Best Way To Buy Nespresso Capsules - A Nespresso Capsules Guide

Best Way To Buy Nespresso Capsules – A Nespresso Capsules Guide

Last updated on October 27th, 2023 at 17:51

This is actually a curious question of my own and I most certainly asked the sales lady at the Nespresso Store what the best way to buy Nespresso capsules is, and by “best way” I was not at all referring to “where” when inquiring about getting my hands on a Nespresso machine.

In this article I detail Nespresso Capsules and Nespresso pods, a term I use interchangeably! I answer the question posed as well as detail all the questions that you have regarding Nespresso Pods, including where you can get them, the different types of Nespresso Pods, and how long they last and many more.

Let’s get caffeinated and rock on with this article.

What Is The Best Way To Buy Nespresso Capsules?

Getting straight to the bones here. The “best way” is entirely subjective. What is best for you may not be the best way for me or for another person.

If you are, like I am, a true coffee aficionado that just adores a variety of flavors and a real good coffee flavor when enjoying a cuppa Joe, then a set subscription box on auto-order will not be best for you as you will love to shake up your taste buds and get a different variety box sent to you every month and not just the same variety of the same 100 coffee capsules.

This is what makes buying online with an autoship order a pain. In this case, I have a simple post-it note tagged to the row in my Nespresso capsule holder at the center when I am running low at my last 30 to remind me to order 100 more.

I can simply order online and select a variety of coffee flavor profiles that I like and pick some of my favorite flavors and try to get some that I have not tried before.

You can buy locally from your local supermarket and grocery store or online at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and from the Nespresso official website.

Keep in mind that your local grocery store or supermarket may not have at all a decent range of flavors, only selling the popular ones.

No particular place is better than the other, in my opinion, and I mean both offline and online.

By far, in my humble opinion, the best way is to strike up a relationship with the staff or manager of your local Nespresso outlet.

Get a standing order agreement with them for autoship of how many you need, 100 capsules per month and simply send them an email or, better still, pop into the shop with a list of the capsules that you want.

Have them call you with their suggestions and confirm the order. If you don’t have the standing order agreement just pop round and pay in person once they have the list made for you!

(Make ’em work a little!)

Have them select them for you with a set rule not to send you the same order two months in a row. They will keep a note, a spreadsheet.

Effortless! For me there is no better way to buy Nespresso Capsules.

If you like the same coffee variety pack every month or the same coffee all the time, simply get them on autoship delivered every month.

It is a good idea to have a set of reusable pods and capsules available, so you can make your own coffee exactly as you like it and minimize the impact on the environment from single-use Nespresso Capsules.

Best Way To Buy Nespresso Capsules
Now You Know What Is The Best Way To Buy Nespresso Capsules

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Where Is The Best Place To Get Nespresso Pods Online?

This follows on from the main subject at heart, which is the best way to buy Nespresso capsules.  In my opinion, Amazon is streets ahead of all other online retailers.

Due to the competitive marketplace, you can get a better price from Amazon than the official Nespresso website, and you can buy other brands that are fully compatible pods and capsules from Starbucks, Illy, Melozio, Amazon’s own brand and many more.

On Amazon, you can also get reusable pods and refillable capsules and buy your own preground coffee and make your own coffee exactly as you like them.

Outwith Amazon and Nespresso online store Williams-Sonoma, Best Buys, Bed, Bath And Beyond and Walmart are all good places you can easily buy your capsule online. It stands to reason that eBay is also a good and viable option also.

Now let’s talk more about Nespresso Capsules and Pods.

What Is The Best Way To Buy Nespresso Capsules?
Thinking Of  Buying Nespresso Pods

What Are Nespresso Pods?

Nespresso pods and capsules are coffee capsules designed as single-use containers for making quality gourmet coffee at home. They are designed to be used with an associated and compatible Nespresso Machine.

Each capsule contains flavoring as well as high quality blended coffee from a variety of coffee producing nations like Kenya, Indonesia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia and more.
The capsules are made from foil for maximum freshness. Once inserted into the automatic coffee machine, they are pierced as they are processed.

The pods, capsules and machine together help you to enjoy gourmet coffee shop quality coffee in the comfort of your home.

What Are Nespresso Pods
Nespresso Pods

The Different Types Of Nespresso Pods

When they initially came to the market, Nespresso only had 16 different types of Instant coffee pods for their coffee machines, which they placed into 4 different categories as follows:

  • Pure Origine Capsules: As the name suggests, here the Nespresso capsules here are specialist coffee of “pure Origin” and are single origin coffee. Exotic coffee lovers enjoy the various coffees in this category.
  • Espresso Capsules: These are, due to their nature, some of the most used and best-selling coffee capsules as Espresso forms the base of many other coffee drinks like Latte’s, cortado’s Ristretto’s etc.
  • Lungo Capsules: These are used for their long drinks, typically Caffe Americano. These capsules use double the amount of water as other capsules.
  • Decaffeinato Capsules: As the name entirely suggests, these are a range of tasty and decaffeinated coffee capsules.

How Long Do Nespresso Pods Last?

According to Nespresso’s website, the capsules and pods are good for one year after the manufacturing date. It is very common in the food and beverage industry that a product is good for a year post manufacture.

The pods and capsules are locked for maximum freshness in aluminum. I still suggest that you have them within 5-6 months of purchase.

How Much Caffeine In Nespresso Pods?

How much caffeine per Nespresso Pod or Nespresso capsule naturally varies depending on which capsule or pod you are drinking. The caffeine content is in the 55 mg to 65 mg range for most of their capsules. The rather strong Palmero Kazaar has 125 mg.

The Lungo Capsules contain approximately 20% more caffeine than the others and fall in the 77 mg to 85 mg range.

