

CAcafe use only all-natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives. It is real ground coffee and real coconut that is in their coconut coffee.

It also contains sugar, Colombian coffee, milk, coconut, tricalcium, food starch (Cassava root origin).

Frequently Asked Questions About CAcafe Coffee Benefits

Where Is Coconut Coffee From?

Coconut coffee originates in Vietnam, where it is known as Ca Phe Dua and is available all over the country where it is served most commonly as a frappé style drink but is also available as a hot coffee and has no artificial flavors.

There are countess studies, research all of which has been peer-reviewed that indicate that coconut oil is good for weight loss. There is also a whole host of studies that point to caffeine aiding weight loss, and thus it is accurate to say that coconut coffee as your morning coffee and as part of a balanced diet one of the health benefits may be weight loss and a slimmer figure.

Yes, coconut and coffee work incredibly well together. It is in fact a brilliant combination for the flavor alone. If you want to ditch dairy milk for whatever reason and can’t drink black coffee, you can enjoy a delicious, full-bodied coffee flavor from your coffee with a delightful tropical taste of coconut by adding coconut milk.

It is also a healthy choice and keto friendly and loaded with nutrients.

Is Coconut Milk Coffee Healthy?

Yes, coconut milk in coffee is very healthy. It is high in all the right fats and low in carbohydrates, making it ketogenic friendly.

Coconut milk contains iron, folate, fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, copper, selenium, potassium and manganese in addition to the nutrients that are in coffee, which are Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, antioxidants and various phenolic compounds.

Yes, coffee and coconut milk is a very healthy option.

Is Coconut Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, peer-reviewed research indicates that MCT, Medium Chain Triglycerides in coconuts, and the caffeine from coffee may aid and enhance your metabolic rate, which in turn has a positive effect on your ability to lose weight and burn calories.

What Does Coconut Oil In Your Coffee Do For You?

Coconut oil in your coffee adds healthy medium chain triglycerides which are easily converted to energy and have many other health benefits including aiding your metabolism, digestion and good for your heart and liver health.

Is Coconut Milk Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, coconut milk in coffee is linked through multiple studies to aid weight loss due to a special type of fat, medium chain triglycerides which help with thermogenesis, heart health, liver health and aids metabolism.

How Much Coconut Oil Should I Put In My Morning Coffee?

Put two tablespoons, 30 ml (1 Oz) of coconut oil in your morning coffee will help you enjoy the health benefits.

Final Thoughts – CAcafe Coconut Coffee Benefits

Now that you know all about CAcafe coconut coffee benefits you can make a good informed decision regarding whether to try it out or not.

If the benefits of this beverage are not of interest to you, you can always sip away and enjoy it for the great flavor.

Did you try out this coffee?

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