The caffeine content is actually low to normal except for the Palmero Kazaar. The coffee capsules are more flavor-based than for caffeine kicks.

How Do I Buy Nespresso Pods?

The how is easy. You can simply visit their Nespresso website and order your capsules or pods there directly and await delivery.

Or you have a really good look around on Amazon and see if any deals are going on from the various vendors and brands. If online shopping is not what you fancy, you can visit the Nespresso store or buy them from your nearest supermarket. Capsules and pods for your Nespresso machine are available everywhere.

Why Are Nespresso Coffee Pods So Expensive?

When you are buying your coffee capsules and pods, what you are getting and buying is the convenience of not having to through the effort of grinding and preparing your own coffee.

You are also paying for the high cost marketing campaigns and expensive and spacious city center stores that are always in the best, most central high cost locations.

This also adds to the cost of marketing.

Why Are Nespresso Pods So Expensive
Nespresso Pods So Expensive Due To Convenience

How Can I Save Money On My Nespresso Capsules?

Not something I suggest is you try to reuse your capsules and get a second coffee out of them. Some people report that this is fine to do so but it is not in my own personal liking as the second cup is rather weak and doesn’t have the same full flavor profile as the first shot.

You can save money in two ways, which is by buying them in bulk or by getting reusable capsules and making your own coffee with them.

Does Nespresso Ever Go On Sale?


from time to time, you will see Nespresso machines, capsules and pods on sale on Amazon. Keep a sharp eye on their website and the various vendors and offers that are available.

Does Starbucks Sell Nespresso Pods In Store?

It fully depends on which Starbucks store. I have found that most Starbucks stores don’t sell their pods and capsules in their stores. I’m not at all a fan of Starbucks and don’t often visit them. I did find in my investigation that some of bigger ones in the larger cities did sell Nespresso Pods in store.

It is not at all a big deal if they do or don’t as the Starbucks brand of capsules and pods are available everywhere in all stores and online outlets. They are not exclusively sold via their outlets.

Can You Buy Nespresso Pods In Supermarkets?

Let’s put it this way: you will have a bigger difficulty in not finding a supermarket that does not sell Nespresso Pods and capsules.

You can buy Nespresso pods and capsules literally everywhere, in all supermarkets.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Way To Buy Nespresso Capsules

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Nespresso Pods?

There are a number of places in which you can buy Nespresso Pods. Which is best for you personally is subjective – if you have an amazing outlet in your city or town, support your local retailer and buy locally.

Due to my busy lifestyle, I find it much better to buy online as it is quicker and more convenient. Shopping online you have an Abundance of options like Amazon, Target, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and more.

How Do You Buy Nespresso Before Buying?

 You can get a free tester pack from your local Nespresso boutique; simply go along and ask. If you want, you can try that coffee in store before you order with no obligation to order that pod if you don’t like it.

Where can I Buy Cheap Nespresso Capsules?

You can find discounted Nespresso capsules on Amazon and eBay from a number of vendors competing with each other. Amazon is probably the best place to find discounts.

Are Nespresso Pods More Expensive?

Yes, Nespresso pods are more expensive than Keurig K-Cups. A Keurig K-Cup coffee pod varies from US$0.35 to US$0.65 per pod.

A Nespresso can cost from US$0.65 to US$0.90 at current prices.

Does Nespresso Store Give Free Samples?


to help you discover new favorite pods you can add a sample pack of 2 pods to your order. You can’t get a free sample online, but you can if you visit your local store.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Nespresso Member?

There are a number of plus points and benefits of being a Nespresso member, here are some:

  • Extended warranty for 3 years.
  • 20% discount on accessories.
  • A descaling kit voucher.
  • Free coffee sleeve.
  • Private sales for members only.

One of the best bonuses is autoship. Never get caught short of coffee capsules.

Is Better To Buy Nespresso Pods In Store Or Online?

It depends on your own personal preference. Many Nespresso lovers find the autoship feature from online retailers like Amazon to deliver their coffee pods while others love getting the variety pack sent directly by Nespresso.

If you are the busy type, that will be your best option. On the occasions that you run out, you can simply pop down to your local store and buy some more. The Nespresso variety pack saves you from the boredom of the same pods all the time.

Why Are Nespresso Pods So Expensive?

The reason that Nespresso pods are so expensive is that they currently own the patent, which means, currently, other brands, unless they have a contractual agreement with Nespresso cannot make their pods, particularly the Vertuo coffee pods.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – The Best Way To Buy Nespresso Capsules

By far the best way to buy Nespresso Capsule is, if you are a busy individual, is online at Amazon or by getting an autoship order from either Nespresso store or by Amazon.

You can buy your capsules literally anywhere. As you have found in this article, you have almost limitless options both online and offline.

Do you have a super secret way of buying Nespresso capsules and saving a pretty penny?

Join our online coffee community on Facebook/Meta and share your money-saving secrets for saving on Nespresso capsules with us.

Derek Marshall, a certified barista by the Specialty Coffee Association possesses over two decades of experience in specialty coffee shops. He holds professional certifications for coffee brewing and barista skills. Derek is also an author with authoritative books covering various coffee topics including specialty coffee, sustainability and coffee, coffee brewing, coffee recipes, coffee cocktails and books focusing on Brazilian coffee, Vietnamese coffee, Indonesian coffee and Malaysian coffee. As a barista for over two decades, Derek Marshall has worked in specialty coffee shops across the United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. His expertise extends to the distinct coffee cultures, specialty beverages, and brewing techniques of each nation. Functioning as a coffee consultant, Derek charges US$50 per hour. To learn more about Derek Marshall and Latte Love Brew, visit his About Me Page. For coffee inquiries, contact him at +34-639-410-375 or, mentioning your name and location

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